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Direction Under the Water. Easily navigate below iqoption paga waterline with the built-in 3-axis compass. If you need the compass during your dive, just tap the face, or press the button on Descent Mk1 to pull up the compass view. Save, review and share your dives and other activities using Garmin Connect and the Garmin Connect Mobile app our free online community.

Descent Mk1 alerts you with both vibrations and tones while you are diving so you can be aware in any situation. Connect with other users, and share your dive information with friends. Even review your dive history. Available on your desktop or compatible mobile device. Easily change bands for a new look or a new sport. Descent Mk1 includes a long strap that easily takes you from warm-water to cold-water diving. Connect IQ TM. Personalize your dive computer with free downloads from our Connect IQ store.

Customize your watch face, add data fields, and get apps and widgets that provide information at a glance. For your safety, Connect IQ functions are not available while diving, so we can ensure that all dive capabilities are functioning as they were designed. 2 GPS tracking does not work underwater. DIY Summer Professional Development. During the school year, teachers are master balancers. In addition to the daily diet of rigorous academic content and classroom management, colorful sticky notes and intricate calendars remind us of pending tasks.

Conferences next week. Make parent phone calls. Prep for Friday PLC. With all the hubbub, it can be overwhelming to tackle a large project or learn a new skill. Fortunately, summer offers a slightly slower pace that s perfect for tackling serious professional development. Conferences and seminars give you access to experts but they re not your only option.

If you re looking for a more customized plan, here are a few ideas to get you started on your own DIY summer professional development. Tap Into Local Resources. Students love when we make lessons come alive with a tactile artifact or a perfectly timed field trip. Take time this summer to connect with local resources that can expand your lessons beyond the textbook.

Start by making a quick list of local museums, aquariums, or zoos you want to visit and what collections might connect with your academic goals. Most institutions have an educational coordinator who can help you brainstorm the best way to access museum resources, direct you to field trip grants, or discuss increasingly popular backwards field trips. Even if you can t fit a field trip into your curriculum, museum visits may yield helpful access to primary source documents.

Think beyond admission-charging institutions. Universities and historical societies often have impressive artifact collections and archives available to the public. Businesses and camps are another out-of-the-box option. Maybe a local yoga studio has resources on building kids social emotional skills. When 5th graders at my school studied ecosystems, we followed up with a trip to a local camp to see their functioning aquaponics system.

Your community is full of educational gems so use the summer to uncover which ones work for you. Improve Your Tech IQ. Summer professional development is a perfect time to experiment with new technology. If you re already tech savvy, challenge yourself to grab an Echo Pen to prep for recording mini-lessons or set up a green screen to practice for the live history broadcasts you ve been wanting to work into your social studies curriculum. If you don t have any new tech tool in mind, check out a compilation list of new Education World s coding class.

Improving your tech IQ doesn t mean you have to choose cutting edge tools. Summer PD is about working on skills new to you. Choose technology challenge that fits your needs. If you ve been itching to move homework assignments to Google Classroom, get going. If you keep hearing about engaging classroom websites, start thinking about how you might use one.

Whatever technology you decide to focus on, savor the extra time you have to master the basic functions and plan how to implement it in your classroom. Harness the Web. The internet offers a wealth of free resources for teachers but it usually takes some time to determine which ones will work for your summer development plan. First, figure out what format you re interested in. If you want the weight of a book in your hand, use the web to find curated reading suggestions for teachers.

You can plan a trip to your local library based on teacher book lists on everything from classroom differentiation to learning innovation. If audio is more your beat, download a podcast app and learn from teachers, psychologists, and other school-based professionals. I like the Harvard EdCast for up-to-date interviews with education experts and authors.

For conversation and connection, participate in Twitter ed chats. Many professional organizations host and publicize their own or you can use this spreadsheet to find one that works for you. Whatever combination of reading, visiting, or Tweeting you decide upon, make it your own. Part of being a teacher leader is prioritizing growth. This summer, design a professional development plan that s perfect for your needs.

Written by Marissa King. Marissa teaches 5th grade at Tulsa Public Schools where she spills tea and misuses the coolest slang. She is also a Yale National Fellow. EW Lesson Plans. EW Professional Development. EW Worksheets. Dazed and Confused Dear Dazed, You are absolutely right. People tell us one thing, and then their actions speak a lot louder.

In this case, I don t think that anyone is intentionally being hypocritical when they tell you to be well and then give you a bazillion things to deal with, but to be blunt, the rapidly changing conditions of this whole pandemic make all decisions extremely transient. We don t know which way we re going or what we re doing, and that is disorienting at best and traumatic at worst. I once had a really stressful job, one that kept me up at night and haunted me in the daytime.

Once a day at lunchtime, I would grab a giant mug of something caffeinated and head outside, where I would walk around the building and remember that life existed outside of cinderblock. I always wound up in the same place on the steps outside the front of the building, looking out at the cars speeding down the street and remembering that the microcosm of my workspace was not real life.

Sure, it felt that way. But real life was my home, my children, my husband, my love of the beach and all things chocolate. There is a whole lot of noise in our heads right now, and it intensifies each day. We worry about becoming proficient in online platforms for learning, about whether we can should must record classes, if kids have their cameras on or off, or what will happen if we can t teach all the things we know are important.

If we get stuck in our worry, which might seem like the responsible thing to do, we will not make it out of the year with even our sanity which, Dazed, is kind of a low bar, but I understand what you re saying. Wellness tips don t work because they re too individualized iqoption paga reach, well, individuals. My walk around the building did it for me, and so does my morning workout and my protein latte as I gear up for work each day. My best friend meditates when she gets up, which is great for her.

My brother takes two walks, one before work and one after, to clear his head. My mother practices the piano for hours. My husband cuddles with the dog. My son rides his bike each evening, and one of my daughters wanders the house singing to herself while the other lies on her back and stares at the ceiling. These are all wellness moves, and they are extremely personal. Districts tell you to prioritize wellness because they know it s important, but they also can t be the ones doing it for you.

It s their job to get teachers through this new world, but nobody can do everything, so your wellness is going to have to be up to you. If it helps, make a list of all the things you like to do that make you feel good. Then, try and figure out how many you can fit into a normal workday, and how many you can incorporate into weekends. It might even help to pick one big thing that has to happen to lower your stress and commit to that one thing.

If it s a workout, do five minutes and see if you can go for ten. If it s a hot bath, schedule it into the day just like you would a meeting. But make sure it s something you look forward to, something that you will want to do, because if it s not, it will never happen. Then, and only then, do you have a chance to drown out the noise and worry and confusion in your head, and just remember that it will all be okay.

-------------------------------------------- Dear Teacher s Lounge, My school district is not returning in person for a few months, and I have been upset to hear people express the idea that teachers do not have the right to stay home and jeopardize students and their education. They compare us to doctors and other essential workers. Even my close friend said that retail workers are just fine going back, so why am I so adamant about staying home. My question is, how do I respond to these arguments.

I know they re flawed, but I m having a difficult time responding in the moment. Virtual Teacher Dear Virtual Teacher, First of all, ugh. This time is difficult enough without people arguing constantly about the challenging decisions that we all face. Agreeing to disagree would be nice without people pretending they understand the shoes others walk in. In terms of how teachers respond to attacks about going back to a physical classroom, the most important thing is to stay civil.

American society has never placed a premium on valuing teachers, and these times are no different. In fact, this pandemic has shined a harsh light on the reality teachers are appreciated for childcare far more than for our skills as educators. In other words, it is harder than normal to feel comfortable defending our profession these days. But regarding how you respond to people who attack virtual teaching, here are some possible replies Comparing one profession to another is not helpful right now.

Clearly, teachers and doctors should not be compared other than through the lens that we both got into our respective professions to serve others. That is pretty much where the analogy ends. The same holds true for comparing teachers to firefighters, or grocery store cashiers, or tightrope walkers. None of us has a true understanding of what other professionals do until we re there doing it along with them. School buildings are not like retail spaces or offices that are populated by adults. Children will struggle to maintain proper distance despite their best efforts, large numbers of people will cross into shared spaces like hallways and gyms no matter how hard we try to avoid it, masks will come off and be quickly misplaced or used as slingshots, and ancient ventilation systems will make the spread of what is now accepted as an airborne virus even more efficient, particularly once colder months arrive.

By their sheer volume of occupants alone, schools have the potential to become daily superspreading events. Unlike many essential workers, teachers can do the job remotely. Can it be done as well. No, but the same problem exists in person as teachers try to instruct behind plexiglass and masks. Having said that, good instruction can exist in both scenarios. We just need to let it happen and stop telling teachers they can t make it work. Truthfully, you can t convince anyone that your own point of view is the right one, but you can share your own ideas in a respectful way and expect the same of others.

The people who are angriest about virtual learning right now are concerned parents, many of whom have essential jobs of their own without needed childcare. We can understand their dilemma some of us have that exact dilemma as teachers as wellwhile we also hope they understand ours. These are impossible choices, and our compassion about that should be foremost as we engage in conversation. -------------------------------------------- Dear Teacher s Lounge, This might sound dumb, but I m really stressing out about the appearance of my classroom at home.

My district doesn t allow virtual backgrounds, and I live in a cramped apartment with other people. How do I create a calm space for my students, or at least the appearance of one. About Us Contact Us Help Center Advertise Reprint Rights Privacy Policy. Lesson Plans. Article Archive Box Cars Math Games Every-Day Edits Five-Minute Fillers Holiday Lessons Learning Games Lesson of the Day News for Kids Show-Biz Science Work Sheet Library.

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No thanks, I don t need to stay current on what works in education. COPYRIGHT 1996-2016 BY EDUCATION WORLD, INC. DJI s smallest, lightest, and cheapest drone is a triumph. DJI Mavic Mini review. By Basil Kronfli 15 November 2019. The DJI Mavic Mini is a masterful balance of portability, price, image quality, and convenience. The Mavic Mini doesn t have object tracking or object avoidance, and doesn t capture 4K video, topping out at 2. 7K at 30fps; but it weighs no more than five golf balls, lasts a solid 30 minutes in the air, and could fit in a large jacket pocket if needed which means this mighty, mini drone s pros soar way above its cons.

Smart, collapsible design Incredibly stable video capture Impressive battery life No registration needed. Its featherweight, foldable design means you can fly it without needing to register it first, and despite its size it still manages to offer remarkably stable video. No 4K or 60fps 2. 7K video No object tracking Micro USB charging, not USB-C.

The DJI Mavic Mini is a perfectly timed masterstroke on DJI s part. It tackles drone law changes across the US and UK head-on, while also delivering great video quality in a premium, compact body. Laws now state that drones weighing over 250g need to be registered with aviation authorities the FAA in the US and Civil Aviation Authority in the UK and before the Mavic Mini launched, there weren t any well-reviewed options in this featherweight category.

Which means that, right now, DJI has secured itself a monopoly in the sub-250g premium drone market. So unlike one of its main rivals, the Parrot Anafi, which captures 4K footage but is pricier, and weighs around 300g, the Mavic Mini doesn t need to be registered. The Mini also features three-axis mechanical stabilization the Anafi has two its third axis is EISincludes handy features like a hot-swappable microSD card slot, and promises better battery life than the Anafi, with a quoted flight time of 30 minutes.

The Mavic Mini isn t without some spec-shortcomings, however. Video capture caps out at 2. 7K resolution with a frame rate of 30fps, which will leave some videographers who need 4K footage, or the option to slow things down at 2. 7K, looking elsewhere. It also lacks the incredibly handy object avoidance smarts that its larger DJI siblings feature. We ve been testing the Mavic Mini for a few weeks so does the reality live up to this lightweight quadcopter s buzz, or is it missing too many premium Mavic features.

DJI Mavic Mini release date and price. The DJI Mavic Mini is available to buy right now in two versions there s the base package drone, battery, controller or the Fly More Combo, which also includes a two-way charging hub that can double up as a power bank, a 360-degree propellor guard, and two extra batteries. The base drone costs 399 369 AU 599, while the Fly More Combo is 499 459 AU 799. If you ask us, the Fly More Combo is worth the extra cost for the additional batteries alone, offering you around 90 minutes of flight time in total.

For new drone fliers or indoor pilots, the safety guards are also priceless. Mavic Mini is the perfect name for DJI s latest drone. Just like its larger Mavic siblings, it s collapsible, with arms that unfurl to transform it in a couple of spring-loaded maneuvers. When it comes to looks, this is a DJI product through and through. The color scheme is gray and dark gray, just like the Osmo Action and Osmo Mobile 3and its front is adorned with a pair of eyesnuzzled under a flat, beveled, angry-looking top-side.

It s one of the better-looking drones we ve seen. On the front of the Mavic Mini is the 3-axis stabilized camera. On the back are an exposed microSD card slot, and a micro USB port for charging. Out of the box, it s shielded by a camera guard, which is removable when you come to fly it. Above these is the battery flap. Compared to the Parrot Anafi, whose SD card slot is tucked away under the battery, DJI s design is much more convenient for frequent storage-swappers.

As mentioned, the Mavic Mini is purpose-built to weigh a fraction under 250g, so that it can bypass the need to be registered with aviation agencies in the US, UK and Australia but do check your local laws. DJI has achieved this by teaming a drone that weighs around 150g with a roughly 100g battery. The fact that it doesn t crumble every time it s flown is a wonder, and while lightweight is often associated with cheap quality, the Mavic Mini feels anything but cheap.

The Mini isn t crash-proof, however; there are no obstacle avoidance sensors on its sides, front or back, as found on the Mavic Air. That said, there are a couple of sensors at the base to enable smooth landings, along with a battery meter, and a light, so that you can keep tabs on your drone in the air and keep it in line of sight, even at night.

The Mavic Mini s arms are relatively slender, and we actually cracked one of ours with a 1. 8-meter drop while it still works perfectly, that s something that wouldn t have happened had the safety guards been affixed. If you re a newbie, anticipate flying indoors, or know you ll be flying in strong winds, it s worth picking up the Fly More bundle to get the 360-degree propellor guard. Mavic Mini controller. Unlike some other drone controllers, the DJI Mavic Mini s doesn t include a screen; instead it unfolds to hold an Android or iOS smartphone.

Tucked away in its body are screw-on joysticks, so that when it s collapsed the controller has a flat profile, and when opened out it delivers a traditional feel. On the left side of the controller is a micro USB port for charging and connecting it to your phone. The drone also ships with Lightning, micro USB, and USB-C cables, so whatever smartphone you have, provided its software is compatible with the DJI Mavic Mini s Fly app, you re catered for.

The controller s jog-dial at the top pivots the camera vertically through 90 degrees, so it can look forward through to down. Unlike the Anafi, it can t look up, which would have been a bonus, but its range is typical of most drones. Buttons of note include the L trigger, which starts video recording, and the R trigger, which takes a photo perfect if you re operating the drone while wearing gloves.

Setting up the flying experience is a little fiddly you have to feed cables from the controller to your phone, screw on the joysticks, and fire up the app, all of which takes about a minute. From a portability point of view, though, the experience is about as compact as we could hope for when the drone and controller are collapsed, while still feeling robust and natural across the board when flying. Once connected, we had no issues pairing the drone with our phones we tried it with Android 9 and 10 phones, as well as an iPhone.

DJI s Fly app has been refreshed since we first used it, and now comes complete with guides and example videos, so that you can see what kind of footage you ll be capturing in its various modes. It s a bizarre mix of experiences though. On the one hand, some aspects are very premium the function tutorials and in-app tips are polished and handy, and the core UI is also intuitive and responsive; but some elements pop up in Chinese, and the Fly Spots component, which highlights areas safe to fly in, isn t localized outside of China.

Get past these niggles, though, and you re in for a treat. The modes are simple enough to get your head around, and the three speeds, which we ll come onto in the next section, are a doddle to toggle between and offer plenty of versatility. Quickshots, as found on the Mavic Air, have also returned, which is excellent. These pre-programmed flight paths can engage dynamic pans at the press of a button, revolving around an object, and while there s one notable omission Asteroid the rest of the Quickshots, including our favorite, Helix, are accounted for.

Control over images and video capture is relatively minimal, with no option to tweak contrast or saturation. You can still overlay handy tools like a histogram and gridline to help with framing, but we would have liked to have seen more options to enhance footage. On the plus, the gimbal supports two modes follow mode, which keeps the horizon line level, and FPV mode, which takes the perspective of the drone itself, while still keeping everything incredibly stable.

The DJI Mavic Mini shoots 2. 7K video at 30fps or 1080p video at 60fps. This isn t just handy when flying you can use the Mavic Mini as a fantastic handheld steady cam in a pinch, and toggling between these modes makes this possible. Once you get it on your computer, drone footage seems more fast paced than it did on the field, so we found ourselves sticking to CineSmooth mode to get us the lingering shots we were after for the most part. All modes delivered stable footage, though there was a noticeable judder when changing direction while shooting in sports mode, as you can see at 02 30 in the sample footage below.

3-inch sensor can also capture 12MP images across a range of modes, including Position mode for basic operation, Sports mode for more high-speed flight, and CineSmooth mode, which lengthens breaking time and slows things down for smoother shots and more cinematic footage. The fact that there isn t a 60fps 2. 7K option also compounds the need to slow things down in the sky, as you won t have the option to do so in the editing phase with 30fps footage.

Footage looks punchy, detail captured is solid in good light, and dynamic range is fair, though we noticed clips crying out for an ND filter on a couple of occasions. There isn t a huge amount of scope to pull detail out of highlights on bright days, so the Mavic Mini isn t going to be a pro filmmaker s dream drone, but its image quality is still great for what it is, and good enough for relatively seamless inserts with other drone footage, or casual aerial videography.

You can take control over photos with manual mode, with the option to use shutter speeds as long as four seconds, and up to ISO3200; as a result, low-light shots are perfectly usable. Low-light video has improved since we first got our hands on the Mavic Mini, but it still isn t something you ll want to capture on a drone with a 1 2. 3-inch sensor, unless you re going to edit it heavily and stylize it, or are okay with a healthy amount of noise.

If you re happy shooting in 1080p, however, then frame rates do climb up to 60fps. The DJI Mavic Mini s photos have pleasing color and decent dynamic range Image credit Future. Even at relatively high altitude you can still pick out relatively fine details in its stills Image credit Future. Thanks to the Mavic Mini s manual mode, you can tweak the ISO and shutter speed to nail exposures Image credit Future.

Connections and battery. The Mini connects via Wi-Fi, transmitting the live video feed to the controller, which plugs into your phone and engages with the app interface. With our phone s Wi-Fi connectivity switched on, our Iqoption paga disconnected from the controller at around 60 meters in an environment with plenty of ambient Wi-Fi connections.

Switching our phone to airplane mode extended this range significantly, and Mavic Mini users flying the drone in less built-up areas have achieved distances of in excess of two miles, with DJI s quoted maximum distance being 2. When plugged in, the controller charges your phone, with its 2,600mAh battery delivering ample juice for a couple of hours of flight time. As for the Mini itself, its batteries are 2,400mAh, with a quoted flight time of 30 minutes, depending on environment and usage.

We found this to be roughly on the money, though flying primarily in Sports mode shaves a few minutes off the flight time. We would have loved to have seen USB-C charging on the Mavic Mini, but that s probably our biggest gripe with the drone from a connectivity point of view. DJI Mavic Mini verdict. The DJI Mavic Mini is in a league of its own, pairing a compact, light body with a robust flying experience and decent-quality video capture. It isn t quite our dream drone; the absence of 4K, or 2.

6K 60fps video recording is felt. We would have also loved more granular control over video captured, or just a flatter cinema-style profile. Additionally, a follow me object tracking feature, which is available on some drones that cost the same as the Mavic Mini or less, like the UPair One Plus, would have also been a treat. However, nothing else this size does what the Mavic Mini does, and when you look at the competition our wish list is easy to ignore. The Mavic Mini is DJI s lightest, most affordable drone to date, is an industry leader in terms of portability and performance, it delivers impressive 30-minute battery life, with most sub-250g drones dying after 10-15 minutes.

Yes, 399 or 369 for a drone isn t throwaway money, but for casual users looking to level-up their aerial footage, and newbies who don t want to have to register their drone, the DJI Mavic Mini is unequivocally your best option. Dow Jones Industrial Average. Sep 11, 2020, 5 20 p. Dow Jones Global DJIA. Donald Trump Reveals Barron, 14, Is Not As Happy As He Could Be During Isolation. President Donald Trump admitted his youngest son Barron, 14, is staying in his room during quarantine and is struggling a bit since he wishes he could be out playing sports, in a White House press briefing.

The Commander-in-Chief made the comment during a White House press briefing on Apr. President Donald Trump73, called his son Barron14, a good athlete and revealed that the coronavirus pandemic that s causing him to stay home in quarantine for an unknown amount of time, is making him miss playing sports. 4 after a reporter asked how Barron was doing with not being in school and having to stay secluded like so many other people in America and the world. He loves soccer and he s like everyone else, everything s shut down.

He s in his room. He s happy, but he s not as happy as you could be, Trump said during the briefing. He d like to be playing sports, Barron. After speaking about his youngest child, who is largely kept out of the spotlight for privacy reasons, Trump went on to say that Americans have to get back soon after the pandemic, that s already infected 1,343,896 people worldwide, including 364,059 Americans, and killed a total of 74,558 people worldwide.

The virus has been causing stay-at-home orders for many states in the country, which makes kids like Barron unable to attend schools due to shutdowns and it s also causing many people to either work from home or lose jobs. Before his latest comments about Barron and the state of the country, Trump revealed how he told his son that the pandemic was bad and quoted some lines from their conversation during a news conference last month.

I ve spoken, actually, with my son Barron. He said How bad is this. It s bad, Trump said then. But we re going to be hopefully a best case, not a worst case, and that s what we re working for. realdonaldtrump filled us all in on how Barron is handling the coronavirus quarantine. He s happy, but he s not as happy as he could be. He d like to be playing sports. Like Barron, Trump plans to stay at the White House in Washington D.

and not travel in April. I doubt I ll leave, he told reporters last week while also noting that he would love to go out. I ll be in the White House, he said. More Related News. Donald Trump Refuses To Wear Face Mask After CDC Recommends I Won t Be Doing It -- Watch Gretchen Whitmer Shades Donald Trump On Daily Show With T-Shirt Twitter Applauds Donald Trump Shades Brad Pitt Over Oscars Speech Says He Was Never A Fan -- He s A Wiseguy.

Meghan Markle Gives Fans A Look Inside Her Prince Harry s 14 Million Santa Barbara Mansion. Justin Bieber Cuddles Bikini-Clad Hailey Baldwin In Lakeside Throwback Pic As He Teases New Music. Rob Kardashian Adds New Tattoo Ink To Go With Hot New Body -- See Pic. Henson Parties On A Yacht In A White String Bikini On Her 50th Birthday -- See Pics. Teen Mom 2 s Kailyn Lowry Shares New Pics Of Baby Creed As Son Lux Shows Off His Dancing Skills.

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E-minis are futures contracts that represent a fraction of the value of standard futures. They are traded primarily on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange s Globex electronic trading platform. E-mini contracts were first launched in 1997 for the S P 500 index with great success, 1 and are now available on a wide range of stock market indexes, commodities and currencies.

Some E-mini contracts provide trading advantages, including high liquidity and therefore tight spreadgreater affordability for individual investors due to lower margin requirements than the full-size contracts, and round-the-clock trading 23. 25 hours a day from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon. tax law, E-minis may qualify as 1256 Contracts, and benefit from several tax advantages as well.

The risk of loss is also amplified by the higher leverage. 1 Symbology 2 E-mini contracts 3 E-mini options 4 See also 5 References. Most E-mini futures expire quarterly with the exception of agricultural productsin March, June, September, and December. An E-mini future symbol is formed by starting with the root symbol and adding the expiration month letter the same as for futures and the last digit of the expiration year.

As of April, 2011, CME lists 44 unique E-mini contracts, 2 of which approximately 10 have average daily trading volumes of over 1,000 contracts. For example, the E-mini S P 500 expiring in December 2012 has the symbol ESZ2. 2 Note that individual brokers may require different margin amounts also called performance bonds.

E-minis E-mini contract Exchange Ticker symbol Multiplier Tick size Tick value Initial margin Maintenance margin Average Daily Volume in 2018 3 E-Mini S P 500 Dollar CME ES 50 0. 50 4 13,200 12,000 1,766,663 Micro E-mini S P 500 5 CME MES 5 0. 25 1,320 1,200 E-Mini S P 500 Euro CME EME 50 0. The table below lists some of the more popular E-mini contracts, with the initial and maintenance margins required by CME. 50 6 6,188 4,950 E-mini Dow 5 Futures CME YM 5 1 5 7 13,200 12,000 239,382 Micro E-mini Dow 5 CME MYM 0.

10 10 8 7,500 6,000 19,647 E-mini S P SmallCap 600 Futures CME SMC 100 0. 10 10 9 3,250 2,600 0 E-mini NASDAQ-100 Futures CME NQ 20 0. 25 5 10 16,500 15,000 492,839 Micro E-mini Nasdaq-100 5 CME MNQ 2 0. 50 1,500 1,500 E-mini NASDAQ Composite Futures CME QCN 20 0. 50 10 11 4,000 3,200 E-mini NASDAQ Biotechnology Futures CME BIO 50 0. 10 5 12 3,750 3,000 E-mini S P CNX Nifty Nifty 50 futures CME EMF 10 0.

5 5 13 3,125 2,500 216 E-mini FTSE XINHUA China 25 Futures CME FXN 5 5 25 14 13,750 11,000 E-mini JPY USD Futures CME J7 6,250,000 Japanese yen. 25 15 3,038 2,250 648 E-mini EUR USD Futures CME E7 62,500 euro. 25 16 2,025 1,500 4,859 E-mini Consumer Discretionary Select Sector Futures CME XAY 100 0. 10 10 17 3,125 2,500 944 E-mini Consumer Staples Select Sector Futures CME XAP 100 0.

10 10 18 1,750 1,400 1,335 E-mini Energy Select Sector Futures CME XAF 250 0. 50 19 6,500 5,200 1,823 E-mini Health Care Select Sector Futures CME XAV 100 0. 10 10 20 2,500 2,000 1,207 E-mini Industrial Select Sector Futures CME XAI 100 0. 10 10 21 3,125 2,500 1,094 E-mini Materials Select Sector Futures CME XAB 100 0. 10 10 22 3,125 2,500 668 E-mini Technology Select Sector Futures CME XAK 100 0. 10 10 23 1,750 1,400 1,945 E-mini Utilities Select Sector Futures CME XAU 100 0.

10 10 24 2,500 2,000 2,057 Mini-Sized Corn Futures CME formerly CBOT YC 1,000 bushels. 25 Metric Tons 0. 25 25 473 350 472 Mini-sized Soybean Futures CME formerly CBOT YK 1,000 bushels. 27 metric tons 0. 25 26 945 700 1,086 Mini-sized Wheat Futures CME formerly CBOT YW 1,000 bushels. 25 27 810 600 349 E-mini Light Sweet Crude Oil Financial CME formerly NYMEX QM 500 barrels 0. 50 28 3,375 2,500 18,621 E-mini Natural Gas Futures CME formerly NYMEX QG 2,500 million BTUs 0.

50 29 1,013 750 1,718 E-mini Heating Oil - Financial Futures CME formerly NYMEX QH 21,000 gallons 0. 50 1,320 1,200 E-mini S P MidCap 400 Futures CME EMD 100 0. 001 21 30 3,206 2,375 0 E-mini New York Harbor RBOB Gasoline Futures CME formerly NYMEX QU 21,000 gallons 0. 10 31 3,881 2,875 0 COMEX E-Mini Gold Futures CME formerly COMEX QO 50 troy ounces 0. 5 32 3,376 2,500 383 E-mini Silver Futures CME formerly COMEX 6Q 1,000 troy ounces 0. 002 25 34 2,869 2,125 21 Russell 1000 Index Mini Futures ICE formerly NYBOT RF 100 0.

005 5 33 2,349 1,740 53 COMEX miNY Copper CME formerly COMEX QC 12,500 pounds 0. 10 5 36 150,100 Micro E-mini Russell 2000 5 CME M2K 5 0. 10 10 35 727 Russell 2000 Index Mini Futures ICE formerly NYBOT TF 50 0. Options on E-minis exist for the E-mini S P 500 37 and the E-mini NASDAQ-100. E-mini Dow 5 Futures Quotes Globex. About E-mini Dow. An electronically traded futures contract representing a portion of standard DJIA futures, E-mini Dow futures offer an accessible alternative to manage exposure to the U.

Based on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, E-mini Dow futures offer exposure to the 30 U. blue-chip companies represented in the stock index. E-mini Russell 2000 Futures. Get the latest E-Mini Russell 2000 Futures futures prices, futures trading charts, breaking futures news and Futures futures contract specifications.

Current E-Mini Russell 2000 Futures Futures Prices. E-Mini Russell 2000 Futures Prices Historical Chart. Chart of E-Mini Russell 2000 Futures futures updated May 21st, 2020. Press ESC to close. These are risky markets and only risk capital should be used. Past performances are not necessarily indicative of future results. E-Mini Russell 2000 Futures Contract Specifications. Product Symbol TF. Disclaimer This material is of opinion only and does not guarantee any profits.

Contract Size 100 times the value of the Russell 2000 index. Price Quotation U. Dollars and Cents. Venue ICE Futures. ICE Futures Hours 8 00p-6 00p 20 00-18 00. Minimum Fluctuation. Listed Contracts Four months in the March June September December quarterly expiration cycle. Last trading day is the third Friday of the expiration month. Trading ceases at 09 30 ET. Daily Price Limits.

Russell 1000 Mini 10 Limit 70 20 Limit 140 30 Limit 210. Russell 2000 Mini 10 Limit 80 20 Limit 160 30 Limit 240. Russell 1000 Value Mini 10 Limit 70 20 Limit 140 30 Limit 210. Russell 1000 Growth Mini 10 Limit 60 20 Limit 120 30 Limit 180. NYSE Composite 10 Limit 780 20 Limit 1560 30 Limit 2340. Trading in the Russell Complex Futures Contracts will be subject to the following.

a There shall be price limits corresponding to declines of 10. 0 which are calculated at the beginning of each calendar quarter, based upon the average Settlement Price of the nearest primary Futures Contract during the month prior to the beginning of the quarter denoted as AP. The calculation shall be as follows.

00 price limit shall be 10 of the AP rounded to the nearest integral multiple of ten 10 index points Level 1 Limit. 0 price limit shall be two 2 times the 10. 0 price limit Level 2 Limit ; and. 0 price limit shall be three 3 times the 10. 0 price limit Level 3 Limit. The number of points calculated for each price Level Limit shall be the number of points subtracted from the previous day s Settlement Price in order to determine if the primary Futures Contract has been traded, is or would be offered, at a price equal to or more than the prescribed limit.

b On any Business Day when a general trading halt occurs on the New York Stock Exchange, Inc. pursuant to NYSE Rule 80B, trading in the Russell Complex Futures Contracts shall be halted. Once trading in the primary securities market resumes after an NYSE Rule 80B trading halt, trading in the Russell Complex Futures Contracts shall resume and the next applicable price limit shall apply.

c i Subject to the qualifications set forth in clause ii of this paragraph cwhen the Exchange determines that, in any of the various Russell Complex Futures Contracts, the primary Futures Contract has been traded, is or would be offered, at a price that is equal to or more than the Level 1 Limit below its previous day s Settlement Price, trading shall cease for a period to be determined by the Exchange with notice provided to market participants of the time the market shall reopen.

The next applicable price limit shall apply to such reopening. ii If the Level 1 Limit has not been reached by or after 2 30 p. New York Time, the Level 2 Limit becomes the applicable price limit for the remainder of the trading day. d When the primary Futures Contract has been traded, is or would be offered, at a price that is equal to or more than the Level 2 Limit below its previous day s Settlement Price, trading shall cease for a period to be determined by the Exchange with notice provided to market participants for the time the market shall reopen.

e No trade in any Russell Complex Futures Contract may occur at a price that is more than a Level 3 Limit for such contract. f If, on any Business Day, a Level Limit is in effect on or after 4 00 p. New York Time, such Level Limit will remain in effect until the close of the electronic trading session for such Business Day. When the electronic trading session opens for the following Business Day, the primary Futures Contracts of any of the various Russell Complex Futures Contracts shall not be traded at a price that is more than the Level 1 Limit below the previous day s Settlement Price until 9 30 a.

New York Time on such Business Day. g The price limit restrictions set forth in paragraphs cd or e above, shall be maintained at an approximate correspondence to the trigger values set forth in NYSE Rule 80B. Whenever a trigger value set forth in NYSE Rule 80B is changed, the Exchange shall, on notice to its Members, substitute a new price limit restriction in paragraphs cd or e above, which approximately corresponds to such changed trigger value. Maximum Daily Limits.

The maximum daily limit is 30 or Level 3, i.the number of Level 3 points for the quarter subtracted from the previous day s Settlement Price. Trading can occur at or above this limit and cannot trade below it. Block Trades. Minimum quantity of 20 contracts. Daily Settlement. The volume-weighted average price of all electronic trades transacted in the closing session 16 14 to 16 15 ET. Position Limits. Final Settlement Price. a The final Settlement Price for the Russell 2000 Index Mini Futures Contract shall be determined on the third 3rd Friday of the delivery month or, if the Russell 2000 Stock Price Index is not published for that day, on the first 1st preceding day for which such Index is scheduled to be published.

b If the New York Stock Exchange NYSE or NASDAQ are not open on the day scheduled for the determination of the final Settlement Price, then the NYSE-stock or NASDAQ-stock component s of the final Settlement Price shall be based on the next opening prices for NYSE and NASDAQ stocks. c The final Settlement Price shall be a special calculation of the Russell 2000 Index based on the opening prices of the component stocks in the Index, or on the last sale price of a stock that does not open for trading on the regularly scheduled day of final settlement.

Last Trading Iqoption paga.Position Limits and Exemptions, no person shall own or control positions in excess of 50,000 contracts net long or short in all months combined. In accordance with Rule 559. The aggregate position limit in DJIA Index 25 multiplier futures, mini-sized Dow futures 5 multiplier and options, and DJIA Index 10 multiplier futures and options is 50,000 DJIA Index futures contracts, net long or net short in all contract months combined.

For the purposes of this rule. - One DJIA Index 10 multiplier futures contract shall be deemed to be equivalent to two mini-sized Dow 5 multiplier contracts. - One DJIA Index 25 multiplier futures contract shall be deemed to be equivalent to five mini-sized Dow 5 multiplier contracts. - Two DJIA Index 25 multiplier futures contracts shall be deemed to be equivalent to five DJIA Index 10 multiplier futures contracts.

Refer to Rule 559. for requirements concerning the aggregation of positions and allowable exemptions from the specified position limits. The final settlement price of an expiring mini-sized Dow futures contract shall be determined on the final settlement day Rule 26105. The final settlement price shall be 5 times a Special Opening Quotation SOQ of the DJIA based on the opening prices of DJIA component stocks. If, on the regularly scheduled final settlement day, the designated primary market for a DJIA component stock does not open, then the next opening price for that component stock shall be used in the determination of the SOQ.

If, on the regularly scheduled final settlement day, the designated primary market for a DJIA component stock is open, but that component stock does not open for trading, then the last sale price for that component stock shall be used in the determination of the SOQ. The final settlement day for an expiring mini-sized Dow futures contract shall be the third Friday of the contract expiration month.

If the DJIA is not scheduled to be published for that day, then the final settlement day shall be the first preceding business day for which the DJIA is scheduled to be published. Delivery on Futures Contracts. Delivery against the mini-sized Dow futures contract must be made through the Clearing House. Final Settlement Day. Delivery under these rules shall be on the final settlement day as described in Rule 27105. and shall be accomplished by cash settlement as hereinafter provided.

Clearing members holding open positions in mini-sized Dow futures at the time of termination of trading shall make payment to and receive payment through the Clearing House in accordance with normal variation settlement procedures based on a settlement price equal to the final settlement price as described in Rule 27104. Exchange Rule These contracts are listed with, and subject to, the rules and regulations of ICE Futures. Product Specification 86.

Founded 1988 Headquarters Beverly Hills, California Websites cannontrading. com CannonTradingCompany Oversight Commodity Futures Trading Commission National Futures Association Account Opening Open an Account. Trader s Planet. E-Mini S P 500 E-Mini NASDAQ 100 E-mini Dow Jones E-mini Russell 2000 E-Mini S P Midcap 400 E-Mini S P Iqoption paga S P 500 Index NASDAQ 100 Index DJIA Index.

Cannon Trading Reviews. Gold Silver Copper Platinum Palladium. Crude Oil Brent Crude Oil Heating Oil Gasoline RBOB Natural Gas. Wheat Corn Soybeans Soybean Oil Soybean Meal Oat Rough Rice KCBT Red Wheat Canola. Eurodollar Treasury Bond Ultra T-Bond 10-Year Treasury Note 5-Year Treasury Note 2-Year Treasury Note 30-Day Federal Funds. US Dollar Index British Pound Canadian Dollar Japanese Yen Swiss Franc Euro FX Australian Dollar New Zealand Dollar.

Cotton Orange Juice Coffee Sugar Cocoa Live Cattle Lean Hogs. RISK DISCLOSURE Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in futures trading can be substantial, carefully consider the inherent risks of such an investment in light of your financial condition. Click the chart to enlarge. E-mini S P 500 Futures Quotes Globex. About E-mini S P 500.

An electronically traded futures contract one fifth the size of standard S P futures, E-mini S P 500 futures and options are based on the underlying Standard Poor s 500 stock index. Made up of 500 individual stocks representing the market capitalizations of large companies, the S P 500 Index is a leading indicator of large-cap U.

Welcome to E-mini S P 500 Futures. Whether you are a new trader looking to get started in futures, or an experienced trader looking to expand your exposure to the U. stock market, E-mini S P 500 futures provide you with the opportunity you need. Inspiring classroom experiences. Simple, flexible, connected solutions. SMART Board Interactive Displays. Unparalleled collaborative experience.

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Whats in the Educator ET-300 Mini box. One Waterproof Miniature Collar Receiver One Waterproof Miniature Floating Remote One X 30 Biothane Collar Ready to Be Cut to Size Two Sets of Contact Points 5 8 and Contact Point Removal Tool Dual Battery Charger 120V 220V Owner s Manual with Training Tips Lanyard for the Remote Color Storage Box. Educator ET-300 Mini Dimensions. Collar Receiver 2. Biothane Collar Strap X 301.

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