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There is another reason for emails not getting through and that has to do with the DNS Domain Name Server. My ISP recently changed their email setup. I could send to everyone except one person on my contacts list. I contacted my ISP and they determined that the server at the other end could not make a Name match with my ISP. The two providers worked the problem out between them.

If your IP address is what is blacklisted, you may find a workaround by powering off your router. Wait about 20-30 seconds, then power it back on. Chances are your IP address will be different unless you have a commercial account. As test, just send an email to yourself. Also, if you use an email client such as Thunderbird, go directly to your email at your ISP. In my case it is Verizon. Hi Leo, My daughter and stepson have moved from Germany to USA. de prefix on their email address.

I would think their account in Germany is closed. How can that assumption be checked. I sent her a couple of mails. Have gotten no messages from her browser company. I d had a problem with lost emails over the years, often from websites sending me password-resetting emails. I finally had it happen with a site where I knew the webmaster, and he kindly traced the path of the e-mail he sent. He was seeing messages like.

Jun 10 20 27 26 xxxxxxx sendmail 15537 q5ANsFqg015464 toctladdr Reply. I have an undesirable person who sends unwanted unkind emails. I used the Blocked option for his aol address, but I still get them. What message is he getting on that end when he trys to send an email. More than likely he won t get a message that he has been blocked. Your best option is to check your provider s blocking rules and make sure his address is entered correctly. Sometimes taking a few minutes to read through any help files, and check through options will succeed.

No message at all. If I press turn off all emails on YouTube settings does that prevent people from seeing my comment or receiving it through email because I did click turn of emails on this settings page but I turned every one of them on the settings page on one by one its just I don t get any replies are they ignoring me or am just not seen there should not be an option that disables anyone to stop seeing my posted comments so I want to make sure.

Very good suggestion, thanks. But my email id did not work at present and it could not be recognised. I tried hard to open the same but failed. Anyhow I like to registere new email it within a short period. I see my emails with attachments in sent items but not received by recipients, while all the emails sent within the country are received and are shown in sent items. How I should resolve this problem.

I am using an yahoo. People keep saying if you include links in your email that will get blocked. I totally disagree with that. Can anyone confirm that links in emails do not cause your email address to get blocked. Links alone are not enough I include links all the time. HOWEVER links to KNOWN BAD or even possibly bad websites and domains could cause your message to be considered spammy or be blocked.

Can an email, sent to my account, be blocked by another person. I was waiting for a very important mail and it appeared in my inbox 3 days later, as it was not seen by me. Not unless they had access to your email account or computer. You might check to see if your spam filter moved it to the spam folder. Hi why is my server stopped from recognising my blood glucose meter and my phone thanks.

You need to reach out to your service provider for that. We can t help you here. if someone found just email then what will he do i means does he hacked account and any illegal activity then what will do in this case if v give email to unknown person. and v think he is a wrong person because i gave to my email to someone and i am afraid does he any illegal activity and hack my account by the way can email be misuse.

It s not clear what you re asking, but just knowing someones s email address doesn t open that account to hacking, otherwise email accounts would be hacke all the time. I have sent multiple emailsand it shows in my sent folder they were sent, then says draft. Did he get them, read them or all just go to my draft folder. If the email is in your sent folder, it means that the email program of website had check that it s been sent. The fact that a copy is in your drafts folder is no indication that it hasn t been sent.

As for the question if he got them and read them, there s no sure way to tell if the email was read. No real way to know. I d have to know what email server AND program you re using to start. Best might be to ask one of the recipients if they got it. I get a bounce back message from an email address I have sent messages to for some time and it s the only one to do that.

I can send emails to myself with no problems. Could it be on my side or the one I m sending messages to. We d need to see the details in the bounce message it usually tells you why it s bouncing. One of the things we sell is industrial wire strippers, for reclaiming scrap metal from discarded wires. I m embarrassed to admit that it took me way too long to realize the word stripper was in the brochures we were trying to email which, of course, spam filters don t like.

Some times it s the smallest thing. hi, I hope I ask this right and get an answer. A friend that sends group emails is blocked by other friends I am told that somehow he is able to use my replies to his emails to get emails through to people that have blocked him. I am in the UK and know many of my emails do not make it as friends have told me. My normal mail address is not a commercial one and when checked my server is not a source of spam.

All mail settings on my server are correct. My experience has been that it is often organisations who are using services such as mimecast and other American email security services that are at the root of the problem. I believe they are using badly written software which is really scrweing up mail delivery. Other peopl have told me they are increasingly getting the same problem.

Time for a major rethink on email security. I have the new software put out by verizon who is partner to AOL hey want me to sign up with a new account. I filled out the info but do not have a cell phone number. They have blocked all my emails incoming and outgoing. Why do I need a cell number. You would have to ask them, I m afraid. I assume putting in your landline number doesn t work. will I not get a bounce back if I send an e-mail to someone that has blocked me. Hi If you send an email to someone and you get an auto reply back sayin there on annual leave And you know that the person is on holiday does this mean they have received your email Many thanks.

It could mean it s been discarded, it could mean it s in their inbox. There s no way to know. If it is in their inbox, of course there s no way to know if they will actually see and read it, ever. Is there anyway I can tell if my e-mails have been read that I send to someone like Jacquie Lawson cards do. There s no sure way to determine if your emails have been read. Can I Tell If Email I Sent Has Been Read by the Recipient. I just tried contacting someone at this email address and I can t email her.

How do I find out if she blocked me. It depends on what you mean by I can t email her. In general you cannot tell if you re blocked. Hi Leo, I sent an email that was returned with the following message. Your message to has been blocked. See technical details below for more information. The response from the remote server was 550 permanent failure for one or more recipients The message included 2 attachments that said mime-attachment. What s your question. The error does indicate why the email was blocked.

Send the same como usar o iqoption using Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address and if it gets delivered that means your email is blocked. How to get Off a Junk List Leo. That s a good idea, and honestly is really just send from another email address. I just have multiple email accounts that I use as needed at different providers. Only caveat, of course, is where you get your disposable email address.

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So you had a nasty breakup. Here s how to tell if someone s blocked you on Instagram. Maybe it s your ex, maybe it s your ex best friend but being the petty queen you are, you didn t unfollow. Did someone say late night lurk and cry sesh. Obviously you re only keeping tabs on them as a reminder that you re way better than your replacement. But all of a sudden their posts aren t popping up on your Instagram feed anymore.

Become an official babe member today for more sex advice from our community of real girls. You may have gotten blocked, and here are all the ways you can tell. The quickest way to see if someone s blocked you is also the easiest. If their account is private, they won t show up in the search results if you ve been blocked. Public accounts will show up in your seach results if you look them up by username, but if their profile shows an empty photo grid with an error message that says No Posts Yet, you ve definitely been blocked.

Find them through tagged photos. There are still ways to find private accounts that won t show up in search results. If the person you re trying to look up has been tagged in someone else s photos, you can get to their profile using tags. Try looking through Instagram posts from both of your mutual friends. Chances are if the person you re trying to find appears in someone else s photos, they will have been tagged, and tapping on a tag will take you straight to their profile.

If that person has blocked you, you won t be able to see any of the posts on their profile. Try following them. If the normally blue button labeled Follow is replaced with a white bar that says User Not Found, or if you can t follow regardless of how many times you tap the follow button, that person has definitely blocked you. Lurk from your bestie s account. Confirming someone has blocked you is simple, just ask a friend to look them up for you.

If your bestie can manage to find that person s account, but you can t, there s no denying that you ve been blocked. Luckily, having a friend with access to that account you ve been blocked from ensures you can still see all the posts that person doesn t want you to see, so jokes on them. Happy lurking. MORE INSTAGRAM WISDOM. Aziz Ansari talks about the sexual misconduct allegations against him for the first time.

I hope I ve become a better person. In a gig on Monday night, Aziz Ansari talked for the first time about the allegations of sexual misconduct made against him last year. During a massively oversubscribed gig at Village Underground in New York, Ansari said he hopes he has become a better person. Vulture first reported the comments. The site said Ansari led. Instagram now tells people when you screenshot, so just throw away your whole damn phone.

Who thought this was a good idea. by Caroline Phinney. Lately, Instagram has sucked for a lot of reasons posts are no longer in chronological order, influencers are reportedly being screwed out of money, and now, on top of everything else, Instagram alerts someone when you take a screenshot. Is nothing sacred. Long gone are the days of snapping pics of your friends and then. People are slamming Bumble for an abusive ad campaign involving painting endangered elephants. No one should even consider climbing on an elephant s back.

Bumble recently launched in India and celebrated with a launch party at City Palace in Jaipur. Instagram posts and stories reveal that the CEO Whiteny Wolfe Herd and various celebrities were in attendance. Several photos of the event show elephants being ridden with the Bumble logo painted on their faces. According to PETA Executive Vice. Simply type their name or Insta handle into your search bar in the app. Search for their username. How can you tell if someone s Facebook stalking you or has signed in to your account.

ANNA MATHESON. Protect your privacy online and find who is como usar o iqoption into your Facebook account with these handy tips. 14 Feb 2018, 13 40 Updated 20 Feb 2018, 15 49. And what happens if you forget to log out. WHETHER you re logging on at work, at a mate s house or even a computer in a hotel, it can be hard to keep track of where and when you ve been on your Facebook account. Can the next user snoop through your personal profile and messages.

And what about tracking your Facebook stalkers. Here s all you need to know. How can you tell if someone is logged on to your Facebook account. We re always warned to be careful when using social media on shared computers, but if you ve logged on to your Facebook account at the library and forgotten to log out again the next person to use that computer can have a good look through your personal profile and even your private messages. But there is a way to see who is looking at your account and kick them out.

On this page you ll be able to see exactly where you re logged on and the clever bods at Facebook have given us a way of making sure we can end any unwanted log ins. How do you log unwanted snoopers out of your account. As well as being able to see whether your Facebook is being used by a desktop, smartphone of Android, it gives you an IP address to allow you to work out the location of the device, plus the last time that machine was used to log into your account.

If some of the activity seems a bit strange, there s a simple way to cut off these connections. Next to each session, there is a handy End activity button; all you need to do is press it to end that session. On a mobile, you just need to press the x next to each session. If you re logged into Facebook on a computer, you ll need to go to Settings Security and login Where you re logged on. To stop any future unwanted snooping, you can set up login alerts so you re notified when someone has accessed your account on any machine or device.

Go to Settings Security and login Login alertswhere you can set these notifications up. If you want to take it one step further, you can add a second stage of approval to any login attempts as an extra security step. To turn these on head to Settings Security and login alerts Approvalswhere you can set up another login step that sends login codes to your phone when you log into a new machine.

WHAT S TAPPED. Full of grasses and the food s c p. MYSTIC MARK. Life on livestream. SO MUCH FAKE NEWS. How can you tell who s Facebook stalking you. Since the dawn of Facebook we have all been guilty of Facebook stalking - a phenomena where internet users check out other people s profiles to get their daily gossip fix. But como usar o iqoption, Facebook has introduced new ways to tell who s been stalking you profile - which might be bad news for a lot of you.

Simply go on your Facebook profile and look at the top 6 friends that are listed in the box. These friends are selected by the following criteria. Who has liked your posts or written on your wall People you ve recently interacted with on chat - or who you ve stalked yourself People who have viewed your profile. Explainers Facebook. How can you protect yourself in the future. Avengers, Bond GoT star Dame Diana Rigg dies aged 82 after cancer battle. Mum s fury as daughter, 1, hit dragged by cyclist who didn t even say sorry.

How Do I Reactivate My Facebook Account. Has your Facebook account suddenly been disabled. First, you should get acquainted with Facebook s Statement of Rights Responsibilities. We know, it s a long document but it contains important guidelines on what you should and shouldn t do on the world s biggest social network. Why Was My Account Disabled. Hateful comments are also frowned upon, as is impersonating others, using fake names and unsolicited contact with other users for the purpose of harassment, advertising, promoting, dating, or other inappropriate conduct.

Often, the reason your account was disabled is an inappropriate photo you ve posted nudity of any sort is a big no-no on Facebook. This means it hasn t been completely disabled but you cannot use certain features, such as sending friend requests or messages. Your account may also have been blocked. The block is temporary, but Facebook will not lift it for any reason, so you should just wait it out and try to inform yourself about what you may have done to cause the block and try not to repeat the offense again.

Also be aware that your account simply may have been hacked or compromised by a third party, causing Facebook to disable or block your account if they posted inappropriate content. Don t worry, it can happen to anyone even celebrities like Roger Ebertand it can usually be fixed with a little effort and a careful approach. Fixing The Problem. If your account has been disabled in error, it s time to take action. The first thing you should do is fill out this form, which is available even if you re not logged into Facebook.

You can also try sending an email to disabled facebook. com to ask why your account was disabled, as well as explaining that you are willing to remove any offending content in order to get your account reinstated. Facebook s help section is also available even if you cannot log into Facebook. This section looks into various warnings and reasons why your account may have been disabled. Securing Your Account. You might want to secure your account even if it hasn t been disabled by using this wizard.

WARNING starting the wizard will IMMEDIATELY lock out your Facebook account and you will be forced to change your password and go through several additional security measures, such as confirming that you ve changed your email passwords. We also advise regularly backing up your Facebook profile we explain how in this guide. That way, even if disaster happens, at least you have a backup of all your data on your home computer. For a detailed description of the steps you can take to make your Facebook account more safe and your information more private, check out our guide here.

How do i take back my badoo account. they blocked me. they blocked me. Technician s Assistant Thanks. Can you give me any more details about your issue. Whn i try to login i see like this Your account has been blockedWe ve blocked your account as it violates our Community Guidelines or Terms and Conditions of Use. You were reported by other users for inappropriate behaviour or photos and we felt this was serious enough to block your account. Technician s Assistant OK got it.

Last thing JustAnswer charges a fee generally around 36 to post your type of question to Email Experts you only pay if satisfied. There are a couple customers ahead of you. We can help you for less if you re not in a rush. Are you willing to wait a bit. My name is will assist you with your question. Unfortunately, the site does not reenable accounts that have been blocked for a violation of a terms of service.

From there terms of service I am quoting the following. if you don t follow these guidelines, you ll receive a warning unless it s something we ban people for straight away. If you ignore this warning, you risk losing your account. These guidelines are designed to make Badoo a friendly and safe place for all our users, so please follow them when using the site. And they do not offer a support option by which to contact them and discuss the account.

The most you can do is to create a new account and reenter your profile information. 1,414 satisfied customers. Computer Software Support specialist for more that 10 years. 897 satisfied customers. 8 Years of Experience. CCNA SCCNA WCCNA RSMCTS, MBCs. 683 satisfied customers. 12 years experience. Expert in installing and problem fixing of softwares. 648 satisfied customers. Certified Software expert with over 10 years experience.

Bachelor s Degree in Information Technology, Microsoft Certified Professional. Software Support Specialist. 404 satisfied customers. 579 satisfied customers. Working as Tech support specialist with a world famous computer manufacturer. 12 years in operations at a large law firm supporting both retail and specialty applications. How do I transfer the funds to my Blocked Account. Money Transfer via Expatrio Payments. With Expatrio, you have the possibility to transfer your Blocked Amount in several different ways.

For this, we have developed a solution called Expatrio Payments. Learn more about Expatrio Payments and the different ways of payment we will refer to them as payment methods in the following. About Expatrio Payments. Expatrio Payments has been developed individually and exclusively for the needs of international students by Expatrio in partnership with global education payments provider Cohort Go. With Expatrio Payments, we enable you to benefit from cheap transfers in your own currency in many countries while also giving you the possibility to transfer in USD or in EUR.

It will also save time and you will receive your 06 Blocked Amount Confirmation document even faster. Cheap favorable exchange rates, no extra fee 1. Fast same day Blocking Confirmation 2. Secure our partner Cohort Go is licensed as a regulated Payment Service Provider for educational payments. The Payment Process. 1 Choose the country of payment initiation. Of course, you are completely free to choose your preferred way. 2 Choose your preferred payment method.

If you are planning to use a remittance service like Instarem NIUM, Transferwise or xCurrency, please choose the EUR transfer option. Afterwards, you will receive your Blocked Account details German IBAN, etc. and you are free to choose how to transfer the funds to your Blocked Account. A Domestic Bank Transfer International Bank Transfer in USD. 3 Indicate who will be making the transfer. This might either be yourself or someone else e. your parents, other family members, friends, etc.

A In case someone else will be transferring the funds to your Blocked Account, please indicate their personal information as requested on the page. B In case you yourself are transferring the funds, please proceed and double check your own personal data on the following page. You have initiated the transfer.

Now, you can download the Blocked Account Transfer Details document under Downloads in the Documents section in your user portal. You can simply click the Go to download page button. 6 Download the Blocked Account Transfer Details document from your Downloads page and follow the steps in the document. 7 Once you have executed the transfer i. you have sent the funds to the account stated in the documentplease upload the transfer proof under Blocked Account in the Products section.

This is needed for regulatory reasons and will speed up the allocation of your transfer. 8 We will receive your funds within 2-3 business days. B International Bank Transfer in EUR. 3 You have initiated the transfer. Now, you can download the 05 Opening Confirmation document under Downloads in the Documents section in your user portal.

4 Download the 05 Opening Confirmation document from your Downloads page and follow the steps in the document. Once we have received the funds, you will be able to download your 06 Blocked Amount Confirmation document from the Expatrio User Portal. How not to get your Ad Account Blocked by Facebook. Facebook has truly changed the way brands are marketed online and is now the most influential advertising medium.

But as an advertiser using the platform, you need to exercise a lot of caution, or your ad account can get blocked. You would have seen a lot of people crying over such messages where they are out of clue why their ad account got blocked by Facebook. The basic foundation on which Facebook has been built is user experience and trust. They take them both very seriously and any threat to either one can get your ad campaign or your ad account blocked or disabled. So, if you plan to start advertising on Facebook or have already been doing so, it is super important to read the points mentioned in this article, so you can be acquainted with the basic ground rules.

What can constitute a threat or a problem when advertising on Facebook is very subjective, but there are a few things that I have learnt with experience and can share with you. Getting your ad account blocked or terminated is not limited to just breaking a rule, but any threat to the trust and experience of a user is reason enough to put you in trouble. Please note that in this article I have covered almost all the things you need to avoid to save your account, but this page is not alternative of the Original Facebook Rules Page so you should check that too before you begin advertising.

When you launch an ad campaign, Facebook first approves your advertisement. However, you must remember that your advertisement can get blocked even after it has been approved. What actually happens is once the campaign is launched, a user can block your ad as irrelevant or inappropriate or request Facebook to hide it. This is taken seriously by Facebook, which then investigates your ad further. If considered inappropriate for any reason, it could result in your account getting blocked.

Thus, just knowing the rules is not enough. You ought to have a thorough understanding of your target group to know what ll work and what won t. You need to understand 3 main areas of Facebook to avoid getting blocked. Let s cover all the points individually. Business Manager Account. It is best to have a business manager account as Facebook will treat you like an advertising professional with this.

This account is similar to having an online ad agency. Inside Business account you can separate various ad accounts into different accounts. And this can prove to be very helpful. If one of your advertisements gets blocked, then only the ad account of that particular ad gets blocked while the other ad accounts remain unaffected.

However, with a normal account, which has all your ads in the same account, you run the risk of getting your entire account and its ads getting blocked. You can have upto 1,000 such ad accounts for high spenders in a Business Manager Account. One of the biggest advantages is that the possibility of Facebook considering you a spammer reduces drastically.

Another advantage is the payments process. If your ad account gets blocked, Facebook will not let you use the same payment source again. With a Business Manager Account, you can make payments using different bank accounts and credit cards, thus giving you options when your account gets blocked. Also remember, PayPal is not a preferred choice of payment for Facebook, so you need to figure out alternative sources of payment.

Logging in to your account from multiple locations IP addresses. A lot of marketers are constantly on the go to meet clients and may even have offices in different cities. You must avoid thisas this is one of the reasons for Facebook to block your account. Facebook considers that your account has been hacked is a fraud, and hence, blocks it. The solution to this is to keep separate accounts for different people and offices.

Give different people their individual access using Business Manager. If you are travelling, you can log in from your phone and check, but not your laptop, as reactivating a blocked account is painful and in most of the cases reopening does not happen at all. Seasoned accounts. A mistake that many smart people do is to increase their ad spends drastically. People complete courses in Facebook advertising and start spending large amounts of money immediately thereafter.

A seasoned account is one which starts small and gradually increases its ad spends. A seasoned account is one where you start slowly and increase your spending by 15 20 a day. This can get your account red flagged immediately. Example, see the image below. This is an screenshot of Ad spent of one of the weeks of one my Ad accounts. See how consistently I have spent the amount without jumping to too high budgets immediately.

S Don t start with a 100 spend on the first day. It is a red flag and bound to get you blocked. Account access. Who you give access to is very important. Sometimes your client senior colleague wants to see the progress of the ad and asks for account access. He makes some changes to the ad and suddenly you are blocked. The reason is his Facebook ad account may have been blocked due to some reason and they assume that he is still trying to push his ad from your account.

This is how your account and ads can get blocked. Facebook tracks ad accounts, pages, groups and individual profiles, so if there is anything fishy all that is connected is bound to get blocked. Whenever you will see a Rejected Ad in your Facebook Ad account, do not try to make the similar or lookalike versions of it right at that moment. Because there is every probability that they too will be banned. So many rejected ads in your account will bring your account in focus.

Instead if you face a Rejected Facebook Ad, what you should do is create 4-5 good ads which should be approved by Facebook at all times. You can pause them after creation if you want, but so many YES after a NO will bring your account in good shape again. Adhering to rules. The most important rule is to avoid breaking any of the rules laid out on Facebook s rules page. As discussed earlier, you also need to make sure you are not hindering with the user experience and user s trust in Facebook.

If your account gets blocked, arguing that you did not know a certain policy or a rule is not going to help as they will still hold you guilty. A few type of ads that you should stay away from are. Ads that promote dating Only approved dating sites can advertise about dating. If you are not one of them, stay away from it. Other grey areas are sex, drugs, gambling etc. Change in Ad Policies. Now many times it happens that you would have received a notification from Facebook that a particular Ad in your account is not fit as per the Policies of Facebook, even though the Ad is not running since a very long time.

This is because your Ad was compliant with Facebook policies at the time of its creation, but because of latest policies change your Ad is not more compliant. This is getting a Red Flag without committing the Crime. This can be avoid simply by deleting all of your previous ads that you don t need anymore at all. Why to risk them at all by keeping them in your account. Anything specifying how to make more money Frame your ad in another way. In any case you can export the details of your ads via Power Editor, so after deleting ads in case you wish to see details of any Ad, it would be present in the exported file.

Facebook has given users the power to mark an ad as irrelevant and close these ads. It is for this reason that you need to keep monitoring the performance of your ad every few hours and keep an eye on the relevance score. This lets you know how relevant your Ad is to your target group as compared to the other ads being shown to them. A high positive feedback can very soon turn negative and keeping a watch on it lets you pause the ad before it gets banned. You can make changes to it and relaunch it, thus saving yourself from getting blocked.

A few ways to keep a good relevance score are. Avoid Confusing ads that do not state their intentions call to action upfront. It must be in tandem with your landing page. Click baits are good, but anything that is too hyped or scary will surely get you banned No false misleading claims that your product does not adhere to. Any claim in your ad must be present on your landing page. No images that do not truly represent your ad product no pretty girls in skimpy clothes, if not related to the product.

Your ad is continuously rated by users for its relevance. Should not have any sexual connotations. Your ad and image combined should not have more than 20 text best practice. Do not define any ideal body type or any physical characteristics no before-and-after photos. Your landing page is where a user ends up once he clicks on your Facebook ad. This page must have all your information, disclaimers, claims and any other details that will help you make a sale on your website.

This is the last leg of your Facebook ad, but if any inconsistency is found on this page, your ad account and your ad could get banned permanently. You must not have any form of pop ups or auto playing video or audio on the landing page that forces them to click on a particular link or option. Users should have the option of clicking on the option of their choice, which should be more than one. Details of your business. Your landing page must list out details of your business. Details like address, website, contact details, e-mail, phone number and any other details specific to your industry or product must be mentioned.

Clear instructions intentions on the landing page. Every user must have clear information of what to expect once they click on a particular option or choice on your landing page. They should be able to fully judge the positives and negatives of their actions with the information available on the landing page. Also, it goes without saying that there shouldn t be any misleading information.

For example if they are about to receive a bunch of autoresponder emails after signing up, then they should know it before signing up. Your landing page must have exactly the same product benefits and claims that your advertisement expresses. Any deviation from your claims is bound to get you blocked. Do add a disclaimer to your landing page that the site is not a part of or endorsed by Facebook.

Proper representation. It helps you get some brownie points from Facebook. A simple message which can read This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. All said and done, you have to truly understand your target market and then send out a relevant message for them through your ad. Taking shortcuts to draw their attention and offending them is a big NO when using Facebook to market your business products.

It s sure to get you blocked not only on Facebook, but even otherwise, since it ll only mar your goodwill. Also, most internet marketers are still trying to perfect their game with Facebook ads. Trial and error is still the best way to increase your knowledge and success rate. So keep at it until you get it right.

Personal Message. I see a lot of people seeking for answers to understand why their Ad account gets shut down. This article is written by keeping the same in mind. You can re-read it multiple times until you perfect the psychology of Marketing on Facebook. I love reading from you. So if you want to write a feedback in the comments you are most welcome.

Remember your Comments and Shares are my Oxygen that charges me up to keep writing, so keep them pouring. Many times different teams in different cities use the same account for Facebook advertising. If you liked the information present on this article and there are people you feel who should also read it, then you can share the article with them via Facebook or Email.

Negative ad feedback. How scammers use Zelle to drain your bank account. A frightening bank scam now lets thieves get right into your checking account, and even savvy college educated people are falling for it. All they need is. Your cell phone number, A bank account that is compatible with the Zelle money transfer system. You assuming that it s really your bank on the phone. It just happened to one Middletown, Ohio man, who showed us how thieves can now con their way into getting thousands of dollars from your checking account.

Bank s fraud department shows up on phone. Damon Lander runs a university biology lab at Miami University s Middletown campus. As a university employee, he s not the type of person who would fall for a phone scam. Until this one. The other evening, I got a phone call from what I thought was Fifth Third Bank, he said. With his caller ID showing his bank s number, Lander answered the phone, and immediately worried when the caller explained he was with the bank s fraud department. He told me they had detected fraud in my account, and they were going to help me take care of that, and set up security measures, and take care of the fraudulent charge, Lander said.

It all sounded perfectly legitimate. So he did what the phone rep instructed, such as entering a verification code on the log-in page on the bank s app. The caller promised to lock the account, and issue him a new debit card. Lander thought everything was taken care of. But within a few minutes, Lander says, he got a strange text from the bank.

My user ID had been removed, he said. A few minutes later, he got more alerts from the bank, and that s when he really started to worry. They changed my user name, my password, my card PIN, and set up a Zelle account. Scammers open Zelle account. Lander had never used Zelle before, but it is a money transfer feature similar to Venmo that is automatically offered to customers of almost a dozen big banks around the country, including Bank of America, Key Bank, Chase, and Fifth Third.

Suddenly, Lander watched helplessly as another text alerted him that his brand new Zelle account sent 1,000 to a disposable cell phone number. They transferred funds to someone I ve never met before, he said. Panicking, he called the bank s customer service number, where he learned the bank had not initiated any fraud call. In fact, to Fifth Third it appeared that he had made all the changes to his account, since he entered a verification code that essentially gave the keys to his account to a scammer.

Why this scam is so worrisome. What s scary is that this scam doesn t require a thief to gain access to your ATM card or a blank check they found somewhere, as bank theft required in the past. All it takes is a text or call claiming to be from your bank s fraud department and they can get into your account. Once there, they can now use Zelle to quickly get money out of it. A recent NBC News investigation found this scam reported by bank customers all over the country. Several month ago Sarah Raab, another professional who works in Cincinnati s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, was taken by the same scam call about fraud in her bank account.

I got a phone call from my bank, Raab said, and I assumed it was my bank because I recognized their phone number. But it wasn t really her bank the con artists were spoofing her bank s customer service number. Raab said the caller was very nice, and sounded legitimate. She got my information from me, she asked me for my password she said.

She assumed it was all part of their procedure for securing her account. But within minutes, the caller had access to her checking account and again transferred hundreds of dollars out via Zelle to a disposable cell phone. Zelle tells NBC News it uses multi-factor authentication to prevent hacking, but says if a customer overrides that protection by believing a phone scammer, como usar o iqoption entering verification codes, there is no way to stop the scam.

Zelle says there is potential for fraud with all digital money transfer services. To protect yourself from falling victim to this rapidly growing scam. Never give your banking information to a caller, even if Caller ID shows your bank is calling you about fraud. If it is really your bank, they will have your account and login information. Don t give it to them. Do not enter any verification code they text you that essentially is the car key to access your account.

We contacted Fifth Third Bank, which is now seeing if there is any way to reverse the 1,000 taken from Lander s account. One last tip If your bank uses Zelle, either set it up or ask them to turn it off. You don t want your Zelle account to be set up by someone else, so be careful and don t waste your money. Don t Waste Your Money is a registered trademark of Scripps Media, Inc.

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Your gains and losses on the exchange are magnified by a certain factor. This makes WCX akin to a futures exchange like BitMEX or a CFD broker like IQ Option. The exchange is not regulated as of como usar o iqoption and as such, there are a number como usar o iqoption countries that they are not able to offer their services.