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Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services Dnscache Parameters 2. Build a new DWORD value called NegativeCacheTime the value is case sensitive and give it a value of 0 that is a ZERO. Since all three computers are affected and I assume they are all connected to the same modem and router, I think your problem lies with one of them. Something simple you can try is to power down both your modem and router for one minute. Turn them off, or unplug them from AC if there is no power switch.

After a minute, restart them by powering them back up. This should reset them. Does this have any effect on your problem. Also, have you tried connecting your ethernet cable directly from the modem to one of the PCs, bypassing the router. If everything works fine when you ve done that, then you know the problem is with the router and not the modem.

Which model of Linksys router do you have. Have you upgraded the firmware for it recently. On the main router setup page, what is the MTU set to. I had the battery on the motherboard die, so the clock did not work. this kept me from getting on the web and gave security warnings. Until I replaced the battey I would boot up then right click the clock to manually set clock to current date this allowed me to log on web. He can get on the web.

Just certain sites don t load for him. I have a D-Link Router that uses a air-card to connect with. Last night it had the same problems you are describing here. I only had success by removing the software program from the computer and reinstall the software. I was able to get to the site in question by installing the air-card into the computer but with the router I couldn t get to two different sites. After reinstalling the software I was able to go everywhere I wanted to.

I have two different computers, Both have Vista Home Premium and both had the same problem till I reinstalled the software. I dumped all the bookmarks, cookies and all the settings back to default. Maybe this will help but I think there is a trojan or worm that pinged my router last night. I have had One other person have the same problem on my forum site but the tech hasn t been able to get them on-line yet.

I sent this to the forum tech, maybe it will help them to get on-line. Thank you all so much for the excellent suggestions. Here s an update I got out an older laptop with Windows98 on it and tried to go to these sites, using the same wireless connection as my other computers. Well -- I was able to reach the sites just fine. Doesn t that seem weird. Also, I tried reaching the sites using the IP addresses shown in Edward s post, and I could reach them but they did not load correctly no graphics.

I did notice another weird thing that may or may not be related. When I m looking at some of the style and formatting options within Outlook, it shows me the font in english, and also in something that looks arabic. Could this in any way be related. Other updates My HOSTS file has nothing in it. I have rebooted my router, my modem and of course the PCs numerous times. My clock is running fine. So that s the latest. Your help is much appreciated. I checked with my ISP and they have no filtering.

And what about the stuff I suggested or asked you in my post. One thing that seems to help is the setting in Firefox or IE7, and thats checking the amount of storage in your browser cache. Should be around 50mb lower is better. Dump the catch and see if you can connect. While emptying the browser cache or deleting temporary internet files is always a good idea, as is setting the size of the cache to.

80 MB or less, I can t see that being the problem here since it s affecting all three computers and not just one. I took out a firewall, Vista firewall I had it about a week. I don t think it did it but something had to change the software settings in th router. A friend on another site has been trying for two weeks to get to the forum when his computer died and he bought a new one with vista and his router wouldn t handle the vista and they are saying this is a incompatibility issue with older routers and vista.

They say a service pack is coming out soon that will help with this issue. Now, as to what we are suppose to do until then, I don t know. Sorry that firewall should be Vista Firewall control 1. my 3 pcs and 1 laptop being blocked by a website. i also use linksys modem router wireless. i can t get certain website even by using cable or wireless. if somebody use to solve this prob can i know how.

In other words, does that point to an XP problem somehow. But, to answer your questions -- Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router 2. Have not upgraded firmware, didn t know I needed to. Forgive my ignorance, but I don t know how to find the main router set up page. BTW -- I am using IE6. Have you tried bypassing the router altogether like I suggested. Simply take the Ethernet cable that goes from your modem to your router and plug it directly into the PC which is closest.

I cut back to 50mb and dumped the cache. It s important to try this because it will tell you definitively if your router is part of the problem. If pages load fine when bypassing the router, then you know your PCs are fine. There are some known issues with your router depending on the version and firmware being used. It s possible that you need to upgrade the firmware on your router, but more on that later. The following info is for when your PC is still connected to your router.

You ll have to free up the jack on your PC of course by unplugging the cable that is currently going from your router to PC. I m a little surprised you would have never been to your router setup page. 1 if you prefer. In your web browser, type the following into your address bar 192. If you ve never configured it before, I believe the default is to leave the username blank and type in admin for the password. If that doesn t work, try typing admin into both fields.

Once you are on the Basic Setup page, near the top you should see the setting for MTU. It most likely will be set to Auto. Select Manual from the drop-down menu and change the value in the field below it to 1450. Save your settings with the button at the bottom of the page. Does this have any effect on your web browsing. What about 1460, 1400 or even 1300. If none of these have any effect, you can change the value to 1492 if you re ISP is DSL, or 1500 if it s Cable, but then just set it back to Auto as well.

At the very top right corner of the router setup page, what Firmware Version does it say you are using. silly typo and I can t edit posts here. This list of Linksys WRT54G router versions is more up to date. You will be prompted for a username and password. Actually, I guess I could just post the list here. WRT54G CDF0 WRT54G v1.

0 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 125Mhz CDF1 WRT54G v1. 0 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 125Mhz CDF2 WRT54G v1. 1 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 125Mhz CDF3 WRT54G v1. 1 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 125Mhz CDF5 WRT54G v2. 0 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDF7 WRT54G v2. 2 BCM5325EKQM Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDF8 WRT54G v3. 0 BCM5325EKQM Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDF9 WRT54G v3.

1 BCM5325EKQM Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDFA WRT54G v4. 0 BCM5352E Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDFB WRT54G v5. 0 BCM5352EKPB Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDFC WRT54G v5. 1 BCM5352EKPB Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDFD WRT54G v6. 0 BCM5352EKBG Chipset CPU 200Mhz CDFE WRT54G v7. 0 AR2317 Chipset CDFF WRT54G v8. 0 BCM5354KFBG Chipset CPU 240Mhz CDFG WRT54G v8. 0 BCM5354KFBG Chipset CPU 240Mhz. NOTE The WRT54G v5. 0 has 2Mb 8Mb Ram, it uses VxWorks OS and is incompatible with 3rd Party Firmware.

For more info see this thread forum remark,14563605. WRT54GL CL7A WRT54GL v1. 0 BCM5352E Chipset CPU 200Mhz CL7B WRT54GL v1. 1 BCM5352E Chipset CPU 200Mhz CO61 WRT54GL v1. 1 BCM5352EKPBG Chipset CPU 200Mhz. WRT54GS CGN0 WRT54GS v1. 0 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 200Mhz CGN1 WRT54GS v1. 0 ADM6996L Chipset CPU 200Mhz CGN2 WRT54GS v1. 1 BCM5325EKQM Chipset CPU 200Mhz CGN3 WRT54GS v2. 0 BCM5325EKQM Chipset CPU 200Mhz CGN4 WRT54GS v2.

1 BCM5325EKQM Chipset CPU 200Mhz CGN5 WRT54GS v3. 0 BCM5352E Chipset CPU 200Mhz CGN6 WRT54GS v4. 0 BCM5352E Chipset CPU 200Mhz CGN7 WRT54GS v5. 0 CPU 200Mhz CGN8 WRT54GS v5. 1 CPU 200Mhz CGN9 WRT54GS v6. 0 CPU 200Mhz CGN9 WRT54GS v7. com must be one of the sites skissner can t access anymore. Anything new to report. Did you see my latest and posts.

Nothing new yet -- have been traveling and not able to finish trying all the ideas. Will keep trying and let you know the outcome. I am facing similar problem since last couple of days after my mcafee internet security suite got expired. only 4 5 websites are blocked which I used regularly but rest all are workig fine on my laptop. I tried installing latest version and resetting security setting including allow blocked list in firewall but got no success.

Please help if anyone knows cause for this or has solution to this problem. I had this same problem recently. Found that I had inadvertently checked an item in the Internet Options. Go to TOOLS INTERNET OPTIONS ADVANCED. Scroll down to the Security section and if TLS. That fixed it for me. i did what u said but still can t go to the blocked website.

can someone tell me how to uninstall and reinstall fresh router software driver into the computer. i think this problem comes from the router. Swissquote to Launch Fully-Integrated Crypto Platform and Wallet. Yearn Finance YFI Is Launching on Coinbase Pro ChangeNow Reports on Emerald Mine Exit Scam and Statements Binance s BUSD Stablecoin Turns 1 Year Old Changelly Analyzes and Compares Cryptocurrency Transaction Time BitMEX Highlights Cryptocurrency Exchanges in August 2020.

Switzerland-based online banking and trading firm Swissquote, announced a fully-integrated trading platform and depository wallet for cryptocurrencies. This is planned to be launched as soon as March 21, 2019, according to a press release published by the company. Swissquote will allow retail and institutional customers to transfer cryptocurrencies from external wallets to their Swissquote accounts and vice versa.

The document says that Swissquote will become a fully-secured cryptocurrency trading platform that will be powered by the fintech company Crypto Storage AG. Crypto Storage will offer its management cryptocurrency private keys solution that uses HSM, the hardware security modules system. Our HSMs are the same as those built for the Swiss National Bank and that nothing is outsourced or could allow for a backdoor to be built in, Crypto Storage CEO Stijn Vander Straeten told CoinDesk.

Swissquote has been offering cryptocurrency trading services since 2017 when the Swiss company started to work with the five largest cryptocurrencies on the market. The current account fraud that can send victims to prison are you at risk. An increasing number of people are being duped into becoming money mules. Money mules enlisting people into a form of current account payment fraud is on the rise.

And it can implicate people in criminal activity without even knowing it. It s become such a problem that Lloyds Banking Group set up its own in-house team of mule hunters earlier this year a move that s likely to be replicated by iq option sede banks. The team was formed to stop the movement of money from scams, using new techniques to analyse data and behaviour to identify mule accounts and freeze funds before they get moved elsewhere.

So far the team has frozen 1m of fraudulent cash from being transferred since the start of 2018. looks at what a money mule is, who is most at risk of being targeted, and how to protect yourself against fraud. What is a money mule. Money mules allow their bank account to be used to move around illegal funds, which have likely been accessed through other fraudulent methods. The criminals who run the scams often target cash-strapped young people via social media, sometimes posing the offer as a form of genuine employment, with the promise of making easy cash.

The pictures below, released from Lloyds, are examples of what these posts might look like. Those agreeing to take part may not realise they are committing a criminal offence, but this will not be accepted as an excuse by police if you re found out. This type of crime is on the increase. In its annual Fraudscape report, Cifas a not-for-profit fraud prevention organisation reported that in 2017 there had been a 27 increase over the course of a year in the number of 14-24 year olds becoming money mules.

The graph below shows how many money mules have been recorded in each age category, and the increase between 2016-17. Being a money mule is a form of money laundering, which can carry a sentence of up to 14 years in prison. Letting your bank account be used to transfer money given to you by someone else makes you a money mule, warns Katy Worobec, managing director of economic crime at UK Finance. When you re caught your bank account will be closed, and you will find it difficult to open an account elsewhere.

Your credit score will also be damaged, which could affect future attempts to apply for mortgages, loans or phone contracts. How are mule hunters stopping this fraud. The pilot scheme at Lloyds has put together a specialist team to monitor accounts receiving fraudulent money. It s no easy feat, as the number of fake accounts being opened is decreasing and instead, two thirds of cases implicate existing customers, who have used legitimate details to open their accounts.

Paul Davis, Lloyds retail fraud and financial crime director, tells us that a third of money mule accounts have been identified as unwitting mules the kind already described, who are duped into this criminal activity. Another third are witting mules account holders who have allowed their account to be used, knowing what they re doing is illegal. A number of factors are taken into account when detecting a money mule account.

These include monitoring the value of payments going into and out of a customer s account, checking the customer profile, the connection to any other past fraud cases both within Lloyds and with other banks, whether the account is being managed differently, as well as other shared financial data. While the current fraud system sees victims contacting their banks after money has been stolen, this scheme freezes funds in suspicious accounts before the transaction has taken place.

If the money has been taken out of an unsuspecting victim s account, the affected banks liaise to try and return it to them. As for the money mule s account, it will be closed and contact will be made with the customer to inform them of this. There is the opportunity to appeal or query this decision. While the team is being run on a pilot basis at the moment, Davis hopes it will turn into a core part of the company s anti-fraud strategy. Lloyds is sharing its findings with other banks, who may follow suit.

How does this fit with other types of current account fraud. The latest statistics from Experian shows that there has been an increase in fraudulent current account applications, which have contributed to an overall rise in fraud. While being a money mule is done voluntarily, there is still an increase in fraud where people s identities are fraudulently used to set up criminal accounts. In 2017, it was found that criminals were behind 159 in every 10,000 current account applications this is up from 138 in 2016.

It s been found that people who rent, or have their post left in communal areas are particularly vulnerable to this kind of fraud. Men are also more likely to be victims of fraud than women current account fraud is split 70 men vs 30 women. How to protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud. There are several things you can do to avoid becoming a money mule target.

The Don t Be Fooled campaign from Financial Fraud Action UK and Cifas suggest the following. Don t give your bank details to anyone you don t know or trust. Be wary of jobs where all interactions and transactions are done online. Be cautious of jobs offering easy money if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Research any company that makes you a job offer and make sure their contact details are genuine. Be wary of overseas job offers, as it s more difficult to find out if they are legitimate.

Be cautious of job ads that are written in poor English with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. To protect your personal details from being used by criminals to open current accounts, Experian suggests. Always shred or destroy documents containing personal information before throwing them away. Never respond to calls or emails asking for account details, PIN numbers or personal information. Be careful what information you share on social media, particularly if pets or children s names are used as passwords.

Register to vote at your current address, otherwise criminals could use your previous address details to open new credit accounts. Monitor your post to see if any letters you were expecting are missing. Redirect mail via the Post Office if you move house. Use secure, unique passwords for your online accounts. Don t store account names or passwords on your smartphone. Read all bank and card statements to check for suspicious transactions.

Check your credit report all credit accounts and money you owe is listed, so you can check for applications that haven t been made by you. The List of Blocked Websites in China. Latest important information. Nonetheless, due to an intense campaign during the second half of 2017, many VPNs have stopped working or their services have been affected substantially. In this article, which we update monthly, you will be able to see which VPNs continue to work in China.

It seems that this block is going to be permanent as many other similar western services. Since September 2017, WhatsApp has been almost completely blocked in China. Currently, without using a VPN, you can t send or receive voice messages, videos, images, or any other types of files. Text messages are sometimes capable of getting around the restrictions, but they can arrive hours late. As a response to the commercial tensions with the US, in September 2019 Zoom services were restricted to users in China.

Despite the rumors, VPNs continue to be the best way to get around the Great Firewall of China. In December 2017, the Skype app disappeared from the App Store and other app markets in China. Even so, Skype has never stopped working in China. The apps have not been blocked. Even so, the App Store has blocked downloading these apps for users who are located in China, which means that you will not be able to download the apps or update them unless you have a VPN active on your phone manually configured or by downloading the app in advance.

You probably already know that sites such as Facebook, Youtube, or Google. com are blocked in China and that the only way to access them is with a VPN. But what about the other hundreds of web sites that we normally use. Are we sure that they ll work in China. One of the most frequent questions we receive is if a certain website or app, such as Dropbox Google Play, is blocked in China.

In this article we ll list all web sites, which at the moment, don t work beyond the Great Firewall of Chinaor the system developed by the Ministry of Public Security, MPS to control access to websites considered dangerous for Chinese citizens. Websites blocked in China. Here s a list of the most popular websites which, at the moment, are blocked in China. Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Snapchat Quora Tumblr Picasa WordPress. com Blogspot Blogger Medium Flickr SoundCloud Google Hangouts Hootsuite Badoo Disqus Tinder Github.

Google Play without a VPN you won t be able to download any app Whatsapp Messenger Viber Telegram Line Periscope KaKao Talk Discord. Google both Google. com and local versions like Google. fr, etcetera Ask. com Duck Duck Go Yahoo Various foreign versions of Baidu. Video Sharing. Youtube TikTok Vimeo Daily Motion Nico Video. The New York Times Finacial Times The Wall Street Journal The Economist Bloomberg Reuters the Washington Post South China Morning Post The Independent Daily Mail LeMonde L Equipe Google News Many pages of Wikipedia Wikileaks.

Streaming Platforms. Netflix no service, website accessible Amazon Prime Video Hulu no service, website accessible Twitch BBC iPlayer Spotify SoundCloud Pandora Radio Some local versions of HBO, Fox and Syfy NBC Playstation. Email providers and Work Tools. Gmail Google Drive Google Docs Google Calendar Generally all Google services Zoom Dropbox ShutterStock Slideshare Slack iStockPhotos WayBackMachine Scribd Xing Android Most of VPN websites.

Adult Websites. Adult websites are almost all blocked; I don t know of any exceptions. Websites and apps that AREN T blocked in China. Below is a non-exhaustive list of websites and apps that are popular in the West that haven t yet been blocked in China. Calls and Video Calls. FaceTime Skype not very reliable.

Linkedin WeChat Douyin. Instant Messaging. iMessage WeChat. HBO Asia sometimes it has been blocked temporarily Vevo. Bing Baidu Yandex. Yahoo mail Hotmail WeTransfer. What can you tell me about Chinese sites. Chinese sites, in general, all work and are extremely fast. Note that, if you re using a VPN, some Chinese sites will not work correctly for example many of the videos on Youku won t be available.

This is caused by the fact that some sites work only in China and, by turning on a VPN, you are masking your Chinese IP address with that of another country. How to know if a website is blocked in China. The list published in this article is not exhaustive and bear in mind that the situation is constantly changing a site that s blocked today could work tomorrow as well as just the opposite a site that works today could stop working within twenty minutes.

To verify if a given website is blocked just insert the URL in Comparitech or the Greatfire Analyzer. Besides, some sites are partially blocked on Wikipedia, for example, some pages work perfectly while others don t work at allsites that go on and off, and sites that despite not being blocked, are so slow that in a practical sense they re unusable.

The classic example is making video-calls on Skype the connection is often so slow that you ll want to skip the call. Is there a solution to access blocked websites in China. The easiest and most popular solution is to subscribe to a VPN service here you ll find the services we currently recommend. Note however that, especially after 8 PM Beijing time sites hosted by servers outside of China basically all Western sitesare often so slow as to be unusable.

I m not sure as to the reason why, but my theory is that this is the hour in which traffic between China and the West reaches its height since it s morning in America afternoon in Europe. As a result, the data lines are maxed out and say goodbye to your connection. I don t even know if the problem is a result of the Great Firewall or, more simply, a physical limit between China and the rest of the planet. Is it legal to use a VPN.

Disclaimer here at SDC we are not qualified to give any legal advice; therefore if you choose to use a VPN you are doing so at your own risk. That said, our interpretation is that using a VPN an acronym for Virtual Private Network is not an illegal act in and of itself since it has to do with a technology developed to extend the benefits of private networks even to connections that travel on the Internet or on a public network.

The VPN is, therefore, software designed to improve the security of your connection click here to learn the technical details. In effect, many universities and I presume Chinese government offices use a VPN system to isolate their internal network from the public. So the problem isn t so much the use of a VPN, as much as the fact that you re accessing sites that aren t permitted in China. Is that a crime. The reality is that we have no idea and therefore can t offer any advice.

On a practical level, our opinion is that the Chinese couldn t care less if you use a VPN to log on to your Facebook profile or your Dropbox. Of course, if you intend to use the Internet fraudulently, VPN or not, be aware that you re taking a risk both in China and abroad. Is it true that all VPN access has been blocked. This information, published by Bloomberg in 2017 and originating from an unknown source, was quite doubtful at the time and was quickly debunked by the Chinese Ministry of Industry.

China indeed started a campaign to limit VPN use in 2017, which reached its peak in 2018, but it was mainly focused on companies with headquarters in China, such as GreenVPN. Despite one-time attacks, this campaign was not extended to all VPNs, probably for two main reasons technically speaking, it s difficult to be able to block access to the global network, and because this could severely affect the Chinese economy many small businesses and individuals depend on this type of service for their business activities.

In 2017 and 2018, many VPNs stopped working or iq option sede performance was seriously affected. During the following years, periodic campaigns of increased restrictions have been taking place, reducing the functionality of many VPNs. However, some well-known VPN services such as those we recommend in this article continue to work well, and it is unlikely that they will stop working. These types of campaigns have been common over the years, especially around important political or social events the Olympic Games, party congresses, etc.

Other frequently-asked questions. In China, there are multiple local social networks, and the most popular one is currently WeChat. Other instant messaging apps like FB Messenger, Line, Telegram, or Viber are also blocked in China. The only exceptions are the Chinese apps WeChat or Weixin. While Yahoo s website and Yahoo Mail are still accessible, Yahoo s search engine search. com has not been accessible in China since September 2018. The reason for the blocking is probably a business reason so that preference is given to local cloud storage systems.

Not all other similar question-answer services are blocked in China. While Yahoo Answers and Stack Exchange are still accessible, AskReddit and Answers. com are blocked. What are the best VPNs for China. Features What s the Best. Main Advantage Fastest and Easiest to Use Most Secure Cheapest among the best Dedicated IPs It depends on your needs. Money Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days Monthly Plan 12.

95 USD Yearly Plan 6. 67 USD month exclusive offer 3 months free 3. 75 USD month 3. 33 USD month 6. 99 USD month Support 24 7 365 Best service in our experience 24 7 365 24 7 365 24 7 365 Server Count 1. 700 700 1,000 1. 432 Countries with Servers 94 64 56 61 Payment Methods Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin, Alipay, Iq option sede Pay and others Credit Card, Paypal and Alipay Credit Card, Paypal, Bitpay, Alipay, Perfect Money Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin, Alipay Desktop Apps Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Browser Extension Chrome, Firefox, Safari No Chrome, Firefox Chrome Mobile Apps Android, iOS, Windows Phone Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackphone Android, iOS, Windows Phone Android, iOS, Windows Phone Simultaneous Connections Yes until 5 Yes until 5 Yes until 5 Yes until 6 Encryption Protocols OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, PPTP PPTP, OpenVPNL2TP IPsec, Chameleon OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP OpenVPN, IKEv2 IPsec VPN Location s Switchings Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Languages Supported 16 5 5 21 Try ExpressVPN Try VyprVPN Try Ivacy Try NordVPN.

About Sapore di Cina. Sapore di Cina is a website that provides first-hand information about living and traveling in Asia. You can check our About Us page to learn more. I m talking about Nintendo Switch users being blocked from playing Fortnite if trying to log in using an account which has ever played Fortnite on PS4. It doesn t feel like it helps grow gaming to me. To reiterate this isn t even cross-play, this is simply logging in. Even if you ve only played Fortnite once on PS4, and play the majority of your Fortnite on PC or mobile these platforms are compatibleyou will still be blocked from using your account on Switch.

Your only option is to create a new account to play. But a new account will not have all the skins, emotes, sprays and history you have spent hours, days and weeks building up - not to mention your Battle Pass, which you buy and then spend the following month or two progressing along to unlock further rewards. These don t make you any stronger in the game but they re an enormous part of what Fortnite is.

To not have a way to wear the hours and money you ve invested for the rest of the community to see is to lose a sense of your existence within it. In essence, Sony is holding your Fortnite career ransom to ensure you continue playing the game on only one console the PlayStation 4, the market leader. You might understand that as an adult, but how do you explain it to Fortnite s huge chunk of players - kids.

Incidentally, you see a similar error message trying to log into Fortnite on Xbox One using an account which has played on PlayStation 4. But you do not get an error hopping between Fortnite on Xbox One and Switch. Epic accounts do offer the option of disconnecting from associated platforms but it doesn t alleviate the problem; I ve tried uncoupling and I still cannot play Fortnite on Switch or Xbox One.

Worse, playing Fortnite on PS4 doesn t appear to be the only way your Epic account can be cursed by Sony s apparent hubris. Remember Paragon, Epic s now closed but once openly free-to-play MOBA. There are reports of people on Reddit who played Paragon on PS4, but never touched Fortnite on PS4, facing the same Fortnite Switch issue. Understandably, the Fortnite-hungry gaming community is up in arms, with discussions about Fortnite account blocking soaring to the top of the million-strong Games subreddit and strong language being thrown around.

But whose fault is it. Overwhelmingly fingers are pointing at Sony, which has a track record with preventing console compatibility and seems to be the only party set to gain from this situation. So what does Sony say. We re always open to hearing what the PlayStation community is interested in to enhance their gaming experience. Fortnite is already a huge hit with PS4 fans, offering a true free-to-play experience so gamers can jump in and play online, Sony told The BBC in a statement.

With 79 million PS4s sold around the world and more than 80 million monthly active users on PlayStation Network, we ve built a huge community of gamers who can play together on Fortnite and all online titles. We also offer Fortnite cross-play support with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, expanding the opportunity for Fortnite fans on PS4 to play with even more gamers on other platforms. With Sony not talking to specialist press at E3 2018, we are unable to ask more.

But does Epic have a part to play in this too. Is there an issue with the Epic accounts and their associations which could simply be fixed. Remember we re not talking cross-play here - which may never happen, disappointingly - we re only talking cross-linked accounts. I find it hard to believe Epic couldn t flick a switch to sort this out and I have asked Epic for comment, incidentally. In fact, Epic once enabled PS4-Xbox One Fortnite cross-play before quickly turning it off again, so it s easily doable.

Giant Bomb speaks to Phil Spencer, relevant quotes below skip to 19 45. Microsoft is doing it. Giant Bomb talked to Phil Spencer about the Fortnite Switch block issue at E3 skip to around 20 minutes in the video. My view is this, he said. If you bought your son, your child, an Xbox, and I bought my child a PlayStation - and I m just a parent, it s their birthday, whatever - and the kids want to go play Fortnite and they all of a sudden go home and can t play with each other it s not - it doesn t feel like it helps the consumers.

If it doesn t help the developers and it doesn t help the consumer then it doesn t feel like it helps grow gaming to me. Gaming is one of the most important art forms this planet has. it can be a space that, in a world where we have way too many things that drive us apart, brings us together. I look at that and I wish people could get to play together. I get it, he added, I get the business side of it, and I m not going to judge anybody else making their decisions because they ve got to run their business.

Our goal is to be relevant and important to every gamer on the planet. If people want to go buy someone else s console and play games there, great, as long as we re all leaning in to how do we make this business for everybody as vibrant as possible. Likewise, Nintendo iq option sede open to doing it. Polygon talked to Nintendo of America s Reggie Fils-Aime about the same Fortnite issue at E3.

In fairness there are three different things going on, he said. You have companies like mine that encourage cross-play and enable cross-play. You have a developer and content owner that wants cross-play and is encouraging cross play, and then you have the other platform holders and what it is that they do. And when it comes to other platform holders, as much as you have influence on other platform holders, I don t.

And that s a decision that each of them are making, and some are supporting cross-play and some are not. Which brings us back around to Sony, the company which won t allow Ark PS4-Xbox One cross-play, which blocks Minecraft and Rocket League cross-play, and now which blocks Epic accounts associate with PS4 logging-in on other consoles too. PlayStation 4 is for the playersSony always says. This is anything but. Senior Staff Writer. Bertie is senior staff writer and Eurogamer s Poland-and-dragons correspondent.

He s part of the furniture here, a friendly chair, and reports on all kinds of things, the stranger the better. UPDATE Officially announced with trailer. Station to station. The sweetest Thing. Where to find and how to complete all Mythic Tales in Ghost of Tsushima. The PlayStation 4 Fortnite account curse is not for the players at all.



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Basically, if you use the pictures that Google suggests, you run risk that they are actually photographs that iq option sede previously been reported on Facebook iq option sede spam. That means, when you go to share them, your post will also obtain all the complaints that photo might already have.

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It s functional, but it s not the prettiest or best-designed app we ve ever seen.