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Will it be of type CP or DT. Hi the easiest way is to use the license which is mentioned in the. Hello Roland, this question is a bit not exactly linked to this blog but somehow related. The customer currently has PBS addon and has been using this solution for NLS IQ for years and now recently migrated to the SAP NLS solution. Would now like to get rid of the ABAP addon PBSCBW and the namespace PBS.

how do we go about such a cleanup. Hi, Actually if you have the PBS Add-On, you have more Functionality than SAP would ever deliver. Improve decision-making capabilities by bringing unprecedented performance to SAP Business Warehouse with SAP HANA for current data and SAP IQ for historical data achieving the perfect balance of cost and performance.

Furthermore PBS has tools, to migrate the data to the SAP Notation, which is independent from the Software Namespace. In addition the PBS Add-on is upgrade compatible. I have some concerns regarding to SO version. Best Regards Roland Kramer. Linux on Power 64-bit Linux on x86_64 64-bit. So the questions is. Which are the special requirements that must be achieved to run NLS Sybase IQ. or Where could I find them.

Read the BLog above. In the roadmap document it states. we are facing an issue when we are adding the one field to NLS enabled ADSO. Is there any prerequisite to follow. Once the data is archived in NLS, it is said that we can have an SDA connection to read the data, But what does SAP recommend, should we create a virtual table on NLS table and use it in calculation view and a new report on top of it or is there a way that the virtual table created using SDA can be used with existing info-provider.

If SAP-NLS is implemented via SDA there is nothing in addition to do, and of course you can use virtual providers to access the data. Might be I am reiterating the question. Do we have straggler on ADSO as well. Please share any supporting document. In our scenario, we have stragglers coming in almost every DSO. As customer don t want to proceed with 3rd party tool, what is the next available option solution. What are options on BW4HANA for straggler management.

Hello Mohit 1. The Pilot Program for Straggler Support on aDSO for SAP BW 7. 50 on HANA was stopped recently. At this time there is no adequate solution from SAP available. using a partner solution from PBS-Software for Straggler Support on classical objects like DSO. thanks for this valuable Blog. Helped me already quite a few times. I m currently in the planning phase at a customer who is leveraging BW 7.

50 on Oracle with NLS on IQ. Next year they will move with their BW to BWoH 7. 50 running on IBM Power. We have various surrounding Systems like DS, SLT, BI Platform etc. Repositories for those Systems will be hosted on DB2. As we can see from this Blog, DB2 is also supported as storage for NLS. I got two Questions where i hope you can help me. Is there some kind of migration path moving from NLS IQ to NLS DB2.

Is this done via DMO. If i understand the provided links correctly than the DB2 option for NLS is native. Meaning we dont need the partner solution of PBS anymore. We ve enabled SDA option and we could see improvement in query runtime when NLS data is read. However report runtime degraded when Online HANA data is read, in RSRT I could see query is reading NLS where 80 of time spent 0 records are selected transferredsince all the data is in memory only.

Hi, Please check the following BLOG Increasing the SAP-NLS Performance for additional Performance Hints. Hi Roland Kramer. There is a requirement that the data models and reports are in SAP BW 7. 5 SP7 on DB2 and also data was archived through NLS in DB2. Now want to migrate this to SAP BW on HANA BW4HANA with NLS option as Hadoop or SAP IQ. How to handle the migration of currently enabled NLS in DB2 to Iq option usuarios BW on HANA SAP BW4HANA for archived data.

Appreciate your quick help on this. Thanks Roland for the quick reply. Is the PBS Software also valid for migrating to SAP BW 4HANA.Migration of currently enabled NLS in DB2 to SAP BW 4HANA for archived data. At this time there are no Partner Add-On s available for BW 4HANA. This could be changed in the Future. we are planning to implement a NLS to reduce our BW database. Is there a recommendation for a hardware sizing number of CPUs RAM HDD.

We also have an IQ Database Installation routine available which includes all relevant sizing settings. This can be provided on demand. thanks, the document is very helpful. There s only one question I couldn t get answered clearly if we decide to build our NLS in a virtual environment, is it necessary to reserve fixed CPU resources. Or can it be handled dynamically.

Thanks and have a good weekend. Are the any roadmap for the problem with the BW stragler for archived data in NLS. If an delta record is loaded to a target and the records to updated has been archived the delta load will fail. The only option is then to 1 reload the archived data 2 update the delta load 3 archived the data again. Hi, see the comments above.

the Pilot availability ist stopped, which the Software Partner PBS can handle these requests. No restrictions, everything is possible. is it useful for any reason to implement also a test -NLS conntected to the DEV system. Or is the regular way to have only a productive NLS. I m asking because of planning an additional hardware invest or not.

Thanks and have a good day. a test NLS connection is needed to define the DAP processes, as they will be transported to the productive BW System which is connected to the productive SAP IQ database. Can Data Tiering based on temperatures hot, warm, cold be applied to aDSO s in BW on HANA 7. When I check the aDSO in our system, I only see the checkbox SAP BW Data Tiering and no setting for temperartures Is there documentation available for temperature settings when using BW on HANA.

Best regards, Frank. Hi, DT is only available with BW 4, but you can always do SAP-NLS despite BWoH or BW 4 leading to the same result. Thanks for the blog. This is a one stop shop for Archiving using NLS. One question when loading data back from NLS to the infoprovider is there a way we can specify filter and load only data for a specific condition.

loading back data from the NLS archive to the primary database uses the same DAP settings. We are on BW 4HANA with SAP IQ iq option usuarios NLS cold store. We did not enable any warm store extension node. What are the best practises for warm store extension node. we have a problem when trying to archive data from an ADSO corporate memory into the NLS. During phase 35 we get a job termination shortdump TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED. It seems that the request is too big, but have no chance to add some filters,as it is a request-based archiving.

Any suggestion advise would be of great help. If we reduce the request size to a few days, it works, but this is no practical solution, because we have a lot requests and also some big initial requests. 50 SP15 HANA 2. 0 Stack 4 and SAP IQ 16. Do you have any ideas suggestions, how we could solve the problem. Thanks in advance and best regards. Were you able to resolve this issue.

If yes, could you please share. i could not find a command in the guide which explains creation of IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN. how is this db space created at the time of install. which are the dbspaces required to be used for a SAP NLS solution IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP, IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN andetc depending on the number of SAP systems archiving into this NLS server. We are implementing NLS newly in our BW landscape. We created DAP and transported successfully from Dev to Quality.

After import, DAP shows inactive in quality. Is there any way or any program by which we can activate these DAP in quality. Hello Nitin Raymond every DAP needs a target DB to verify. either you create a new user in the SAP IQ for the Test System which automatically creates a new Schema in the Database, which is sufficient to testot you setup for every BW System in the Landscape it s own dummy Database connection to use.

nevertheless, you will need at least two SAP IQ Databases in your SAP BW Landscape. thanks for the good information. I m working with BW 750 SP13 and NLS. By executing a query and with use of the NLS-variable it is possible to decide whether to read or not to read data from NLS. Is there another possibility to read NLS data only if it is necessary without using the NLS variable. A dynamic decision without knowing, if it is necessary to read NLS or not.

when you open the query you have to decide whether you will read the historical data or not. I cannot imagine a functionality which decides this for you. if the NLS archive is broken, you can change the settings in tx. RSDANLCON to emergency mode to prevent the query for failing. this would lead to the behaviour that the query is used without the reading of the historical data despite if the connection to NLS is available or not.

then you could use the NLS variable to switch on the reading or not, but there is always a user decision. Are there the option to use a third party database instead of SAP IQ with NLS and BW. If you use the Software Add-On for BW 4 from datavard, you can use additional third party databases without the support from SAP. you are completely dependent from the support of datavard, as they are not using the standard Interface from SAP.

Anyway the Certification for any NLS Add-On was phased out anyway since SAP BW 4HANA, as the Interface is frozen now and all software works with BW and BW 4. SAP only supports SAP IQ and Hadoop as secondary data target for SAP-NLS. The adapter for SAP IQ as a near-line solution is delivered with the BW system. You can thus reduce the costs incurred by data that is accessed less frequently.

The near-line data is stored in compressed form. With the current Release of SAP BW 7. 40 Feature Pack 02 based on 7. 40 SP08 some interesting improvements and updates were released for the SAP-NLS Solution based on SAP IQ SP10. 50 SR1 based on 7. Please Note that the SAP-NLS Solution can be used with all supported database version supported by SAP BW 7. 3x and onwards. Together with NLS Partnersolutions, Nearline storage for SAP BW can also be enabled from SAP BW 7. 0x releases onwards.

Also including the latest SAP-NLS Features for SAP BW 7. Overview and Roadmap. SAP-NLS Solution Update Q1 2017 SAP BW NLS frequently ask questions SAP IQ 16. x Road Map Update Q4 2018. Find the SAP IQ as a Near-Line Storage Solution on the SAP online documentation. Installation and Implementation. SAP IQ How-To Video Tutorials the tutorials giving you a nice insight how IQ works.

Notes for Installation and Implementation. Note 1737415 SAP IQ Enable remote secondary connect to SAP IQ Note 1796393 SAP BW near-line solution with SAP IQ Note 1999431 SIQ Setting up SSL for connections to IQ Note 2133194 Can SAP IQ run in a cloud environment. Additional Information can also be found in the Blog Section. Since SAP BW on HANA 7. Installing and Configuring SAP IQ as Extended Storage for SAP HANA you will see, that the implementation is exactly the same as implementing SAP-NLS.

by Liam Cleary Published October 18, 2015 Updated October 17, 2015. SharePoint and ADFS Claims. One of the areas that have worked within for quite some time is Security and more so Authentication for SharePoint. I truly believe that selecting and implementing the correct Authentication providers and approaches goes a long way to better adoption and security for end users. As such it makes sense to use ADFS direct to SharePoint, and then use other federated platforms for the actual authentication.

Most recently I have been working on using ADFS as the federation gateway to other systems for authentication. This means that for most organizations that may already have a federated platform that is probably not SharePoint ready, it can still be used with it passing through ADFS that is supported within SharePoint. I have worked with organizations where federation has been done using products iq option usuarios Site Minder, Ping Federate, Oracle and others direct to ADFS. The chain for authentication then looks like this.

SharePoint ADFS 3 rd Party Federation Platform. SharePoint ADFS Active Directory. With these authentication flows, SharePoint in reality does not care where you came from, how you authenticated, simply needs to know that you have the claim that you mapped for permissions. SharePoint is only concerned with the end user that is mapped and appears from ADFS. So when adding users in the people picker they are added using the following claim format.

When a user is picked using the People Picker, this is how SharePoint is referencing me and allowing me access. Now to the dilemma, let s say we want to use ADFS to SharePoint but then allow multiple Authentication options within ADFS but still allow the user to be seen as the same person. Let s explain this a little more first. As you know if we enable ADFS to SharePoint, then enable standard Windows NTLM through ADFS, along with a different Authentication provider like Site Minder, the end user is presented back to SharePoint as two different users.

It is this way because the configuration for standard Windows NTLM over ADFS uses the User Principal Name normally or something else that is not in the same format as the unique identifier. Doing it this way, SharePoint sees me in the following format. t ADFS USER DOMAIN. So in my example I have ADFS to SharePoint with regular Windows NTLM through ADFS, and then a Federated platform. They both output two different claims, as the requirement was to use the sAMAccountName as the name identifier claim.

Showing the claims side by side, you can see why SharePoint sees me as two different users. Windows NTLM over ADFS i 05. Federation over ADFS i 05. So the question is how do we fix this, so when I login with Windows NTLM credentials through ADFS or the other Federated Platform the claim is the same. To fix this issue we need to not use the standard claim rules picker but write a custom rule.

Out of the box when configuring Window NTLM over ADFS we would typically use the picker to set these values. The above works perfect for Windows NTLM but for the other Federated platform it does match, so we have to choose which claim format we wish to use. The above is using Email Address and Security Groups, but could be using any number of attributes such as direct User Principal Name UPN.

For SharePoint to see me as a single user, we will make the Windows NTLM one return the same as the Federated platform which is configured for sAMAccountName. For this change we need to remove the above attributes and choose to create a new rule but choose the Send Claims Using a Custom Rule. Having worked with it before it even became the Product it is today, it has been nice to see it mature and advance in features and abilities.

Next we need to add the custom rule, which is based on some very specific syntax. To learn about the syntax you read about this on TechNet and MSDN, by looking for ADFS Transformation rules. For our example we need to use the following. org ws 2005 05 identity claims emailaddressquery sAMAccountName ; sAMAccountName;param regexreplace c. What has become apparent to me is that ADFS plays really well with the Microsoft Stack, especially when it comes to SharePoint and its other platforms.

If we break this down, we are looking up the user who authenticated using Windows Account Namethen populating the Email Address claim this should be changed to whatever the claim name and type are in SharePoint with the sAMAccountNameusing a regex to just end up with the account ID, and no domain. Now with this configured and populating the same claim as the federated platform identically we can now test. The first test is adding the user from the People Picker I am using a custom Claim Provider as well which allows me to add the user in the following format.

Now when we test login we can use either option, Windows NTLM through ADFS or a Federated Platform through ADFS and SharePoint will see me as a single user, so no duplicate user profiles or permissions needed. Windows NTLM Forms over ADFS. 3 rd Party Federated Authentication through ADFS. SharePoint sees me as the following now. Using my Claims Viewer Web Part, I can expand down and see all of the claims to ensure that each login matches what is needed.

Now that they are set the same I can now come in from any Federated Provider or Windows NTLM over ADFS and I am seen as the same user. Liam began his career as a Trainer of all things computer-related. He quickly realized that programming, breaking, and hacking was a lot more fun. He spent the next few years working within core infrastructure and security services until he found SharePoint.

He is the founder and owner of SharePlicity, a consulting company that focuses on all areas of Technology. His role within SharePlicity is to help organizations implement technology that will enhance internal and external collaboration, document and records management, automate business processes, and of course security controls and protection.

Liam also serves as the Principal Technology Advisor at Rencore, where he is helping to develop offerings that help organizations further understand and mitigate security and compliance risks, within SharePoint and Office 365 customization s. His core focus will is to identify, control, and protect whether they are full-fledged customization s or out-of-the-box Office 365 functionality.

He is also a thirteen-time Microsoft MVP focusing on Architecture but also crosses the boundary into Development. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer MCT. His specialty over the past few years has been security in SharePoint and its surrounding platforms. He can often be found at user groups or conferences speaking, offering advice, spending time in the community, teaching his kids how to code, raspberry PI programming, hacking the planet or building Lego robots.

Microsoft Operations Management Suite with Office 365. One of the core platforms I am advocate of is Active Directory Federated Services ADFS. by Liam Cleary Published April 14, 2017. Anatomy of a Hacker. by Liam Cleary Published November 8, 2014. November 8, 2014. Microsoft Office 365 Mapping of Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Control Matrix.

January 21, 2016. by Liam Cleary Published January 21, 2016. Now this can be cleaned up to remove extra pieces but for now we will just leave it like this. 10 of the Most-Funded Startups to Flunk in 2017. Switchable privacy glass is an electrical glass solution that can be used for adaptable privacy and vision through your architectural glass installation.

Switchable Glass. Privacy Glass is an established electrical glass solution that allows controllable privacy through a glass unit, turning a glass unit from translucent to transparent instantly. Two PET films are coated with a transparent metal deposit and laminated together with a thin layer of liquid crystals between. This film is then layered between two EVA interlayers and laminated between two pieces of toughened glass.

When an electrical current is passed through the film between the interlayers, all the liquid crystals within the film align, turning the glass from translucent to transparent. This switchable glass technology allows a user to manage transparency through a glass elevation on demand, removing the need for traditional curtains and blinds for a minimal and hygienic design finish.

Instant Transparency. By removing the need for curtains and blinds switchable glass is a perfect choice for more delicate and sensitive projects like nurseries, clinics and hospitals where exposed absorbent material, or dangling blind cords, can cause design issues. With Privacy Glass there is no compromise between light and privacy. When off privacy glass is completely obscured, with a haze of over 90yet maintains high levels of light transmission through the glass.

The laminated switchable glass panel can be easily integrated into an insulated glass construction to use as thermally efficient external glazing with curved, shaped and coloured glass designs easily possible. The inclusion of privacy glass into a project can definitely give it the wow factor, as well as acting as a functional and interactive part of your design. Take this high tech impression even further by controlling switchable glass via smart home automation apps.

Privacy Glass The Showroom. Visit the IQ Glass Showroom at The Sky House Design Centre in Amersham, to see the switchable privacy glass in person. The privacy glass installation on display showcases a large glass window to one of our meeting rooms which can become obscured at the touch of a button. A member of our showroom team can demonstrate how privacy glass works and discuss how privacy glass can be best utilised within your project. We encourage Architects and Designers to come and experience switchable glass for themselves in our large architectural glazing showroom.

ASK US ABOUT OUR Switchable Privacy Glass. To book your appointment at the Showroom contact us. Rowood Farmhouse Mondrian Glass Extension. Wimpole Street Privacy Glass Roof Glazing. Wall House Modern Aluminium Windows. Privacy Glass Technical Specification Sheet. The Bold and the Beautiful. First airing March 23 on CBS in 1987, The Bold and the Beautiful was created by the same creator of The Young and the Restless, William J.

Bell and Lee Phillip Bell. The show focuses on the trials and tribulations of the affluent people of the fashion world in Beverly Hills such as the Forresters and the Logans. Soap fans are invited to read comprehensive Bold and Beautiful daily recaps, up-to-date Bold and Beautiful news and the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. The Goal is Sole. By Liam Brennan. Wednesday, August 22, 2007. Graphic sneaker design has become a hot trend in recent years and a Canadian artist is hoping to meet the staggering demand on his new website.

Matthew Francois, a graphic designer from Winnipeg, has started his own online business, Sole Brother Customer Sneakers, at www. The idea is simple, you pick out the shoes, and provide him with your idea and Francois claims he will design and paint any shoe based on your concept, as long as it is technically feasible that is. Francois work is first rate and comparable to any major shoe manufacturer around the world. His customizations deliver a fresh and innovative style, complete with his own personalized labels and tags.

While this may not seem out of the ordinary when one thinks of an upstart fashion line, the extraordinary element of this company is that it is entirely produced by Francois himself in his Winnipeg basement, with no help or contribution from anyone. Despite the increasing demand for his custom designs, Francois never intended to sell a single pair of shoes, let alone start his own business. Sneakers were becoming more colourful. I liked the styles, but there still really wasn t anything that perfectly matched my own style, or displayed my personality, so I figured I d make someclaims Francois, a relative newcomer to the field, having taken up painting as a hobby just over a year ago.

Despite having limited experience, Francois creations are inspired, ingenious designs that have grown far more advanced since he first painted his own stripes on a white pair of Adidas sneakers a year ago. However, it was slow going at first, as he iq option usuarios through an agonizing trial and error process to find the best method of preparing the various types of fabric for painting.

It s difficult actually, considering a typical shoe can take 30-40 hours to complete, but I won t sacrifice quality in the slightest, says Francois. That quality is evident after a quick tour through the online gallery that displays some of Francois most enthused and intricate designs. Most notable are a pair of Nike Air Force One s, originally solid white, decorated in the traditional colors of the United States Marine Corps.

to commemorate the marriage of a soldier. Convention is not an option for Francois, who has even outfitted an unsuspecting pair of standard, white Adidas with a glow-in-the-dark octopus. There is no set price for a design, but one pair can range anywhere from 200 - 400 US, depending on the intricacy involved in the design and whether you purchase the shoes before customization or have Francois do it for you.

Either way, Francois makes it his goal to ensure the process is handled as promptly and easily as possible, having set up direct payments on his website and even offering gift certificates. Friends bought pairs but now I m getting orders from their friends, and strangers that happen to like the shoes I m wearing, says a modest Francois, despite the fact that orders have started to flood in from around the world of late. As humble as he is, the demand is growing at an alarming pace. Teenagers heading back to school are on an infinite quest to find an original look that will be unlike anything their peers are sporting.

Having their shoes customized with whatever colour, image, or design they wish is, to many, a dream come true. Francois has started customizing apparel of late, namely t-shirts and hooded sweaters. Leather items such as belts, purses, and wallets are also becoming increasingly popular as word spreads about the professional quality that Francois manages to achieve despite his lack of assistance and time between work and school. If business continues at the rapid speed as it is now, I d consider hiring someone to help.

But I like iq option usuarios control over the design and painting, which is what I think makes them special as compared to anything you find in stores nowadays, he says. However, Sole Brother is the first online business in Manitoba to fully incorporate all items of clothing and accessories rather than concentrating on one area, leading Francois to believe that the future indeed looks promising. I started designing because customizing is something I really love to do.

This could prove easier than previously expected, as graphic design stores that have their own printing press, have been popping up throughout the country in recent years. In spite of working a full-time job, Francois sets tight deadlines of only two to three weeks with the hopes of one-day fully committing himself to the venture. I didn t have any plans to start a business until people started offering me money to create something for them.

If that continues and business soars then that s great, but in the end I m just doing what I love. Update your home strategically to get strong returns when you sell, while also improving the look and feel of your living space. These small home improvement projects offer big returns on investment. Published June 20, 2020. If you want to upgrade your home, you should first find out whether your planned projects are really worth their expense.

Even small home improvement jobs, many of which require minimal labor, can have a positive impact on the value of your home. Plus, it†s important to consider that the more projects you can tackle around your home without hiring a contractor, the more money you can save.  Read more details in the article below.

View full screen. These 8 small home improvement projects offer big returns on investment. Update your home strategically to get strong returns when you sell, while also giving a boost to your living space. Replace kitchen fixtures. Upgrading appliances, changing out cabinet hardware, replacing the sink or adding an upscale backsplash can all be effective. Clean carpetsВ. Old, dirty or matted carpet can be detrimental to a home sale.

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