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Offered in either Pure White or Platinum Gray, the Sport model is visually enhanced with a striking bodykit that includes a front lip spoiler, side skirts, a rear valence, a larger rear spoiler, and chrome exhaust tips. Variants to be introduced later include a five-door Golf CC liftback, and two-door cabriolet. The Golf went on sale in the UK in early January and was released in Australia in April 2013.

In Brazil, the Golf Mk7 went on sale in September 2013, only in the Highline and GTI trims, 17 along with the Comfortline trim, 18 which was made available from March 2014. All models were imported from Germany. VW confirmed that models from August 2014 on will be imported from Mexico, from the VW Puebla factory. As of 2015, the VW Golf MK7 and Estate MK7 is made in Puebla, Mexico.

However, starting in 2019, all new Golfs will be made in the Wolfsburg plant. The Golf line is available in all the relevant drive systems the Golf TSI, including GTI, is petrol-powered; Golf TDI, including GTD, is diesel-powered; the Golf TGI is powered by compressed natural gas CNG ; the e-Golf is powered by electricity; and Golf GTE is a plug-in hybrid. 20 Retail deliveries of the e-Golf in Germany began in the second quarter of 2014. sales started in selected markets during the fourth quarter of 2014.

22 The Golf GTE was launched also in the fourth quarter of 2014. All internal combustion engines are three- or four-cylinder units 23. Petrol engines Model Displacement Power Torque Acceleration 0 100 km h 0-62 mph Top speed Transmission Notes 1. 2 TSI BlueMotion 1,197 cc 73 cu in 85 PS 63 kW; 84 hp at 4,300 5,300 rpm 160 N m 118 lb ft at 1,400 3,500 rpm 11. 9 s 179 km h 111 mph 5-speed manual 1. 2 TSI BlueMotion 1,197 cc 73 cu in 105 PS 77 kW; 104 hp at 5,000 rpm 175 N m 129 lb ft at 1,550 4,100 rpm 10.

2 s 192 km h 119 mph 6-speed manual 7-speed DSG optional 1. 0 TSI BlueMotion 999 cc 61 cu in 115 PS 85 kW; 113 hp at 5,000 5,500 rpm 200 N m 148 lb ft at 2,000 3,500 rpm 9. 7 s 204 km h 127 mph 6-speed manual 7-speed DSG optional 1. 4 TSI BlueMotion 1,390 cc 85 cu in 122 PS 90 kW; 120 hp at 5,000 rpm 200 N m 148 lb ft at 1,400 4,000 rpm 9. 3 s 203 km h 126 mph 6-speed manual 7-speed DSG optional 1.

4 TSI BlueMotion 1,390 cc 85 cu in 125 PS 92 kW; 123 hp at 5,000 6,000 rpm 200 N m 148 lb ft at 1,400 4,000 rpm 9. 1 s 204 km h 127 mph 6-speed manual 7-speed DSG optional from April 2014 1. 4 TSI BlueMotion 1,395 cc 85 cu in 140 PS 103 kW; 138 hp at 4,500 6,000 rpm 250 N m 184 lb ft at 1,500 3,500 rpm 8 s 212 km h 132 mph 6-speed manual 7-speed DSG optional 1. 4 TSI BlueMotion 1,395 cc 85 cu in 150 PS 110 kW; 148 hp at 5,000 6,000 rpm 250 N m 184 lb ft at 1,500 3,500 rpm 8.

2 s 216 km h 134 mph 6-speed manual 7-speed DSG optional from April 2014 1. 5 TSI EVO 1,498 cc 91 cu in 150 PS 110 kW; 148 hp at 5,000 6,000 rpm 250 N m 184 lb ft at 1,500 3,500 rpm 8. 1 s 216 km h 134 mph 6-speed manual 7-speed DSG optional 1. 6 FSI 1,598 cc 98 cu in 110 PS 81 kW; 108 hp at 3050 4800 rpm 164 N m 121 lb ft at 3400 4700 rpm 13. 6 s 190 km h 118 mph 5-speed manual Brazil, Chile, Colombia 1. 8 TSI 1,798 cc 110 cu in 172 PS 127 kW; 170 hp at 4,800 6,200 rpm 270 N m 199 lb ft at 1,600 4,200 rpm 7.

6 s 209 km h 130 mph 5-speed manual 6-speed Tiptronic optional North America GTE 1,395 cc 85 cu in GTE Hybrid mode 205 PS 151 kW; 202 hp at 3,750 6,000 rpm Electric Motor 100 PS 74 kW; 99 hp Petrol Motor 150 PS 110 kW; 148 hp 350 N m 258 lb ft at 1,500 4,000 rpm 7. 6 s 222 km h 138 mph 6-speed DSG EU GTI 1,984 cc 121 cu in 220 PS 162 kW; 217 hp at 4,500-6,200 rpm 350 N m 258 lb ft at 1,500-4,400 rpm 6. 5 s 246 km h 153 mph 6-speed manual 6-speed DSG optional GTI with Performance Package 1,984 cc 121 cu in 230 PS 169 kW; 227 hp at 4,700-6,200 rpm 350 N m 258 lb ft at 1,500-4,600 rpm 6.

9 s 250 km h 155 mph 6-speed manual 7-speed DSG optional Diesel engines Model Displacement Power Torque Acceleration 0 100 km h 0-62 mph Top speed Transmission Notes 1. 6 TDI BlueMotion CLHB 1,598 cc 98 cu in 90 PS 66 kW; 89 hp at 2750 4800 rpm 230 N m 170 lb ft at 1400 2700 rpm 12. 4 s 250 km h 155 mph 6-speed manual 6-speed DSG optional R 1,984 cc 121 cu in 300 PS 221 kW; 296 hp at 5,500-6,200 rpm 380 N m 280 lb ft at 1,800-5,500 rpm 4.

9 s 185 km h 115 mph 5-speed manual 7-speed DSG optional 1. 6 TDI BlueMotion CLHA 1,598 cc 98 cu in 105 PS 77 kW; 104 hp at 3,000 4,000 rpm 250 N m 184 lb ft at 1,500 2,750 rpm 10. 7 s 192 km h 119 mph 5-speed manual 7-speed DSG optional 2. 0 TDI 24 1,968 cc 120 cu in 110 PS 81 kW; 108 hp at 4,400 rpm 250 N m 184 lb ft at 1,500 2,500 rpm 10. 5 s 190 km h 118 mph 5-speed manual 2. 0 TDI BlueMotion CKFC 1,968 cc 120 cu in 150 PS 110 kW; 148 hp at 3,500 4,000 rpm 320 N m 236 lb ft at 1,750 3,000 rpm 8.

6 s 216 km h 134 mph 6-speed manual 6-speed DSG optional GTD CUNA DGCA CUP 1,968 cc 120 cu in 184 PS 135 kW; 181 hp at 3,500 4,000 rpm 380 N m 280 lb ft at 1,750 3,250 rpm 7. 5 s 230 km h 143 mph 6-speed manual 6-speed DSG optional Electric motor Model Displacement Power Torque Acceleration 0 100 km h 0-62 mph Top speed Transmission Notes e-GOLF EAGA Electric Motor 136 PS 100 kW; 134 hp 290 N m 214 lb ft 9.

6 s 150 km h 93 mph Single-Speed Automatic. Car and Driver s 10Best list in 2019 25 2015 North American Car of the Year 26 2015 Motor Trend Car of the Year 27 2013 European Car of the Year 3 2013 World Car of the Year 28 2013 Car of the Year Japan 29 2013 14 Japan s Import Car of the Year 2014 What Car. Best Estate Car Great Britain 2013 Wheels Car of the Year Australia 30 2013 Cars Guide Car of the Year Australia 31. Based on the VW Sportsvan concept shown at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and sold as the Sportsvan in many markets, 32 it uses the VW Group MQB platform shared by many of Volkswagen s range and is assembled at the manufacturer s Wolfsburg plant alongside the standard Golf sedan saloon but not with the Variant estate version of the Golf, which is produced in a separate plant.

The Golf SV is the third variant of the seventh-generation Golf, alongside the hatchback and the estate, with a look that follows the design of its siblings. At 4,338 mm long, the new SV is 134 mm longer than the Golf Plus that it replaces, 83 mm longer than the Golf hatchback, and 224 mm shorter than the Golf Estate. Compared with the boot of its predecessor, capacity is increased by 76 litres to 500 litres with the back seats at their rear-most position versus the Golf s 380 litres and the Estate s 605 litres.

Moving the rear seats forwards increases the luggage capacity to 590 litres, while folding the rear seats liberates up to 1,520 litres of room. The front passenger seat can also optionally fold fully forward, creating a load space which is up to 2,484 mm long. Like the Golf, the Golf SV comes with many standard and optional safety systems. These include a standard automatic post-collision braking system, which automatically brakes the vehicle after a collision to reduce kinetic energy significantly and thus minimise the chance of a second impact, and a PreCrash system Proactive Occupant Protection which, on detecting the possibility of an accident, pre-tensions seatbelts and closes the windows and sunroof, leaving just a small gap, to ensure the best possible protection from the airbags.

A first for the Golf SV is a blind spot monitor, dubbed Side Scan, with an assistant for exiting parking spaces. This monitors the area behind and to the sides of the vehicle, ensuring easier and safer egress when reversing from a parking bay. It will be packaged as an option together with Lane Assist. Powering the SV is a range of petrol and diesel engines, all of which incorporate Stop Start and battery regeneration systems. There are two turbocharged 1. 2-litre petrol engines with 85 and 110 PS; two 1.

4-litre turbocharged petrol engines with 125 and 150 PS; and three turbodiesels a 2. 0-litre 150 PS, a 1. 6-litre 90 PS and a 1. 6-litre 110 PS. When fitted in the Golf SV BlueMotion, this last engine is expected to return fuel economy of 76. 3 mpg and emit 95 g km of CO2. All engines apart from the 1. 2-litre TSI 85 PS can be ordered with a DSG gearbox. Like the Golf hatchback, the Golf Estate marketed as the SportWagen in the United States and Canada is available in S, SE and GT Trendline, Comfortline and Highline in Canada GT is SEL in the USA trim levels.

The Golf Estate s loadspace volume has been expanded from the 505 litres of its predecessor to 605 litres loaded up to the back seat backrestversus the 380 litres of the Golf hatchback. Loaded iq option é legal to the front seat backrests and under the roof, the new Golf Estate offers a cargo volume of 1,620 litres versus the 1,495 litres of the Golf Estate Mk VI. The rear seat backrests can be folded remotely via a release in the boot.

Four petrol engines and three diesel engines are available, ranging from 85 to 140 PS in the petrol and 90 to 150 PS for the diesel engines. For the first time, the Golf Estate will also be available as a full BlueMotion model with other modifications including revised aerodynamics. This model uses a 1. 6-litre diesel engine producing 110 PS, has a six-speed manual gearbox, and is expected to achieve a combined fuel consumption of just 85.

6 mpg equivalent to 87 g km of CO2. Like the Golf hatchback, the Golf Estate is based on the MQB platform both have the same wheelbase. There is also a Golf Estate R, using the same EA888 2. 0 engine found in the MkVII Golf R hatchback. The Golf Variant is also built as a rugged version called Alltrack with slightly-raised suspension, body cladding, and iq option é legal drive. The production version of the 2014 Volkswagen e-Golf was unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

33 According to VW the e-Golf has a practical all-electric range of 130 to 190 km 81 to 118 miwith an official NEDC cycle of 190 km 118 miand the winter range is expected to be 80 to 120 km 50 to 75 mi. 34 The 2015 e-Golf has a range of 83 mi 134 kmand combined city highway efficiency of 116 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent MPGe. 35 Production of vehicles destined for retail customers began in March 2014.

34 On 11 March 2014, Volkswagen opened ordering for the e-Golf in the UK, priced at GB 30,845. version of the 2015 e-Golf did not have a liquid-cooled battery pack because strict testing showed high ambient temperatures did not affect battery performance. More than 1,300 cars were ordered that same day. 42 The VW e-Golf was the top selling plug-in electric car in July 2014 with 391 units sold and representing 34.

In two months and a half a total of 925 Volkswagen e-Golf cars have been sold in Norway, surpassing initial Model S sales which delivered 805 units during its first two months in the Norwegian market. 45 46 A total of 1,358 units have been sold in Europe through August 2014. S sales are slated to start in selected markets in November 2014 at a price for the SEL Premium model starting at US 35,445 before any applicable government incentives, plus US 820 destination and delivery.

48 Volkswagen of America sold 119 units of the e-Golf during November 2014, the first full month of sales for the vehicle. In Spain, 2015, the price of a brand-new e-Golf was at 35,500 euro. The 2017 version has an improved battery pack of 35. 8 kWh giving a range of 300 kilometres 190 mi on the NEDC scale and an EPA rating of 125 miles 201 km. E-Golf remains the last hatchback version of the Golf Mk7 produced in Europe, with production continuing in 2020, unlike all other powertrains discontinued in 2019, due to high demand.

The Golf GTE plug-in hybrid is driven by two power sources a 1. 4-litre 110 kW 150 PS; 148 hp TSI direct-injection petrol engine and a 75 kW electric motor. Together, they combine to produce power of 150 kW 204 PS; 201 hp and 350 N m 258 lb ft of torque, with a theoretical range of 933 km 580 mi. Using the electric motor alone, the GTE is capable of speeds of 130 km h 81 mph.

With the TSI engine as well, the Iq option é legal GTE can accelerate from 0-100 km h 62 mph in 7. 6 seconds and on to a top speed of 215 km h 134 mph. 52 The Golf GTE also shares the same plug-in hybrid powertrain with the Volkswagen Passat GTE, but the Passat has a larger 9. In EV mode, the Golf GTE has an all-electric range of 50 km 31 mi. 54 The electric power can also be saved for example when driving to a zero-emissions zone.

8 kWh lithium-ion battery can be charged in around three and a half hours from a domestic mains outlet, or two and a half hours from a domestic wallbox. The battery weighs 120 kg 265 lbgiving the GTE a total kerb weight of 1,520 kg 3,351 lb. The Golf GTE uses a six-speed DSG gearbox with a triple-clutch system specially developed for hybrid vehicles. The electric motor is integrated into the gearbox housing, while further hybrid components include power electronics and a charger.

An electro-mechanical brake servo and an electric air conditioning compressor make for energy-efficient braking and air iq option é legal. Inside as on the outside, the Golf GTE features blue highlights where the GTI has red. This includes stitching on the steering wheel, gear lever gaiter and seats, and a blue stripe in the tartan pattern on the sports seats.

8-inch touchscreen display is standard, the eight-inch Discover Pro satellite navigation system with DAB radio and Bluetooth is a 1765 option, and includes bespoke functions for electric vehicles, including the ability to identify potential destinations on electric range, and electric charging points. The GTE will also feature an e-manager which allows the driver to preset vehicle charging, as well as interior cooling or heating.

These functions can also be operated remotely using the Volkswagen Car-Net app on a smartphone a three-year subscription will be included in the UK. The first GTE units were registered in Germany in August 2014, 55 and it was the second-best selling plug-in hybrid in Europe in 2015 with 17,282 sales. The MK7 GTD is powered by a 2. 0-litre turbocharged common rail diesel engine with 184 PS 135 kW; 181 hp. Maximum torque the characteristic that arguably best defines the easily accessible performance of the GTD citation needed has risen from 350 N m 258 lb ft to 380 N m 280 lb ft from 1,750 rpm.

The Golf R, in comparison, has 380 N m 280 lb ft from 1,800 rpm. Acceleration from 0-100 km h 62 mph takes 7. 5 seconds, while the top speed is 227 km h 141 mph. The GTD has a combined fuel consumption of 4. 18 L 100 km; 56. 5 mpg impmaking for CO2 emissions of only 109 g km. With the optional six-speed DSG, fuel consumption is 4. 50 L 100 km; 52. 8 mpg imp and CO2 emissions of 119 g km.

For comparison, when the first generation Golf BlueMotion went on sale at the end of 2007, it had the same fuel economy and CO2 emissions. As with the GTI, a very high level of safety equipment is found as standard on the MkVII GTD. The MK7 GTI is powered by a 2. 0-litre turbocharged direct-injection petrol engine TSI with 220 PS 162 kW; 217 hp. In the GTI Performance version, the engine s maximum power is boosted to 230 PS 169 kW; 227 hp.

Both GTI models develop a maximum torque of 350 N m 258 lbf ft. The standard GTI accelerates to 62 mph 100 km h in 6. 5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 152 mph 245 km h. The GTI Performance has a top speed of 155 mph 249 km h iq option é legal takes 6. 4 seconds for the sprint to 62 mph 100 km h. Despite its performance, it is in insurance group 29E five groups lower than its predecessor.

Both versions of the GTI are equipped with a Stop Start system and fulfill the EU-6 emissions standard that took effect in 2014. With a six-speed manual gearbox, they attain the same low fuel consumption value of 47. 00 L 100 km; 39. 2 mpg US CO2 emissions of 139 g km. This means that the latest Golf GTI offers an 18 per cent improvement in fuel economy compared to the previous model.

With the optional six-speed DSG gearbox, the two GTI models achieve fuel consumption figures of 44. 41 L 100 km; 36. 7 mpg US equivalent to 148 g km CO2 for the standard GTI and 149 g km CO2 for the GTI Performance. Buyers who opt for the 980 Performance pack gain not just an extra 10 PS of power, but also upgraded brakes and a limited-slip differential. The front differential is a new development, dubbed VAQ.

This provides more neutral and agile driving behaviour and allows higher speeds to be carried through curves. The system consists of a multi-plate coupler between the differential cage and right driveshaft, which controls locking torque electro-hydraulically. Visually, vehicles with the Performance pack are distinguished by GTI lettering on the front brake calipers, black mirror caps, and red GTI badges on the front and rear. As well as high performance, a high level of safety equipment comes as standard in the Golf GTI.

On top of high passive safety levels thanks in part to a passenger cell made from high- and ultra-high strength steels active safety features include the Automatic Post-Collision Braking system, which automatically applies the vehicle brakes after an accident to reduce the chances of a second impact; the pre-crash system, which tensions seatbelts and closes windows and the sunroof if an accident is likely to improve the effectiveness of the airbags; Front Assist, which warns the driver in the event of coming too close to the vehicle in front, can prime the brakes, and operates at speeds of up to 99 mph; City Emergency Braking, which can automatically brake the vehicle at speeds below 18 mph; Automatic Distance Control, a radar-operated cruise control that maintains a set distance from the vehicle in front; and seven airbags as standard, including one for the driver s knees.

Volkswagen introduced a Rabbit Edition GTI for the 2019 model year. In countries like Mexico, the GTI version is only available with the five-door body style, with no plans to introduce the three-door body. The Rabbit Edition featured a LED lighting package, Vmax spoiler, 18-inch Pretoria alloy wheels painted in gloss black, and red tags embroidered with the VW Rabbit logo on the seat. It is powered by a newly developed version of the 1,984 cc 2. 57 Compared to the GTI s powerplant, the Golf R s engine has a modified cylinder head, exhaust valves, valve seats and springs, pistons, injection valves and larger intercooler and turbocharger.

DSG equipped models also come with an auxiliary oil cooler on the passenger side. 0-62 mph 100 km h takes 5. Despite this increased performance, a combined fuel consumption of 39. 8 miles per imperial gallon 7. 10 L 100 km; 33. Like the GTI, the Golf R is also built as a three- or five-door hatchback. 1 mpg USand CO2 emissions of 165 g km 159 g km DSG make the Golf R up to 18 percent more efficient than its predecessor. The R uses an updated, fifth-generation Haldex 4MOTION four-wheel drive system.

Under low loads or when coasting, the rear axle is decoupled, helping to reduce fuel consumption. Drive to the rear axle can be engaged in fractions of a second via the Haldex coupling, which is actuated by an electro-hydraulic pump. Up to 50 percent of power can be transferred to the rear axle. A brake actuated, XDS system mimics a limited-slip differential by applying the brakes to the wheel with the least traction, this is on both the front and rear axles.

The ride height is 20 mm lower than the standard Golf. Golf R models equipped with the optional DCC Dynamic Chassis Controloffer three suspension modes ComfortNormaland Race. Each mode adjusts the stiffness of the suspension damping, thereby offering drivers a way to change the way the vehicle responds by the push of a button.

Comfort mode places the dampers in the softest setting, increasing the absorption of road imperfections allowing for a smoother and more comfortable ride. Race mode stiffens the dampers to their most aggressive setting, reducing body movements and increasing adhesion to the road for more precise high speed driving. On top of ESC Sport mode, as found on the GTI and GTD, which delays intervention of the electronic stability control system, the R offers the option fully to disengage the ESC, for track driving.

Race mode also increases throttle response, firms up the steering for a heftier feel, and alters the shift pattern of the DSG gearbox where fitted as well as increases the speed of the Adaptive headlamps AFS response time. For the Canadian market, the optional Discovery Pro 8 infotainment system is available as part of the single option Technology Packagewhile only the 6. 5 Discover is available to US consumers.

The Golf R comes either standard or optional LED tail lamps and front turn signals, three-door version, electrically folding mirrors, spare tire and sunroof. All these features are not available to the North American version. The Golf R and e-Golf are the only Golf models available in North America still produced in Germany. Other Golf models for the North American market are now produced by Volkswagen de México in Puebla, Mexico.

A limited edition Golf R400 was rumored in August 2015 by Heinz-Jakob Neusser, then-head of brand development, but in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal and Neusser s suspension it was cancelled in favor of focusing on the Golf R. For the South African market the Golf R received another upgrade in power in March 2019. The upgrade resulted in 228 kW and 400nm of torque up from 213 kW and 380 nm in the facelift seen late in 2016.

The MK7 Golf R was dropped from US markets in August 2019 to make way for the Volkswagen Golf MK8 in 2020. Additionally the Golf R also provides the option of fitting an Akrapovic performance exhaust at the factory. In November 2016, Volkswagen revealed a facelifted version of the Golf MK7. A new engine was introduced along with the facelift; a 1.

This model is referred to as the New Golf by Volkswagen while it is often informally referred to as the Golf 7. 5 litre TSI which produces 95. 0 PS or 110 kW 148 hp; 150 PS. Initially, the existing 1. 4 litre TSI was available alongside this new 1. 5 litre engine. The updated Golf GTI was increased from 162 kW 217 hp; 220 PS to 169 kW 227 hp; 230 PS in the standard car and from 169 kW 227 hp; 230 PS to 180. 0 PS with the performance pack. The Golf R similarly had its output increased from 221 kW 296 hp; 300 PS to 228 kW 306 hp; 310 PS.

In addition, the facelift increased infotainment screen size across the range as well as adding the option for a fully digital dashboard. The rear lights now utilise LED technology as standard including a sweeping indicator effect on performance models while this technology is optional on most models for the headlights. The Volkswagen Golf is a classic, iconic model in the motoring industry, available in a variety of styles. Therefore, when it comes to your Volkswagen Golf, you will need the perfect alloy wheels to suit its individual style.

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Klarna Bank AB publ is Authorised by the Swedish Financial Services Authority Finansinspektionen and is subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority. Finance is only available to permanent UK residents aged 18, subject to status, terms and conditions apply. 5 TSI 150 petrol makes the most sense. Its healthy whack of 148bhp translates as plenty of performance without too much sweat 0-62mph comes in a sprightly 8. It comes with a six-speed manual gearbox a seven-speed dual-clutch auto is reserved for the eTSI 150 mild hybrid and 2.

0 TDI 150 dieseland while you ll occasionally need to change down a gear to climb a particularly steep hill or overtake that tractor you ve been cursing, nipping around town and building speed to join motorways are tasks that are ticked off with ease. The mild-hybrid 1. 5 eTSI 150 petrol also has 148bhp but, with assistance from a small electric motor, it pulls even more strongly from low revs.

It feels pretty brisk when you work it hard, too enough to see you past a BMW 118i should you line up next to one at the lights and its auto box is responsive when you ask for a quick burst of pace. The 128bhp 1. 5 TSI 130 petrol engine is fine if you re looking to keep the price down, but its performance, especially out of town, is noticeably less spirited.

0 TSI 110, but we re yet to try it. There s also a cheaper 108bhp 1. Diesel fans, meanwhile, will enjoy how strong the entry-level 2. 0 TDI 110 feels at low revs; it makes for relaxed progress when you re not in a hurry. It s not exactly what you d call fast, though. We ll let you know about the more powerful 2. 0 TDI 150 when we ve tried it. On its standard suspension, the Golf rides potholes and ridges around town pretty adeptly and with similar ease to the Mercedes A Class.

At higher speeds it can get a little unsettled over minor imperfections, shimmying from side to side in a mildly irritating, but not downright annoying, manner. The BMW 1 Series is certainly firmer, but it s also better tied down on motorways and A-roads. Opt for a 150 engine and you get a more sophisticated rear suspension setup that makes the ride less fidgety, but the Golf has another trick up its sleeve, too.

If you add Dynamic Chassis Control DCCwhich is Volkswagen s name for adaptive suspension, the comfortometer needle pings round to cushy. Unusually for this type of system you can make really subtle adjustments if you want, but to make things simple there are three main settings Comfort, Normal and Sport. In Comfort, the Golf is one of the smoothest-riding cars in the class, dealing with scraggy roads exceedingly well, but with a bit of float over dips and crests, and you can dial that out by switching to the slightly stiffer Normal setting.

The downside is that DCC is quite pricey, so we wouldn t say it s a necessity to add if it means stretching your budget. The Golf s light steering is great for town driving but some might prefer a bit more heft and directness for faster, twistier roads. It works to an extent, but the Golf s steering still isn t as sweetly calibrated as the Ford Focus s or as alert and responsive as the 1 Seriesand a Seat Leon is more fun to drive all round.

There s also more body lean in bends than you get with those rivals. R-Line trim comes with a stiffer sports suspension, and if you add the optional adaptive DCC suspension to any trim you can stiffen it up on demand doing so does make the Golf a bit keener to change direction. In short, the Golf is capable and there s always plenty of grip, but the Focus, 1 Series and Leon are all more fun. The optional Driver Profile Selection standard on R Line trim system adds a Sport mode, with more steering weight to enhance your sense of connection to the front wheels.

5 TSI petrol engines, including the eTSI 150 mild hybrid, make themselves heard when you rev them beyond 2500rpm. However, only the 1. 5 TSI 130 hits a gravelly, coarse note if you rev it higher. At certain points in the rev range, this engine also sends some vibrations through to the inside of the car, although not as many as the coarser 2. The manual gearbox has a defined clutch biting point and the gear lever is precise enough to find a route to all six gears pretty easily.

That said, the latter is still one of the smoother diesel engines in the class. In every Golf you ll notice some wind and, more acutely, road noise at 70mph the latter is another area where the cheaper Focus outshines it. The Golf also has a smoother automatic gearbox than the Focus or A Class. It can recover energy under braking to recharge its battery pack, but, in action, this process makes it hard to judge how much pedal pressure to apply to slow down smoothly.

All versions of the Golf have progressive brakes that allow you to stop with grace except for the eTSI 150. Peugeot 308. Citroën C4 Cactus. The Peugeot 308 has some frugal engines, but it falls way shor. A good choice if you want SUV styling and low running costs. Tidy to drive, comfortable and strong resale values make. Hybrid engines offer exceptionally low running costs and, all.

All Family car reviews. Volkswagen Golf R Estate. Performance and practicality in one Entertaining to drive Tons of grip. If you want performance, practicality and decent running costs all at the same time, then it s hard to overlook the Volkswagen Golf R Estate. Expensive to buy Understated design Only available as an automatic. Volkswagen s Golf R Estate is the German company s take on the concept, blending the versatility of the Golf Estate with the rocketship power of the Golf R hatchback, which we ve reviewed separately.

The high-performance estate car class is a pretty narrow niche, but includes some impressive cars. It goes up against rivals like the SEAT Leon ST Cupra 300 and Skoda Octavia vRS Estate. Many sporty-looking estate cars are more about style than substance, but like its hatchback sister, the Golf R Estate gets a 306bhp version of Volkswagen s proven turbocharged 2. 0-litre petrol engine. 8 seconds and go on to an electronically limited 155mph top speed, if it s safe and legal to do so.

It ll do the 0-62mph sprint in just 4. That figure increases to 168mph if you add the optional Performance Pack, which also includes a brake upgrade and a set of special 19-inch alloy wheels. The Golf R Estate is four-wheel-drive only and only available with a six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, whereas the hatchback offers a manual option.

There s not much difference in the way the R Estate drives compared to the hatchback, only the slight increase in weight takes the edge off the steering s sharpness. The SEAT is the closest to the Volkswagen in terms of performance, while the Skoda is by far and away the most practical of the bunch but the VW is likely to hold on to more of its value secondhand than the others. Apart from a smart set of roof rails and the extra length for the bigger boot which offers 605 litres of luggage space and can be extended to 1,620 litres if you fold the rear seats down the estate looks much the same as the hatchback.

The R is distinguished by its distinctive front bumper treatment, LED headlamps and unique alloy wheels, while the interior features the usual high-quality construction that the Golf is renowned for. The standard Volkswagen Golf finished 18th out of the 75 iq option é legal ranked in our 2017 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey of cars currently on sale in the UK. Buyers shouldn t be surprised by the Volkswagen Golf R Estate s average fuel economy.

When you take the Golf R Estate s performance and power into consideration, its modest fuel economy begins to look more reasonable. MPG, running costs CO2. 0-litre turbocharged engine produces 306bhp and drives all four wheels through a dual-clutch automatic gearbox yet still returns 39. That s only around one mile per gallon less efficient than the slower and less powerful 2. 0-litre turbocharged Ford Focus ST Estate, while the the SEAT Leon ST Cupra, which shares some mechanical components with the Golf R Estate, also returns around the same figure.

CO2 emissions stand at 164g km, which translates to 180 a year on road tax under the current system. However, cars registered on or after 1 April 2017, when new Vehicle Excise Duty VED rules take effect, will face a lower yearly charge of 140. The Golf R Estate has more than enough power and grip on tap to excite and entertain just as much as its hatchback sister model. Engines, drive performance. Central to the appeal of the Golf R Estate is a 2.

0-litre turbocharged petrol engine that produces a hefty 306bhp. Couple that to a slick six-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission the only available gearbox and an intelligent four-wheel-drive system and you get one of the easiest performance cars on the market to drive. As demonstrated by the excellent SEAT Leon ST Cupra, VW Group engineers appear to have developed a knack for maintaining performance and driving thrills in the transition from hatchbacks to bulkier estates.

Even the increased weight of the estate compared to the hatchback does little to dull the driving experience the Golf R Estate offers. The car s driver profile system has a race mode, which disengages the traction control. The hot estate has loads of grip and its 0-62mph time stands at 4. 8 seconds a whole second quicker than the Leon ST Cupra and only two tenths slower than the DSG-equipped Golf R hatchback.

The pack also incorporates upgraded brakes claimed to provide additional feel. If you want still more speed than the R estate s 155mph capability, the optional Performance Pack includes de-restriction to a massive 168mph. These are concealed behind a special set of 19-inch alloy wheels. The cabin of the VW Golf R Estate is yet more proof that Volkswagen s interiors are always on top form.

Interior comfort. The Golf R Estate s interior is typical Volkswagen classy, well appointed and solidly built. Given the fact that the R is technically the top-spec Golf Estate, it s also full to the brim with standard equipment. Not only are buyers treated to the R Styling package, which smartens up the exterior with discreet styling cues, they also get all-round parking sensors, bright bi-xenon headlights, cruise control, climate control and heated front seats. You also get a neat electronic instrument cluster that can be configured to show exactly the information you want to see.

The standard Discover infotainment system uses an eight-inch colour touchscreen and offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity. Interior materials are all high-grade and there s no evidence of cost-cutting, even in places you d expect like below your knee in the footwells. Optional adaptive dampers allow you to select driving modes that range from comfort to racewith every selection feeling significantly different. We d highly recommend the dampers, as they help turn what is already a very good driver s car into a great one.

Practicality boot space. Estate proportions make the Volkswagen Golf R Estate one of the most usable cars on the road today. The Golf R Estate s extended frame brings a massive jump in boot space compared to the hatchback. The boot is now capable of carrying 605 litres of your groceries or travel bags, and if you fold the seats down, the boot space jumps to a cavernous 1,620 litres in total. There s room in the back for three adults to sit although the middle passenger gets a raw deal, as the a transmission tunnel eats into legroom.

There are plenty of storage spaces dotted around the cabin. There s no lip on the boot and a welcome lack of wheelarch intrusion, too, so carrying large items won t prove too much of an issue. Unlike the Golf R hatchback, where the four-wheel-drive mechanism detracts from boot space, the estate offers the same load capacity as its two-wheel drive counterparts. Reliability safety. Famed Volkswagen reliability teamed with long list of safety tech is a winning combination. The sharing of parts between VW Group brands means all of the important bits of the Golf R have been tried and tested across the range.

The standard Volkswagen Golf was rated highly for reliability in our 2017 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey of cars currently on sale in the UK. Of the owners who responded, 15. 6 reported experiencing a problem with their car at least once. Euro NCAP awarded the latest generation of Golf the full five-star rating when it was crash-tested and reported good protection in almost every area. The Golf R Estate is also fitted with an autonomous emergency braking system that can automatically bring the car safely to a halt if a hazard is detected in its path.

Price, value for money options. The VW Golf R Estate can get pricey, but value comes from what you end up owning. The Golf R Estate is priced from around 35,000, which is about 3,000 more than the hatchback version. The amount of equipment included as standard and the 307mm of extra car attached to the rear help to justify the extra expense over the hatchback, but some may still be put off by the estate s high asking price. Perhaps the most exciting option available is the 2,300 Performance Pack, which includes special 19-inch alloy wheels, a derestricted 168mph top speed and, appropriately, an upgraded brake system.

Other tempting options include keyless entry for 360, a rear-view camera for 165 and the Tech Pack, which adds sat nav and a Dynaudio Excite stereo for 1,240. Also available is a larger 9. 2-inch Discover Pro infotainment system we like its crisp, clear graphics, but are less keen on its gesture-recognition system. This aims to make navigating the menus easier through gesticulations rather than button-presses, but we found it rather unintuitive. Resale values for any Golf in the range are strong and the R model should be no different, especially due to its added rarity.

What the others say. Volkswagen Golf R Estate is. Book a test drive Find a dealer Download brochure New car deals Check your Experian Credit Score. Other Volkswagen Golf body styles. Cennik wygląda bardzo atrakcyjnie i już może nie być lepszej okazji do zakupu tego modelu. VW Golf VII na wyprzedaży. To prawdopodobnie ostatni cennik Golfa VII zamieszczony na oficjalnej stronie importera.

Volkswagen wyprzedaje ostatnie sztuki Golfa VII wyprodukowanego jeszcze w 2020 roku. Konrad Skura. Otwiera go kwota 56 490 zł. Cena ta dotyczy modelu z silnikiem 1. 0 TSI o mocy 115 KM i wersji wyposażenia Trendline. Choć takiego auta raczej już fizycznie nie da się kupić, to wyższe specyfikacje silnikowe i wyposażeniowe wyglądają równie dobrze, a są dostępne u dealerów. 4 TSI FL DSG vs Honda Civic X 1.

5 CVT Ikony klasy kompaktowej w nowym wydaniu. Zarówno bestseller Volkswagena, jak i Hondy są ikonami segmentu kompaktów. Mają za sobą już ponad czterdzieści lat rywalizacji. Teraz czas na kolejną. Ceny są nad wyraz atrakcyjne. Golf VII wciąż jest dostępny w sprzedaży. Ceny są bardzo dobre. Dobrze wyposażony kompakt można kupić za ok. Przykładowo wersja Trendline z jednostką 1.

Wersja 150-konna startuje od 71 490 zł. 5 TSI o mocy 130 KM optymalny napęd do kompaktu kosztuje od 62 990 zł. 6 TDI o mocy 115 KM zapłacicie minimum 69 990 zł, a 2-litrowy wariant o mocy 150 KM kosztuje od 85 990 zł. Warto jednak wiedzieć, że są to ceny minimalne za auta bez wyposażenia dodatkowego. Dealerzy mają wyłącznie gotowe, skonfigurowane już samochody na sprzedaż i nie przyjmują zamówień do produkcji.

Jednak różnice pomiędzy ceną bazową a realną nie są duże do kilku tys. Ceny minimalne katalogowe poszczególnych wersji VW Golfa VII 2020. 0 TSI 115 KM 6MT Trendline od 56 490 zł 1. 5 TSI ACT 150 KM 6MT Comfortline od 71 490 zł 1. 5 TSI ACT 150 KM 7DSG Comfortline od 80 690 zł 1. 6 TDI 115 KM 5MT Trendline od 69 990 zł 2. 0 TDI 150 KM 6MT Comfortline od 85 990 zł 2. 0 TDI 150 KM 7DSG Highline od 98 790 zł.

Cztery poziomy wyposażenia. VW Golf VII jest dostępny w czterech wersjach wyposażenia. Trendline ze wszystkim co potrzebne do wygodnego użytkowania m. elektryczne szyby, lusterka, klimatyzacja, radio z 6,5-calowym ekranem i atrakcyjne pakiety wyposażenia dodatkowego. 5 TSI BlueMotion 130 KM 6MT Trendline od 62 990 zł 1. Auta nie są przesadnie doposażone. Zobacz również STAG Q A odc. automatyczna klimatyzacja dwustrefowa, wielofunkcyjna skórzana kierownica, kolorowy komputer pokładowy, adaptacyjny tempomat.

Comfortline półka wyżej, dla bardziej wymagających m. IQDrive wersja z bogatym zestawem systemów wspomagających kierowcę podczas jazdy. sportowe fotele, oświetlenie nastrojowe, funkcja Car-Net Security Service, automatyczne światła i wycieraczki, opcja z pakietem stylizacyjnym R-Line, więcej zaawansowanych technicznie opcji. Jeździłem nowym Volkswagenem Golfem. Kompakt znów podniósł poprzeczkę konkurencji.

By zobaczyć kierunek, w jakim będzie szła motoryzacja, najlepiej popatrzeć na flagowe limuzyny. By dowiedzieć się, co będzie się działo w klasie. Inne wersje Golfa VII 2020. Volkswagen Polska nie przyjmuje zamówień na żadną wersję Golfa VII, ale to nie oznacza, że wszystkie są tak tanie jak hatchback. Przykładowo Golf Variant w analogicznej wersji silnikowej i wyposażenia kosztuje o 14 900 zł więcej niż hatchback. Dostępne są także specyfikacji Alltrack, GTI oraz R, a także Sportsvan.

Poniżej ceny pozostałych odmian Golfa z roku produkcji 2020. Golf Alltrack 2. Volkswagen Golf R Variant mocny hothatch odjeżdża na emeryturę. 0 TDI 4MOTION 184 KM 7DSG od 130 790 zł Golf GTI Performance 245 KM 7DSG od 119 990 zł Golf GTI TCR 290 KM 7DSG od 144 690 zł Golf R 4MOTION 300 KM 7DSG od 152 490 zł Golf Variant R 4MOTION 300 KM 7DSG od 167 190 zł e-Golf 136 KM od 141 890 zł.

Jeśli chcesz mieć naprawdę mocny samochód, nie musisz rezygnować z wygody czy pojemności bagażnika. Highline bogate wyposażenie i lepsze wykończenie samochodu m. Wyścig na konie mechaniczne w kompaktach. Ceny minimalne katalogowe poszczególnych wersji VW Golfa Sportsvana 2020. 5 TSI BlueMotion 130 KM 6MT Trendline od 78 790 zł 1.

0TSI 115 KM 6MT Trendline od 72 290 zł 1. 5 TSI ACT 150 KM 7DSG Comfortline od 97 290 zł 1. 6 TDI 115 KM 5MT Trendline od 85 790 zł 2. 0 TDI 150 KM 6MT Comfortline od 118 490 zł 2. Obserwuj nas na Instagramie. Polecane przez autora. Ma być mniejszy od Levante Silnik 1. Nowa Toyota Yaris i czterech konkurentów - test porównawczy Grecale to nowy SUV Maserati. 9 TDI ARL i ASZ jest jak sportowy diesel. Fabryczny wytrzyma 300 KM mocy Zobacz wszystkie. Wygrana w Eurojackpot. Pierwsza jazda Ferrari Roma to gran turismo na wielkie i szybkie podróże.

96,8 mln zł to za mało na Ferrari 250 GTO z lat 60. Przeczytaj także. Volkswagen Golf VII R DSG - test. Volkswagen Golf VII Alltrack 2. 0 TDI 4MOTION 184 KM DSG - test, opinia, spalanie, cena. Awarie i problemy VW Golf IV. Nowy Ford Focus Vignale vs. Volkswagen Golf VII ma już siedem lat, a wciąż jest na szczycie. Porównujemy kompakty za 100 tys.

VW Golf VII przyłapany w USA. VW uzupełnia gamę nowego Golfa o silniki 1. Jest znacznie taniej. Volkswagen Golf VII z Brazylii. Piszę dla was poradniki eksploatacyjne i o samochodach używanych. Zafascynowany techniką, nie lubię samochodów koncepcyjnych, a moi koledzy twierdzą, że jestem zbyt pragmatyczny. Patrząc na auto, staram się je widzieć oczami potencjalnego klienta. Z wykształcenia mechanik i menedżer, z zawodu redaktor, a na co dzień miłośnik motoryzacji, który nie lubi płynąć z prądem.

Zakochany po uszy w Hyundaiu i30 N oraz Jeepie Wranglerze. Popularne w tym tygodniu. Także w kategorii Aktualności. Ten artykuł ma 5 komentarzy. Blogi 83 Testy Poradniki Używane Aktualności Flota Biznes. ZESPÓŁ REDAKCYJNY. Michał Zieliński Anna Piątkowska-Borek Tomasz Budzik Filip Buliński Paweł Gazda Maciej Gomułka Mateusz Lubczański Marcin Łobodziński Mateusz Raczyński Aleksander Ruciński Mateusz Żuchowicz Mateusz Żuchowski.

Wirtualna Polska Media S. Żwirki i Wigury 16 02-092 Warszawa NIP 527-26-45-593 tel. 48 22 646 32 30 fax. 48 22 849 21 84. Volkswagen Golf VII Volkswagen Golf VII Phase 1 Marque Volkswagen Années de production 2012 - 2020 Phase 1 2012 - 2017 Phase 2 2017 - 2020 Production 500 000 exemplaire s Classe Compacte Usine s d assemblage Wolfsbourg Zwickau Puebla Changchun Moteur et transmission Énergie Essence Diesel Hybride essence rechargeable Électricité Éthanol GNV Moteur s Essence 1.

Volkswagen Golf VII. 0 TSi 85 115 1. 2 TSI 85 105 110 1. 4 TSI 122 125 140 150 1. 5 TSI 130 150 Evo 2. 0 TSI 220 230 265 300 310. 6 TDI 90 105 110 2. 0 TDI 150 184 2. 0 TDI 150 4motion. 4 TSI 204 150 102 électrique. Electrique 115 Position du moteur Transversale avant Cylindrée 999 à 1 984 cm 3 Puissance maximale 85 à 310 ch DIN Couple maximal 160 à 460 Nm Transmission Traction ou intégrale 4Motion Boîte de vitesses Manuelle à 5 6 rapports Robotisée à 6 7 rapports Poids et performances Poids à vide 1 130 à 1 374 kg Vitesse maximale 130 à 280 km h Accélération 0 à 100 km h en 11,9 à 4,8 s Consommation mixte 0 à 7,1 L 100 km Émission de CO 2 0 à 165 g km Châssis - Carrosserie Carrosserie s 3 5 portes break Châssis MQB Audi A3 TT VW Passat Touran Golf Škoda Octavia Superb Seat León Dimensions Longueur 4 255 mm Largeur 1 790 à 1 799 mm Hauteur 1 452 mm Empattement 2 637 mm Voies AV AR 1 549 mm 1 520 mm Volume du coffre 380 1 270 dm 3 Sécurité Note Euro NCAP Chronologie des modèles Volkswagen Golf VI Volkswagen Golf VIII modifier.

La Golf VII est la 7 e génération de la Volkswagen Golf et succède à la Golf VI. 1 Présentation 2 Gamme 2. 1 Motorisations 3 Finitions 3. 2 Golf Alltrack 5. 1 GTI Clubsport 5. 3 GTI TCR compétition 6 Phase 2 7 Motorisations 8 Notes et références. Son annonce a été faite le 4 septembre 2012 à Berlin en Allemagne.

Elle a été montrée au public pour la première fois durant le Mondial de l automobile de Paris 2012. Cette 7 e génération de Golf a été lancée en France le 10 novembre 2012. Elle a obtenu 5 étoiles lors du crash test Euro NCAP, ainsi que 4 Advanced Awards les systèmes Lane Assist et Front Assist, le système proactif de protection des passagers et le dispositif de freinage multicollision ont été reconnus comme des innovations majeures dans le domaine de la sécurité 1. Cette nouvelle Golf est, après l Audi A3, le deuxième modèle bénéficiant des nouvelles plateformes modulaires MQB de Volkswagen 2.

Le frein à main mécanique est remplacé par un frein à main à commande électrique. La Volkswagen Golf VII a été élue Voiture de l année 2013, 21 ans après la Golf III 3 par le comité Car Of The Year à l occasion de l ouverture du Salon de Genève 2013. 2 Golf GTE HyRACER 5. Sa production prend fin en 2019 pour la majorité des versions, seules les e-Golf et Golf Variant sont produites en 2020 4 mi-2020 pour la Variant 5.

1 Séries spéciales 4 Technologies 5 Versions 5. 1 GTE Sport 5. La Volkswagen Golf 7 disposait à son lancement d une gamme variée en 3 ou 5 portes, la Golf VII TSi BlueMotion, la Golf VII TDI BlueMotion, la Golf VII GTD, la Golf VII GTI, la Golf VII GTE, la version Variant breakLa Golf R. Elle a une version électrique dénommée e-Golf et a une version Sportsvan monospace 6. Un peu après le lancement de la Phase 2 la Golf est produite uniquement en version 5 portes. Motorisations Modifier.

Chiffres pour la berline 7 portes. 0 TDI 184 Cylindrée 1 598 1 968 Architecture 4-cylindres Turbo Puissance maxi 90 ch au régime de 2750 tr min 105 ch au régime de 3 000 tr min 110 ch au régime de 3 200 tr min 150 ch au régime de 3 500 tr min 184 ch au régime de 3 500 tr min Couple maxi 230 Nm au régime de 1400 tr min 250 Nm au régime de 1 500 tr min 320 Nm au régime de 1 750 tr min 380 Nm au régime de 1 750 tr min Boîte de vitesses BVM5 BVM5 DSG7 BVM6 4x4 BVM6 DSG7 BVM6 4x4 BVM6 DSG6 BVM6 4x4 BVM6 DSG6 Vitesse maxi 185 192 187 200 195 187 216 214 211 230 228 0- 100 km h 11.

5 Consommation en l 100 km 3. 6 Émissions de CO 2 en g km 96 99 102 119 85 103 116 106 117 119 109 119 Disponibilité 2013 - 2012 - 2013 - 2012 - 2013 - Essence 1. 4 TSi 150 ACT 2. 0 TSi 300 Cylindrée 1 197 999 1 395 1 984 Architecture 4-cylindres Turbo 3-cylindres Turbo 4-cylindres Turbo 4-cylindres Turbo Compresseur 4-cylindres Turbo Puissance maxi 85 ch au régime de 4300 tr min 105 ch au régime de 5 000 tr min 110 ch au régime de 5 000 tr min 115 ch au régime de 5 000 tr min 122 ch au régime de 5 000 tr min 125 ch au régime de 5 000 tr min 140 ch au régime de 4 500 tr min 150 ch au régime de 5 000 tr min 220 ch au régime de 4 500 tr min 230 ch au régime de 4 700 tr min 265 overboost 290 ch au régime de 5 350 tr min 300 ch au régime de 5 500 tr min Couple maxi 160 Nm au régime de 1400 tr min 175 Nm au régime de 1 550 tr min 200 Nm au régime de 2 000 tr min 200 Nm au régime de 1 500 tr min 250 Nm au régime de 1 500 tr min 350 Nm au régime de 1 500 tr min 350 overboost 380 Nm au régime de 1 700 tr min 380 Nm au régime de 1 800 tr min Boîte de vitesses BVM5 BVM6 DSG7 BVM6 DSG7 BVM6 DSG7 BVM6 DSG7 BVM6 DSG7 BVM6 DSG7 BVM6 DSG7 BVM6 DSG6 BVM6 DSG7 BVM6 DSG6 BVM6 DSG7 Vitesse maxi 179 192 195 204 203 204 212 216 246 244 250 248 250 249 250 0- 100 km h 11.

9 Consommation en l 100 km 4. 9 Émissions de CO 2 en g km 109 114 112 110 99 123 116 121 117 109 110 139 145 139 147 160 155 165 159 Disponibilité 2012 - 2017 2012 2015 2015 - 2017 2015 - 2014 - 2015 2015 - 2017 2012 - 2014 2014 - 2017 2013 - 2017 2013 - 2017 2015 - 2017 2013 - 2017 Électrique Hybride essence rechargeable GNV Éthanol Cylindrée 1 395 Architecture 4 cylindres Turbo Puissance maxi 115 ch au régime de 3 000 tr min 204 ch.

110 ch au régime de 4 800 tr min 125 ch au régime de 5 000 tr min Couple maxi 270 Nm au régime de 3 000 tr min 350 Nm 200 Nm au régime de 1 500 tr min Boîte de vitesses BVA1 DSG6 BVM6 DSG7 BVM6 0- 100 km h 10. 150ch thermiques 102 ch électriques. 1 Vitesse Maxi 140 222 195 194 204 Consommation en l 100 km 0 1. 5 GNV 3,5 kg gaz 100. GNV 3,4 kg gaz 100. 1 Émissions de CO 2 en g km 0 35 94 92 116 Autonomie en km 190 GNV 420.

Cinq niveaux de finitions sont proposées pour la Golf 7 Trendline, Confortline, Carat, Carat Exclusive et GTI Performance. Disponibilité 2015 - 2018. Sur la finition Trendline, les équipements de série proposés sont entre autres le régulateur et limiteur de vitesse, le détecteur de fatigue, le système de freinage multicollision, la climatisation, le Pre-Safe Assist, XDS, l ESP et le système Stop Start. La finition Confortline comprend en plus les projecteurs antibrouillard, la climatisation automatique, l aide au stationnement, le Bluetooth et le pack Visibilité comprenant le capteur de pluie avec essuie-glace automatique, le rétroviseur intérieur jour nuit automatique et l allumage automatique des feux.

Pour les entreprises est disponible la Confortline Business qui reprend les équipements de la Confortline de base GPS ACC Front Assist Couple Box, entre autres. Sur la finition Carat, les équipements de série en plus sont le régulateur de vitesse ACC, le Front Assist, l éclairage d ambiance intérieur blanc 7. Sur la finition Carat Exclusive les équipements de série comprennent en plus les projecteurs led directionnels et feux de jours led, les vitres arrière surteintées, la sellerie cuir et sièges avant chauffants, l Active Info Display qui est un combiné d instruments entièrement digital et le système de navigation infotainment Discover Pro.

Enfin la finition GTI Performance comprend notamment en plus de la finition Carat, un châssis sport, un blocage de différentiel d essieu avant VAQdes disques de freins plus grands, des pare-chocs avant et arrière spécifiques, des sièges avant Sport avec une sellerie tissu tartan, l Active Info Display. Volkswagen relance sa série limitée Golf Edition dans la partie entrée de gamme de son catalogue.

Pour 340 euros de plus que la finition Trendline, elle offre plus de 2 000 euros d équipements de confort et de styles supplémentaires 8. La Volkswagen Golf est disponible dans une nouvelle finition Carat Edition. Cette version haut de gamme se distingue par sa sellerie cuir, ses phares au xénon et son système multimédia avec CarPlay et Android Auto de série 9. En 2016, Volkswagen lance la série Allstar sur les Golf VII, Polo et Golf Sportsvan. Elle étoffe la liste d équipements sans influer sur le prix.

L avantage client de la Golf Allstar coûte 2 230 euros 10. Cette nouvelle finition ajoute la compatibilité Android Auto, Apple CarPlay mais également Mirror Link 11. Séries spéciales Modifier. Basée sur la finition Confortline, elles rajoute un pack d équipement par ex caméra de recul, vitres teintées. valant environ 1 200 pour environ 100 de plus.

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