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We will send you an email asking you to either confirm that you re the person trying to sign in, or report activity you don t recognize. My sign in was blocked for security reasons on Firefox Accounts. 3 I haven t received the verification email. 1 Verification E-mail 2 I don t recognize the sign in attempt. Verification E-mail. If Firefox blocks an attempt to sign in, it will also send an email to the address you ve registered and prompt you to enter the verification code from that email.

The email will tell you information about the sign in attempt type of device, location, IP address and time. If you don t see anything suspicious, enter the verification code from that email into Firefox Accounts to prove that it s really you. I don t recognize the sign in attempt. If someone else was trying to sign in to your account, click the Reporting this activity link in the email. I haven t received the verification email.

First, check your spam folder and filters to make sure it didn t end up in the wrong folder. For other solutions, see I m having problems confirming my Firefox Account. I m having problems confirming my Firefox Account. When you sign up for a Firefox Account, we will send you an email with a confirmation link or a 6-digit verification code, to verify that you own. I m having problems with my Firefox Account. Need help with Firefox Accounts.

This article has some solutions to help you get started. If you don t find an answer here, you can also get. It even makes it easy to request a replacement Social Security Card or check the status of an application, from anywhere. With your free, personal my Social Security account, you can receive personalized estimates of future benefits based on your real earnings, see your latest Statement, and review your earnings history. What can you do with a my Social Security account.

new Opt out of mailed notices for those available online Check your application status Set up or change direct deposit Request a replacement Social Security card. new Get personalized retirement benefit estimates using the new Retirement Calculator. new Access the Representative Payee Portal Get a Social Security 1099 SSA-1099 form Get a proof of income letter Change your address if you re a beneficiary.

Why create an account. Your personal my Social Security account gives you immediate access to important information and tools, putting you in control of your time. We re committed to using the best technologies available to protect your personal information; extra security measures keep you safe and secure. We make signing up for your my Social Security account convenient so you can skip the trip.

What is a my Social Security account. Suze Orman on Why Creating an Account is Important. Create your personal my Social Security account today. My Uber Account Is Disabled Uber help Solution to Regain Access. Uber is an online ridesharing app is operating worldwide, users can book cabs in seconds and they can reach their destination without waiting for buses and taxis. Uber is very useful for travelers and daily commuters.

Nowadays some users are getting trouble while using Uber app, some of the user s accounts are getting disabled due to some unauthorized activities. In this article, you are going to learn how to regain access to the disabled or deactivated Uber help account. So the next time when you book a cab on Uber app without violating policies of Uber and you can reactivate your account when your account gets banned. My Uber Account Is Disabled Solution to Regain Access.

Why is Uber disabling your Uber account. You can also see how to prevent your Uber account from getting blocked or suspended. Uber disables your account when you violate their policies or when you do some unauthorized or fraudulent activities. You have updated the credit card account that is no longer valid. Your Uber account phone number and Paytm phone numbers are different. How to get your access again once your account gets disabled.

You have two Uber accounts on the same device, and one of the accounts is under the referral code of another account. And the worst reason for disabling is if you get down Uber without paying any money for the ride. The best way to regain your access to the Uber account is contacting Uber help or Uber support. You have to share your mobile number, details and your Email address in that page submit. If your account is suspended, go to help. they will review your account and see whether it will get reactivated.

com and go to the page mentioning I can t sign into my account. Another way of getting access is sending an email to Uber Support. Send the mail from your email that is registered on Uber Help. To easy verification and quick process please attach a copy of your photo ID which contains the same name as in your account and a photograph of the credit card showing your last four digits of the credit card number and your name.

Uber Support email link email protected. Do not provide the details of the credit card that is going to expire in the near future. How to prevent Uber account from getting disabled or deactivated. Avoid using Uber app on the same device with two Uber accounts. Related Articles More By Geek-Week Team More In Customer Care Number. Top 6 Forklift Training Myths Debunked. The Importance of Good Nutrition for Oral Health.

Updated Hotstar App Customer Care Toll Free No Email ID Report Complaint. How Self-Storage Units Can Benefit You When You Are Relocating. How Assistive Technology is Revolutionizing Healthcare. Top 7 Advantages of buying a property in your wife s name. Google Tez Customer Care Number Toll Free Help Support. Amazon Customer Care Number Service Helpline Toll Free Number. IRCTC Customer Care Ticket Not Booked But Money Deducted. Check whether the mobile number registered in Paytm and Uber are same or not.

Jio Customer Care Number Toll Free Reliance Jio 4G LTE New Updates 2019. Jio Prime Membership Extended till April 15th New Jio Offers. Hotstar is a no 1 video streaming app as well as the website in India. It ranks one of the. My whatsapp account is blocked. إجابة الخبير Eng. Munther Zoubi. Computer Engineer. الأسئلة المجابة 20041 نسبة الرضا 98. Please Uninstall your WhatsApp program and reinstall it then activate your phone number banned message will shown as in the picture and Press on Support then enter your problem details and add the screenshot of your message banned and add your number Press Next and scroll down Select This does not answer my problem send a support email at support whatsapp.

com your WhatsApp account will unbanned within 48hrs. إسأل Computer Engineer. 100 ضمان الرضا انضم الى 8 مليون من العملاء الراضين. الأسئلة المشابهة. Why my account disabled. اقرأ المزيد. Khuloud Majdalawi. Computer Phone Engineer. الأسئلة المجابة 26532 نسبة الرضا 97. Hi my WhatsApp number is banned it can you my number is again you can please. Ashraf Al-Mohtaseb. IT Specialist. الأسئلة المجابة 27905 نسبة الرضا 98.

Hy,I am a YouTuber my channel name is ali tech and I unbox things like wireless speaker mobiles these all. Salah Melweh. الأسئلة المجابة 18232 نسبة الرضا 98. I have hocked an account. Rawan Al Remawi. الأسئلة المجابة 11549 نسبة الرضا 97. Al hosn app change my register number. Mohammad Yahya. الأسئلة المجابة 16361 نسبة الرضا 97. My whatsapp is bantted how to open. After How many days make uber I d. Mustafa Adel. Career Counselor. الأسئلة المجابة 49771 نسبة الرضا 98.

Visit visa is allowed from India to abudhabi. Mohye Eldeen Rasheed. الأسئلة المجابة 13970 نسبة الرضا 97. How can i reset my user id. Othman Matar. الأسئلة المجابة 22348 نسبة الرضا 98. Why my account disabled Hi my WhatsApp number is banned it can you my. Hy,I am a YouTuber my channel name is ali tech. I have hocked an account Al hosn app change my register number My whatsapp is bantted how to open After How many days make uber I d Visit visa is allowed from India to abudhabi How can i reset my user id.

You ve got a response. jawabkom Expert. إن المعلومات التي تحتويها الأسئلة والأجوبة وغيرها من المشاركات على موقع جوابكم يتم تلقيها من قبل المستخدمين الأفراد ولا تعبر عن رأي موقع أو شركة جوابكم. جوابكم غير مسؤول عن أية مشاركات. المشاركات هدفها الحصول على معلومات عامة وليس المقصود بها أن تحل محل المشورة المهنية الطبية القانونية البيطرية والمالية وما إلى ذلك أو إقامة أي علاقة مهنية مع العملاء.

يقوم موقع جوابكم بتقديم آراء المستخدمين كما هي وبدون أي ضمانات أو تمثيلات من قبل الموقع بشأن مؤهلات الخبراء. إن موقع جوابكم غير متخصص بتلقي الأسئلة الطارئة والتي يجب توجيهها مباشرة عن طريق الهاتف أو بشكل شخصي لذوي الاختصاص. أحصل علي إجابات سريعة من الخبراء في أي وقت. My3 Account. Your My3 account is your first port of call for any account updates or changes on Three, so it s worth knowing the ins and outs of what you can do with it and how you can access it.

There s a lot to take in, from managing your bill, to changing your personal details, using the app, and even just getting an account set up. Below we ll explain all the key aspects of both the My3 website and the Three app. Note however that we re not part of Three, and that while the information below was accurate at the time of writing July 2020 it could change at any time.

How do I register My3 account. If you re a Three customer then registering is easy. Just enter your phone or device number on this registration page and if it s a valid Three number you ll be texted a password for the service. Once you re in you ll be free to change the password to something more memorable. How do I login to My3 account.

My3 is designed to be as easy to access as possible, wherever you are and whatever device you re using. From a computer you can simply login here with your mobile number and password, while from a smartphone you can make use of the handy Three app available for both iOS and Android. Just download it onto your Three phone and you re good to go. If neither of those options are convenient then for most account queries you can always call on 333 from your Three phone or on 0333 338 1001 from any other handset.

Or if it s a mobile broadband account that you want to manage call 500 from your Three mobile or 0333 338 1003 from any other phone. What can I do on My3 account. My3 makes it quick and easy to manage your account. Whether you re on Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly you can see your balance and allowances from My3, which shows what you ve got left and when your allowances will reset.

Checking your balance is made as fast as possible too, as you simply click Check account balance underneath the Account balance heading on the My3 home page. Not only does being able to do that make it easier to plan ahead, view and add to your add-ons, or top up, or top up with an add-on, using a card or voucher. You can also update your personal details, view or print your most recent bill or any others in the last twelve months, check any spends made outside your allowance, register a credit or debit card, set up a direct debit or pay your bill.

In fact, you can do almost anything you might want to from your My3 account. Other things you can do include setting up or changing spending controls if you don t want to spend too much money or spend money outside your allowances, top up other accounts, turn off adult filter, change your marketing preferences, change your price plan if eligible and change your PIN or password. Then you can change international settings, such as choosing where you ll be able to use data, or simply check what the charges in your destination country will be.

If you re wondering when you can get your hands on a new phone or change your price plan you can check that too, as My3 allows you to see when you re due an upgrade. Plus, as an existing customer you ll often have access to exclusive offers, which can also be found through My3. You ll also find links to coverage information and other help and support through your My3 page.

Free Wi-Fi on the London Underground. One of the extra features of My3 is the ability to use it to set up free Wi-Fi access on the London Underground. Simply make sure you re above ground and connected to the mobile network, then log in to My3 from your browser or launch the app. Select Free Wi-Fi on London Underground and follow the instructions. It can take up to 48 hours for your account to be activated, but once it is just head to any participating station, turn on Wi-Fi, connect to Virgin Media WiFi, open your browser, select Three from the other providers dropdown and login using your mobile number and the password you ll have chosen when setting up the service.

Then you ll be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi at almost every London Underground station. What type of accounts can I manage with My3. My3 lets you manage any Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go SIM card, handset, tablet, dongle or mobile broadband device, so whatever device or service you have you can fully take control of it from My3 as long as it s on Three. Why should I download the Three app.

The Three app gives you access to more or less all of your My3 account services on the move, wherever you are. All it needs is to be installed on your Three device and have mobile network access so it can confirm your account information. Things you can do from the app include checking your balance and usage, checking when your allowances reset, seeing when you can upgrade and viewing exclusive offers. You can also block or allow calls and texts to numbers when you ve run out of minutes, or to those that aren t included in your allowance.

Plus you can buy add-ons, see your next bill date, view previous bills and edit your personal or payment details. The app also has extra features, such as the ability to find the nearest Three store and check its opening times in case you d rather speak to someone face to face. You can also change your price plan direct from the app once every bill cycle if you re on a contract, plus the app provides handy support for all sorts of issues, from network coverage and issues, to setting up Wi-Fi Calling, and plenty more besides, and even has a live chat function if you want to talk to a Three employee.

You can even use it to top up a friend s allowance if you re feeling generous. You can also use the app to sign up for free Wi-Fi on the London Underground and new features and options are being added to the app all the time, so keep an eye out for updates. Can I upgrade to a new handset from the Three app. Not currently. However, you can upgrade by calling customer services on 333 from your Three phone, or 0333 338 1001 from any other phone.

What platforms is the Three app available for. The app is available free to download on Android, iOS and Windows, so if you re on any major smartphone platform you re covered. Though if you d prefer you can always log in to My3 through your phone s browser anyway. Android devices - Download on Google Play Apple iOS devices - Download on iTunes Windows devices Download on Windows. What if I can t do what I want to do from My3. My3 lets you deal with most account issues, and it s clearly laid out, so things should be easy to find.

It also offers help and support for other problems, such as unlocking a device and roaming, but if you can t find an option or answer from it you can always head to the full knowledge base here, which as well as in depth information and FAQ s provides access to contact details. If you d rather speak to someone you can dial 333 from your Three handset or 0333 338 1001 from any other phone. I m having problems logging into My3. Logging into My3 should be as simple as entering your mobile number and password, so if your password isn t being accepted double check that you ve entered it right, complete with correct upper or lower case letters.

If you can t see the login section of the website this could be solved by accessing the site in a private window, which is opened with Ctrl Shift N in Google Chrome, or Ctrl Shift P in recent versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. Or you can just use the app, as once you ve set it up you ll automatically be logged in each time you launch it. If you re still having issues full troubleshooting tips can be found here, or you can call Three on 333 from your Three handset.

Note also that you can t get full access to My3 from an iPad, due to its inability to receive texts. home in your browser and click Go to inbox to get your password. If using a dongle, you ll first need to plug it into your computer, then when it says Ready to connect click Connectfollowed by Texts to get your password. home and click Go to inbox. If needed you can also find your Mobile Broadband device number at that URL. To find the number on an Android tablet, head to the main Settings screen of your device, then tap About tablet or About devicefollowed by Status or Phone identity.

Your number should then be listed under MDN or Phone number. On a Windows tablet, head to the Settings screen, then tap Change PC settingsthen Wirelessthen tap on the 3 and your number should be listed next to Mobile number. The information contained on this website has been written to assist our readers. We do not represent Three or speak on its behalf and are entirely independent of Three. Three Deals. My3 Account Unlimited Data Plans Coverage Checker Go Roam. EPIC SIM DEAL 8GB data 8 a month See Deal EPIC SIM DEAL 8GB data 8 a month See Deal.

SIM only deals Mobile phone deals Home Broadband. The account holders are being informed through email, sms to download the self-certification form and submit the duly filled iq option yahoo answers physical self-certification along with documentary evidence to NSDL -CRA with signature. If you have opened a National Pension System NPS account on or after July 1, 2014 and it is being maintained with NSDL as Central Recordkeeping Agency for NPS, it will get blocked unless you have submitted a self-certification of FATCA - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited. The format of the self-certification is provided in link here. 1st Floor, Times Tower, Kamala Mills Iq option yahoo answers, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400 013. The form is required to be submitted to Central Recordkeeping Agency CRA for NPS at the following address.

Your NPS account may get blocked unless it is FATCA compliant. FATCA, or the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, is a US tax initiative that requires all financial institutions, including Indian mutual funds, to report financial transactions of US persons, or entities in which US persons hold a substantial ownership, to relevant tax authorities.

The purpose of FATCA is to encourage better tax compliance by preventing US citizens from using financial institutions outside their home country to avoid domestic taxation laws. In the event of non-receipt of self-certification form by 30th April 2017, the account will be blocked and the transactions by the subscriber in such blocked accounts would be effected once the duly filled self-certification is obtained.

In fact, such a requirement applies to every financial institution. So, if you have opened a new bank account or made an investment in mutual funds and not submitted such FATCA self-declaration at that time, you need to do it now. Investors can update details online through websites of CAMS, KarvySundaram Fund Services and Franklin Templeton, which act as registrars for mutual fund houses. All financial institutions need to obtain self-certification from each account holder on investments made from 1st July 2014 to 31st August 2015 by April 30, 2017, to comply with the FATCA and avoid blocking of accounts.

They would henceforth get regularised after the self-declaration gets submitted. Investors are expected to provide details such as country of tax residence, tax identification number from that country, country of birth, country of citizenship, etc at the time of initial investment or opening the folio. If you have been paying taxes in any country apart from India, you need to provide the tax identification number.

In the case of non-individual investors, the above-mentioned information of any of the controlling persons will have to be submitted. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act National Pension System mutual fund NPS FATCA. Natwest blocked my account without explanation. I ve had a NW acct continuously since 1970s but in May 2013 NW blocked my acct without any notice or explanation for 1week causing me distress, inconvenience and no access to any money.

NW still haven t given an explanation 1 year later even when I took up the matter with my MP Doug Alexander. Mcewan the new chief exec of RBS pledged to make it more accessible, we have a greater obligation than any other bank to build a business that supports its customers. It appears from my experience this was just a marketing ploy as NW still haven t even explained why they blocked my acct which isn t supporting me.

It seems my only option now is to take legal action. Has anyone else had a similar problem. I logged a complaint with the FOS which was pointless as they said banks can do this. Legal action against them for what. If you don t like Natwest, switch to a different bank. If they blocked your account because they suspected some form of suspicious behaviour money laundering - they are legally prevented from telling you that is why they blocked your account.

We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse. withdraw a l, NOT withdraw e l. bear with me, NOT bare with me. defin i tely, NOT defin a tely. sep a rate, NOT sep e rate should haveNOT should of. guar a nteed, NOT guar e nteed. It appears as though some activity on your account prompted an investigation into money laundering and or terrorist financing. The bank legally has to look out for and report any possible offences. These get reported to the National Crime Agency NCA - formally the Serious Organised Crime Agency SOCA.

When the bank reports this they are not allowed to let the transactions in question to proceed and they cannot inform the customer what is happening. The NCA then has 7 working days to reach an initial decision. Either they allow the transactions to continue i. the account to be unblocked or take more time to investigate even further. I m afraid I think it may be a waste of your time to complain or take any legal action.

If you are unfortunate enough to Douglas Alexander as your MP then you are based in or around Paisley. I take it you know that your beloved NatWest will become Williams and Glyn bank in Scotland. If your account isn t based in Scotland then you ll no longer have a branch network. The elephant in the room for me is how many crimes have actually been prevented by the Natwest s of this world when they aren t being investigated themselves for serious financial crime, like RBS Global s cannibalistic practices routinely acting to freeze a customer s account.

Come on now don t be all shy, what s the net benefit to society of having lots of sus laws for current accounts and fluffy pillows for banksters. And should a bank ever get caught with fingers in the till, a fine gets levied by the regulator which pays for the nice office furniture and nibbles. said fine actually being taken out of all customer s current accounts by way of subsequently raised charges and fees. Banking in so many ways is criminal, so will all the pishartists declaiming that he probably brought on himself, M Lord kindly do one.

Yes, I had this with Santander. You can hassle them with complaints and requests for info, but at the end of the day, as others have said, there s not much you can do. I turned down their paltry offers of compensation for poor service, and closed all my accounts with them. What I learned from this, though, was always to have multiple accounts to be sure of having money available. Just as I learned from having my credit card cancelled with no reason, to always have multiple cards.

Natwest blocked my bank account and told me to go to a foodbank for Christmas. Pawel Mikolaj, 32, said his life has become a nightmare after the bank blocked his account without warning last month. He s since had to borrow from friends and family to pay his rent, and has been locked out of his wages. 12 08, 6 JAN 2020 Updated 16 44, 6 JAN 2020. A man says he s been going through hell after Natwest blocked his accounts and staff allegedly told him to go to a foodbank for Christmas. Pawel Mikolaj, 32, said he s had no access to cash since December 9, after the bank blocked him for trying to access his savings.

He claims the bank gave him no explanation - and alleges that one worker even suggested he use a foodbank when he complained that he was penniless due to their actions. It s been horrible. I ve struggled to pay my rent, my loan and direct debits. I couldn t access my salary, Mikolaj, who works as a postman, told the Bristol Live. I planned to visit my family in Opole, Poland, over Christmas, but I couldn t do anything.

I came here from Poland six years ago for a better life. It s shocking that such a thing has happened to me in this country. The issues began three days after Mikolaj switched his current and savings accounts from TSB to Natwest on December 6. I changed to Natwest because it s one of the UK s biggest banks and I expected my money to be safe there, he explained. Over the first weekend with Natwest, I used my bank accounts absolutely fine. However, things then started to spiral.

I felt like an absolute criminal. Mikolaj said he received an alarming text from the bank on December 9, suggesting he d been blacklisted. Following a review of your banking arrangements, we have made the decision that we can no longer offer you banking facilities, it said. Accounts have been blocked a letter sent to advise this decision next steps.

This decision is in line with the T Cs of your account we are unable to discuss the rationale for this. Mikolaj immediately tried to log into Natwest s online banking service, but discovered his access had been revoked. He claims he was then put on hold for 40 minutes and disconnected without speaking to an advisor after calling Natwest s support centre. I then decided to visit my local branch in Portishead High Street, Mikolaj said.

Unfortunately, the customer advisor wasn t able to help me at all. The only advice I received was to wait for a letter from the bank. Mikolaj said he tried to withdraw some of his wages for his day-to-day spending over the counter, but was told by the Natwest cashier that this wouldn t be possible. The manager said I needed to wait for the letter, but also he mentioned I had to have done something serious if the bank closed my account without notice, Mikolaj continued.

I felt like an absolute criminal, yet the bank manager could see I was a genuine customer. During the week, I tried several times to speak with a Natwest customer advisor on the phone. Each time, my phone call was switched to the relevant department and after just over an hour of waiting in the queue, the phone call was disconnected. Cancel Christmas and go to a foodbank.

When Mikolaj finally got through to an advisor on December 13, he claims they responded If you don t have any money, borrow some. He told her he had no money for food, to which they allegedly replied Go to a foodbank then. It was completely shocking. I was devastated and I didn t know what to say. I didn t expect them to treat a person in that way. It was Christmas time and I wasn t even able to buy anything, he explained.

The decision Natwest made turned my life upside down with many terrible consequences. I had to cancel all my Christmas and New Year plans. I wasted many hours on the phone and during branch visits. My life is a real hell right now and I still have no explanation from Natwest for why this has happened, Mikolaj added. Mikolaj says he received a letter from Natwest on December 16 saying it was unable to discuss the reasons behind the withdrawal of his banking facilities.

He claims the notice informed him he would have to fill out a release form to release his money which could take up to 60 days. He s since had to borrow money from friends and family to tide him over, but has been able to open a new bank account elsewhere. Natwest now claims it will return his funds on January 8. A Natwest spokesman said Our decision to close an account is never taken lightly and we will never do so without good reason. NHSmail is our secure email service approved by the Department of Health and Social Care for sharing patient identifiable and sensitive information.

Access to Microsoft Teams to support remote working. NHSmail, messaging, and sharing can be accessed by any organisation commissioned to deliver NHS healthcare or related activities. NHS organisations will have free access to the Microsoft Teams communication tool to support remote working in response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. The tool lets you use instant messaging and audio and video calling to support the delivery of frontline services, even while working remotely.

This will be enabled for NHSmail users between Monday 16 and Friday 20 March 2020. Get more guidance on using NHS teams, and the steps local organisations should take. Log into your NHSmail account. Your local helpdesk Your local IT team should be your first point of contact for help with your account, such as unlocking your account or a password reset.

They can also assist in setting up a mobile phone or email programme to connect to NHSmail. NHSmail helpdesk For all other queries regarding NHSmail, the national NHSmail helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 0333 200 1133, or via email at helpdesk nhs. About NHSmail. NHSmail is available for use by any organisation commissioned to deliver publicly funded health and social care.

User numbers are growing at a rate of more than 10 per cent each year, as more organisations choose NHSmail as their preferred email service. Find out more on the Iq option yahoo answers support pages. Start using NHSmail. There are a number of options now available for organisations looking to join NHSmail. Find out how to register for an account or switch your organisation to NHSmail. pdf ; onkeyup return vjsu. onKeyUp event accredited to government OFFICIAL status for sharing patient identifiable and sensitive information, meaning it meets a set of information security controls that offer an appropriate level of protection against loss or inappropriate access.

Guidance for sending secure email including to patients. Make sure you know how to send sensitive, personal and confidential information securely by email by reading the sending secure email guidance. NHSmail Portal. Further information is available on the NHSmail portal under Sharing sensitive information guidance.

More than half-a-million staff already use NHSmail on a daily basis in England and Scotland to help them deliver better patient care. NHSmail service status. Up-to-date information on the status of NHSmail services and any key known issues affecting users. NHSmail support site. Access training and guidance materials for NHSmail. NHSmail case studies. Find out how NHSmail has changed the way health and social care colleagues work. The benefits of NHSmail. NHSmail contains core services that are centrally funded by the Department of Health and Social Care, as well as optional top-ups and collaboration services.

NHSmail live with Microsoft Hybrid service on Office 365. NHSmail is working with Microsoft to provide a hybrid version of Office 365 O365 that integrates the NHSmail directory, Exchange and Skype for Business services. The secure email standard. Emails sent to and from health and social care organisations must meet the secure email standard DCB1596 so that everyone can be sure that sensitive and confidential information is kept secure. NHSmail policies.

As a secure email system, NHSmail must be operated and used in accordance with a set of clear policies and procedures. NHSmail use by NHS Digital GDPR information. Why and how we process your data within NHSmail, and your rights. North-east buddy system provides support through organ transplant process. Organ Transplant Week runs from September 7 to September 13, and raises awareness of the importance of signing up to be an organ donor, as well as having conversations with loved ones to determine their wishes after death.

A north-east woman who created a support group after having a liver transplant has shared her story to mark Organ Transplant Week. And Audrey has also spoken about the benefits of the buddy system, having been helped by the process herself. Audrey Cameron s organ transplant journey began at 50, after her skin began turning yellow and she began feeling tired from around 4pm onwards. At 52, the former principal teacher was referred to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for testing, which revealed she had Primary Sclerosis Cholangitis PSCwhere her liver ducts were being blocked by bile, causing a high bilirubin count, indigestion, lack of energy and severe itch.

In spring 2017, she was referred to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary ERI for a week of testing, and was told her liver, nicknamed Larry, was dying quickly, and was advised that without a transplant, she would not make it past Christmas that year. Audrey, from near Hatton, said After 10 days on the list, at 5. 30am on a very foggy 3rd May, I got the call. At first I thought it was a friend playing a joke on me. It was from the transplant co-ordinator at ERI saying that a suitable liver had maybe became available, and I was blue lighted from Auchmaud to Aberdeen heliport, then flown from Aberdeen to Edinburgh in an air ambulance.

Larry was to be removed, and replaced by Lina. After it was determined the liver, which came from a donor in England, was compatible, she underwent emergency surgery that day, which was successful. Audrey said My immediate family visited and watched me turn from a yellow skinned wife and mother-of-two to a white skinned patient. After 12 days I was allowed home and spent the next three months at home with my regular ambulance journeys to ERI for check ups.

Hatton Cruden medical staff were very helpful durning and after my transplant journey as were the community physio Team in Peterhead. Three years post transplant I remain healthy and there is not a day goes past that I think about my donor and her family. I am extremely grateful for their donation. Almost a year after she received her transplant, she found a buddy in Margaret, who had also gone through a liver transplant.

Recently, she has also been buddying Paula Massie from Peterhead, who underwent a double lung transplant. Audrey said She s just a young girl, she s the same age as my daughter. It s very scary, and she had no one in Peterhead to give her support. She was actually one of my PSAs at school, she contacted me and it s been great to speak to her. I also was buddies with another lady in Ellon, but unfortunately she passed away before she could get a transplant. It was really sad for her family, and I ll always remember her.

Paula said it is useful to have someone who has gone through similar circumstances to chat to about anything. She said I wanted to do it because I wanted to know more about the buddy. Nobody told me there were people out there that would become friends with you. I would say to people to look at it as a positive thing and unless you ve gone through a life changing operation you don t appreciate what people are going through.

It is good knowing there is somebody on the other end on the phone to listen to you and it is always a medic you chat to. You can speak about hopes and even hobbies and anything in between. One of things you have to remember when you are buddy is that the person might not have had the same operation as you because there are many forms of transplant. Buddies can contact each other using iq option yahoo answers Facebook page Liver Transplant Forum, which also provides support to anyone going through the process.

Audrey has encouraged people to sign up to the register to potentially provide life-saving support to others. She said I don t think people realise that just giving a blood transfusion is donation, you can give plasma and corneas as well. It s just so important, I wouldn t be alive if it wasn t for my organ donor. You can donate kidneys as well. I m very lucky, and I hope Lina lasts for a long time. I have to take medication for the rest of my life, but I hope to live to be an old lady. The group behind the Lina Liver Fundraising and Support Group have been working hard to donate money towards the places that supported them, including ERI, ARI, Aberdeen Air Ambulance Services and Hatton Cruden Services.

So far, they have raised more than 5,000 and have been selling items such as homemade jams and marmalade, knitted teddies, hats and babywear online after Covid-19 cancelled a fundraising event that was planned. Money raised from the online fundraiser will go towards NHS ARI Liver Support Group and Helimed 79, as well as to the Lina Liver Support Group, with hundreds of pounds raised already through that. Anyone who could benefit from a buddy throughout their organ transplant process is encouraged to join the Facebook page Liver Transplant Forum, and Lina Liver Support Group.

Sacking Nathaniel Mendez-Laing was in Cardiff s best interests, says Neil Harris. Latest weekly Covid-19 rates for local authority areas in England. Former world middleweight champion Alan Minter dies at 69. Sunderland set to be without Elliot Embleton when they face Bristol Rovers. Plymouth without Gary Sawyer for Blackpool visit. Lucy Bronze wants to win the Champions League with Manchester City.

Premier League players to switch Black Lives Matter to No Room For Racism slogan. Alex Dyer will not rule out Scotland role but only has eyes for Killie currently. Silence greets Germans braced for shrieking sirens in nationwide alarm test. Has Jos Buttler earned the title of England s greatest white-ball player. Callum Wilson targets 100 top flight goals to fire sleeping giant Newcastle. Pep Guardiola believes Kevin De Bruyne is the best midfielder in the world. Aberdeen road closed as fire crews battle blaze.

Cheltenham defender set for Long spell on the sidelines. Former Aberdeen cop jailed for killing wife launches bid to clear his name. Aberdeen City Council to spend 1. 7 million on gritting roads and pavements. Bus gate camera to be installed in Aberdeen s Union Street. North-east charity working with blind and deaf people nominated for top business award. Winning has become a habit for Cove Rangers and Jamie Masson ahead of debut League One season.

Viking FK boss Bjarne Berntsen warns Europa League rivals Aberdeen his team are used to being written off. Scottish Government delays fan return to sports stadia, but Aberdeen v Kilmarnock test event this weekend will go ahead. Huntly s John Henderson is aiming to dart into world elite in Germany. Peterhead manager Jim McInally demands clarity over showers and loan players before League One kicks off. An Agatha Christie mystery The case of the secret Scots wedding and the Skye banns.

The food and drink tastings not to miss at this year s Taste of Grampian virtual festival. Your NPS account won t get blocked due to FATCA, clarifies PFRDA. NEW DELHI The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority has clarified that NPS accounts of investors who have not submitted the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act FATCA self certification will not be blocked. The clarification, sent to the registered email addresses of NPS investors on Thursday, comes as a relief to some 40 lakh NPS investors.

These investors had been warned that if they failed to submit a physical signed self-certification of the FATCA by 30 April, their NPS account would be blocked. The PFRDA says it will issue fresh guidelines shortly. Besides, the insistence on a physical document is an anachronism at a time when the government is pushing everything to the digital format. Mutual funds accept online submission of the FATCA declaration.

Observers say the FATCA declaration should not be offline because it will unnecessarily add to paperwork. It is a self-certification process, and does not require any documents to be submitted, points out Manoj Nagpal, CEO of Outlook Asia Capital. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act centralized KYC PFRDA NPS FATCA CKYC.

We unblock it and it change back to blocking state again after a moment. We have a hybrid environment being setup and the AD Connect server syncs from user attributes such as PROXYADDRESSES from the onprem AD to Office 365. Please advise where I should check. you can run get-msoluser -userprincipalname email address of the user ft blockedUserprin.

In order to change it you can run set-msoluser command. Check the userprincipalname and primary address it should match with local AD. AADConnect does not sync Userprincipalname. So you will have to use. Compare get-mailbox get-user Get-msoluser for a working and a non working user. Are you using ADFS as well. Edited by Akabe Tuesday, January 24, 2017 8 49 PM. The primary SMTP address in the proxyaddresses attribute is same as UPN.

It is stilll being blocked. ADFS is not used. Does this issue only occur on this user account which is synced from on-promises AD. Commonly, we will choose UPN attribute to use as Azure AD username when configures the Azure AD connect like below. Also you should note that users will not be able to sign-in Azure AD Office365 if their synced UPN suffix does not match a verified domain. Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help. You will have to use powershell to unblock the user from signing into OWA or mailbox by running below command.

Is the affected user s AD account disabled. Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName -BlockCredential false. This attribute would be true and as stated above you have to set it to false. in the Office 365 portal, we are see this user account is blocked. Office365 - It looks like your account is blocked ARGHHH. I just prompted a directory sync for the first time. This may have been because I didn t log off on again. Looking at the logs on my server, it didn t work saying something along the lines of account specified not in builtin administrators group even though I gave domain admin credentials.

Anyway, just tried logging in to office365 portal and now I get. I can no longer access office365 portal I am the only admin. Any ideas on where to point my hammer. Toll-free 0800 032 6417 Local 02034506455. Microsoft can be contacted on 0800 032 6417 They can unlock you. Muchos thanks guys - no doubt it s my error. One hour of being on hold before being cut off. Aaaah, and here I was thinking i d have to have a PremiumGoldPlatinumWithSprinklesAndJellyTots support contract to get help.

Then about 1 1 2 on the phone to an actual person in support. Still not fixed. Hope it doesn t take as long as robk s issue which took weeks to solve. Needs escalating. Can I suggest as we are seeing an increase in complaints on this that you maybe make a second spare admin account. Indeed It seems the escalation queue at Microsoft is very long. I would suggest to anyone make a spare admin account, keep it on the.

com side of the system so no dir sync or ADFS on it just as a get out of jail card for things like this. I started our upgrade the bank holiday weekend. Just finishing off Dir sync now. First line support seem really good, as soon as you pass that it takes time. Well, two weeks later the support guy dealing with my case emailed saying he tried calling me. This communication is in regards with your Case ID xxxxxxxx Issue- cannot sign in to the Portalwherein the case was assigned to my Engineer Azmatwho has been trying to get in touch with you for past few days.

Perhaps you did not find time to revert. We wouldn t want to seem to rush you, but keeping a case open without actively working on it is a concern. If you are busy with another assignment, I shall suggest that we close this case today and we re-open the case whenever you are ready to work on it further. So, I replied with a very curt email saying how i ve waited 2 weeks for any contact etc. 4 hours later I got another from his boss, saying.

Within 30 seconds the support guy phoned. We went through the same process as two weeks ago. He has to email another team with error messages and cannot give me any lead times. Wipro IT Business, IT Services, Consulting, BPO, System Integration, Outsourcing is the outsourcing company dealing with this. I will continue with my install of google apps instead. I m not that impressed at the minute to say the least. If and when I get access again, this is exactly what i ll do. a wonderful thing.

Well if you manage to lock your admin account out of GAPPS I did. you get put straight through to an engineer who will reset it. Maybe i m just naive, but I thought that s what would happen here. A simple flick of the reset account user switch. Another hour on the phone to support. Still no further. jamesbmarshall Do you have a big stick you can poke their way.

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