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So we can ignore this parameter do not pass it at all and use default value 2 or install master branch version using git like. Or another option you can ask repo owner to release new version and publish it on PyPI. Here we are using --upgrade flag since version didn t change so we force to reinstall package. x or ask your own question. Python code option prices data jobs. Need a generic Payroll Module for Sentrifugo application. Should be able to create addition fields like HRA CAR ALLOWANCES etc etc n number of fields and deductions n number of fields.

Once created, these fields will appear in employee master where we define the HRA and other allowances values. Should be able to add Overtime and Holiday Overtime fileds and the values are added at the time of p. i need the python coder for multiple jobs. Details will be informed to selected vendor. I need someone to manage social media for my company to work with my company to manage and produce full solution packages for companies interested in social media.

social media management content creation please provide packages you can produce and need to be most competitive prices and results and testimonials uk based. Experienced front-end developer needed for an existing web application using React. js, Typescript, graphql, and Gatsby framework. Must have at least 5yrs experience with React. js and have min 35hrs available to work. Bonus if you have worked with Sanity. The developer would be working directly with our team on a ticket-by-ticket basis, based on our current priorities in a one week trial first.

Create a pixel perfect email template based on the attached design. Must be mobile responsive and appear properly across all top email clients on popular devices. Don t forget about dark mode. Willing to alter design based upon your suggestions if you need alternatives. Basically have a number of helper functions that need to be written for Python, that cleanse data. I need this done ASAP. Specifications I will share details when you speak to me.

Intention It is a Marketplace that organizes the national trade of automotive parts and services in Venezuela. We want to organize efficiently and with a very clear inheritance hierarchy Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors, Physical Stores and Clients. Motivation Venezuela is a very disorganized country and the National trade of automotive parts is being affected by this situation, we would li. Python Test Harness and Selenium test implementation, more details will be given in the chat.

Create a Django admin using any django admin theme except default theme. Django admin should have following features User Management add edit users, user roles, user permissions Permissions add edit delete blog, add edit delete users, add edit delete categories, add edit delete tags Create permission groups Superadmin can perform any action Superadmin will assign permission group to users.

I have a Raspberry Pi project working in python The Raspberry uses the I2C BUS to switch 16x Relays, monitor 16x Digital Inputs, monitor 8x ADC INPUTS The project is working in python It measures, temp, rpm and other variables from various sources, outputs to the relays depending on conditions of inputs. The next stage of the project is a GUI, I ve decided to go with Node-Red, So far i. I would like this software to be developed using Python.

You need to take this application from here login to view URL 1. Hello I need an Android programmer with an understanding of FIREBASE. The application receives data from the OBD component 2. The data needs to be stored on the FIREBASE server and in addition produce an API. An option to register must be added, with each user having a username and a different type of vehicle that he enters. I want a GIS based web mapping application in Django framework to be developed.

Data should be saved in PostGIS schema, create WMS and WFS services in Django framework without using Geoserver or any other GIS based web serverthese WMS and WFS services should be displayed on Openlayers 4 map. All I need is to develop a web mapping application, there will be a TOC panel on left side and open. The deliverable is assisting with all geodatabase support with ArcSD and MS SQL Server. Have experience setting up and managing web applications for ArcGIS Online. There will be a need for knowledge of ArcGIS Server, Python, Silverlight, JavaScript HTML 5, Dojo, and Arcade.

Hello, We would like to have a logo that is modern, bold, and simple. The brand name is SEQTOO all caps. We sell high quality trending products to both men and women. It s a general market of consumers ages 25-50. The font should be modern, bold, simple. Please create a logo that contains only the text of the brand name. I have a program which will send command to the PIC so it will genera.

I want someone to help me remove one menu option from my website menu bar. Futura, montserrat, helvetica, poppins, avenir round are an option. I need a simple web view android app with project files with below option. I want to hide top header in app which generated by default. User need to allow location, camera, and file manager access. Once user give access to access. they should not ask to allow again as it ask in browser. We use here google html geolocation api in website.

In app accuracy should be min 95 as per strategi iq option 1 menit map. I need following feature implemented in Wordpress for a website selling digital photo editing service online - User can browse different Photo editing packages, each package will display a pic with before and after editing. - user can select any package and upload their pics for that package service. Package is priced per pic edited. - User can continue browsing packages and uploa.

Write well-written words that match with ideological clarity and political clairvoyance. Why my country Needs A Revolution The contents of the article will convey the anger of the citizens towards bad governance, killings in the country, insurgency, hike in the prices of goods. This is a competition and you will give me all right to the article without posting on other websites. Hello, I am using the Dokan-Pro marketplace plugin. I want to make some changes in the delivery part of this plugin.

Basically, some new Texfields will be added. For example, in the vendor delivery section any delivery option- edit new boxes will be added to the pop-up window. I also want to use this data in Vendor Add New Product. So, Vendor will be able to choose from Delivery Op. I need you to design my personal website. Show group posts instead of groups description in grid view 2.

Add follow request option for private account owner and private group 3. Auto read notifications 4. Double tap for like. Please refer to the whitepaper attached below. It contains all the necessary information regarding the tasks. Please be sure to abide by all instructions mentioned in the paper. We have an existing project with following tech stack Frontend React Redux Backend Python Django DevOps AWS, RDS, Cloud Front, Ansible Looking for an expert developer to work with us for a long term engagement.

Espertise and experience in Python Django development is login to view URL in AWS servicesAnsiblebitbucketCI CD pipelines is also an advantage. If you are only a DevOps. Convert a PyQGIS script in Python console of QGIS software to a stand alone script which can be run from outside of a QGIS environment also. I will give you the PyQGIS script which runs successfully inside the QGIS environment using Python Strategi iq option 1 menit.

Looking for a true and confirmed WordPress expert developer frontend and backend to do customisation of my WordPress Video Streaming TV Show website. You must expertise on using Gutenberg Blocks, actions, hooks, etc, otherwise don t bid for this job. The job requirements are as follows 1. Integrating SSL certificate. Editing the entire web pages and adding our own contents. Hello we need to build an APP IOS Android to show Gold Silver prices already have the APIpull some data from our blog and eCommerce site, manage some promos to link to our websites.

I need a Python script that can collect all Detil s links picture attached from website login to view URL The output expected output attached should be exported in excel csv format to the local directory. Attachment Explanation PNG file 1. From all Provinsi s dropdown 2. From all Kabupaten s dropdown 3. URL Link from DETIL Excel File Expected Format. i need the data visualization - Python expert for multiple jobs.

Virtual Assistant - Bilingual Spanish English Virtual Administrative Assistance We are a Spanish language company based in Los Angeles, California, United States. We re looking for assistance on the creation and management of the following areas VIDEOS Edit videos - Add captions Use my tools and products to create content and engagement Use Canva to create pictures and flyers. Hello, I need an application that makes it easier for me to sell on Amazon.

The application consists of several tabs and must fulfill the following tasks 1. Tab1 orders 1. 1 The previous customer orders are displayed in Tab1. Tab2 products 2. 1 Display of all products currently offered by me on Amazon. 2 Immediate manual deletion via Button1 of all products already offered for sale o. Add double tap for like and triple tap for unlike 4. Auto read notifications without mark. I need a high resolution version of a logo file to be used for print banners, business cards, web, etc.

The image provide shows the wooden logo version I d like to make a copy of this logo with any brown or wood in the background. So a transparent background with the option to show wood grain as the background. We are looking for a new colleague for a Python backend developer position, middle or senior level What you have to do Develop new functionality and maintain components of our platform.

Develop integrations with a variety of third-party systems, from FaceBook and Google to various APIs of our partners from different countries. For this purpose, the company has developed a set of integration t. The app would need the following tabs Shop with the ability to break into sub-categories. There will be approximately 30 products. Please see login to view URL for an overview of products and the information that will be required strategi iq option 1 menit upload.

All imagery and content supplied. Orders the ability for customers to see current and previous orders placed, pending orders, an option to. We are looking for python developer who has long experience in automation You should have your own aws account We will use free tier which is free for 12 month You should be good at selenium and json analyzing Needed skills - General Programming methodology - At least 2 years experience of python - Json - Ajax.

I want a expert in python who can teach me Connector developer Write effective, scalable python code Good at object oriented concepts Develop Connectors to various source and target systems platform products Quick learner to understand new products from Integration perspective Quick learner to understand third party python SDK for implementation T. I want to develop an ios application that changes the firebase record as 0 and 1 which will be operated by a switch button that displays the status of a door open close status.

The hardware will be interfaced by us and the role of you would be to display the current status of the door and update it using a switch mechanism. this is a very small project. please post your. I need help to write a report for the code which is written by JavaScript. I need some to do the introductory coding. The code must be original and not plagrised. From chegg, google, or any other website. Also have more work which I can add with this if you want.

Other jobs related to python code option prices data. Python Socket is receiving unexpected messages. So I am very new to networking and I was using the Python Socket library to connect to a server that is suposed to giveme time from the server. Here is the code used. This is the response expected. But i get all this code in the console.

I decided to do a purpsuite check to see what was happening. And I received exactly the information I needed, I will put a capture. But I do not understand why when you pass the information to python, print these strange numbers. I m really lost in this problem, I hope someone finds a solution. Browse other questions tagged python sockets tcp client or ask your own question. Estoy desarrollando un script que me permite obtener cotizaciones de divisas en tiempo real, esto lo hago mediante un API que funciona con websockets, cada cierto tiempo la aplicación se desconecta y me devuelve la siguiente excepción.

Y trato de capturarla con try-except dentro de un bucle while el que se encarga de obtener las cotizacioneseste es mi código. Cómo manejar una excepción dentro de un ciclo while. EDITADO Por alguna razón no puedo eliminar la primera conexión del API y solo usarla en la función conectareso es por recomendación de la documentación de la misma. Pero cuándo levanta una excepción me da esto. La salida normal del programa, sin excepciones es esta. Sigue ejecutando el bloque de except aún cuándo ya recupere la conexión, yo esperaría que solo ejecutara una vez el bloque que soluciona la excepción y siguiera con la ejecución normal del programa, pero no lo hace, y se sigue así, hasta que provoca una nueva excepción pero ahora en urlib3 por exceso de peticiones.

Cómo puedo lograr que se ejecute una sola vez mi bloque de except recupere la conexión con el websocket y siga la ejecución del programa. Tu problema no es con las excepciones, esas están funcionando bien, el problema está en la lógica. Acá te dejo el código, no pude testearlo porque no tengo la API incorporada, pero avisame cualquier cosa.

Como bien dijo FZNB poner un pass puede saturar bastante al programa. Ahí agregué un logging para poder debuguear en caso de error y un sleep para no sobrecargar mucho. x excepciones websocket o formula tu propia pregunta. Ahí estuve viendo el código y creo que encontré una manera mas legible, simple y rápida de solucionarlo, ya que había mucho código repetido, y se rebuscaba bastante con los ciclos.

Real time forex quotes api. Financial data feeds are price services provided by financial data vendors. Most data is delivered as plain text format. Low latency data feed can be binary to reduce data size. Data is provided via an API or as a raw data files. CurrencyDataFeed, Forex Real-Time Intradata, Stocks and Forex. Find Real Time Forex Quotes Results. Real-time NetDania QuoteList of financial forex exchange rates of Forex Majors including Bid, Ask, Change, High and Low and currency convertor.

The 1Forge Realtime Forex Quotes API offers real-time currency pairs quotes in JSON format. Developers can use this API to retrieve quotes for all symbols, specific. This forex rates API offers real time and historical quotes for currency exchange rates FX Real-time currency FX exchange rate quotes - Bid, Ask, Mid, Spread. almost live forex currency rates You can get real-time quotes for a larger but you need to create a demo account and use a COM based Windows API called.

You may look - informazioni opzioni binarie gratuita Currently, the least expensive Real-Time API for US stock prices is from Intrinio - Fintech Marketplace You can access it via WebSocket. Yes there is. IEX offers a Free Real-Time API for over 8,000 stocks. Here is their link. Developer What are some good APIs to get real time stock quotes. Some brokerages offer free quotes, but you have to open an active trading account. - opzioni avanzate di avvio windows 8 Forex feeds API with real time and historical quotes for currency exchange rates.

Is there an API for real-time currency What are some good APIs to get real time stock quotes. Is there any API to get forex. - live currency rates reuters Apr 24, 2015 There are API-based stock tickers you can use. I would look for something like that instead of an RSS feed. has a stock info REST API. Enjoy the free live currency quotes in real-time.

Live streaming FX rates on every currency pair including daily changes and updates. Live forex quotes. Forex data feeds for real-time and historical foreign currency exchange. We calculate currency exchange rates for some of the world s largest payment. - best forex robot in the world free download Forex data feeds for real-time FOREX API Foreign Exchange Rate Data Feed. Connect your app today with real-time and historical foreign exchange quotes. Google Finance Api is something that you can look at.

Example returns Exchange Rate API, Currency Conversion API and Realtime Forex Quote API. Serving realtime tick data for over 500 forex currency pairs and commodities. - vendita online porte finestre in pvc ForexFeed data services deliver Real-Time or Intraday Formats make feeding real-time Currency Precious Metals quotes into your ForexFeed. Currency data feed, Exchange Rates and Forex API. Real-Time Data Feed Solutions for currencies and currency conversions.

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reddcoin wallet sichern rmo trading system. reddcoin wallet sichern viel geld verdienen mit tieren. reddcoin wallet sichern was ist mut psychologie Software Marketing Services. Reddcoin wallet sichern metatrader 4 pivot points download KryptowГ hrung Kaufen Ohne Verifizierung. Reddcoin wallet sichern heizГ lpreis raiffeisen. Reddcoin wallet sichern the offline wallet had no funds.

Reddcoin wallet sichern energiemanagement unternehmen. Running Bitcoin on Debian Reddcoin wallet sichern etoro review whirlpool. Reddcoin wallet sichern was bedeutet trade schlieГџen Best Forex Broker for Big Accounts Bitcoin Mining Pc For Sale. Reliably scraping stock price charts. My goal is to automate scraping a table with currency prices from this website stock prices. As the stock broker doesn t provide APII m forced to find work arounds.

I have already searched for applications for this purpose in order to avoid reinventing the wheel and wasting time money, but unfortunately I didn t find a single one, which would work with this website. What I ve tried. R is known for its simplicity and straight forward use. Lets look at the code which is basically a copy-paste example from a texbook.

Getting an empty table. This option is by far the best, I m actually able to extract the data, but it is very slow and eventually crashes with a memory exhausted error. With this option I m only getting a single table. Getting an empty table as a result. Tried with the Scrapy Shell strategi iq option 1 menit got an empty table as a result.

With pandas I ve got the following error. The Questions. Could you please explain why I m getting empty tables while trying different different web-scraping and HTML parsing tools. What would be the most reliable way to approach web-scraping of this particular stock price web-site. ValueError No tables found matching pattern. Note it might be the site is trying to prevent web-scraping, I ve studied robots.

txtbut it looks like there are only browser-support specific and google-bot specific instructions. The main problem is that this particular site is quite dynamic - loading the tables is done asynchronously with additional XHR requests which your browser would make. All the approaches except for the ones using the actual browser casperJS or PhantomJS would fail since they would only download the initial HTML page without all the dynamic parts. In other words, rvest or urllib2 are not browsers and they don t have JavaScript engines built-in.

Now, with that said, since there is no public API available for this resource, you basically have two general options, let s call it Low-level and High-level. Using the browser developer tools, inspect how the tables are loaded and simulate the same requests in your code - using, for example, requests. Actually automate a real browser with, for example, selenium. This option is similar to your casperJS and phantomJS approaches, but you have to account for certain things like waiting for elements to be loaded - giving a browser time to load the page and the tables.

Let s focus on the second approach. Install selenium via pip. Let s use Chrome you can also use Firefox or PhantomJS or others as well. Assuming you have the actual browser installed, download latest chromedriver for Windows. Go through the Getting Started page and make sure you have it working. Then, let s load your webpage, wait for the tables to be loaded the waiting is done via WebDriverWait and a set of Expected Conditions.

Then, we ll get the page source and pass it to pandas for further parsing and data extraction we could have done it via selenium as well - locate elements and get their texts, but this would be slow - remember your casperJS approach. ROCKETECH is a software development company that specializes in analytics-driven web and mobile development. Our team has released 100 products for 70 startups and enterprises as IT consults. Our solutions are recognized The Apps Of The Day on App Store, receive recognition from Grammy awards and are highly acclaimed in their niches.

We work with complex industries and narrow niches, delving into deep details. Our team implements Agile frameworks Lean, Scrum, Kanban, XPLean Canvas, User Story Mapping, JTBD, CJM etc. Rocketech understands the complexity of your business systems. We devise Use Cases, User Stories, Flows, Entity Relationship Model, State Machine, etc. - to make sure that we choose the most sustainable solution.

Internationally recognized development skills in languages Javascript, PHP, Go, Swift, Java, and others and 100 frameworks, including React. js, Laravel etc. We design - we handle wireframing, UX UI, Illustrations, Logotypes, Icons. Our team runs Automated Testing with Selenium, Web Vulnerability tests, Smoke, UI, Regression testing and User Acceptance UAT testing of mobile web applications. We maintain. Our team performs continuous testing, tech debt management, and upgrade delivery.

Our team implements DevOps, using CI CD, Docker, Kubernetes. Custom Software Development Mobile App Development. Small Business Midmarket 10M - 1B Enterprise 1B. Financial services Business services Education. Galamart, Walmart, McKinsey, IQ Option, Vodafone, Sberbank, Unilever, TinkoffBank, Mail. Project description Dice Chess is a variation of classic chess with elements of a game of chance.

A user deposits money and competes with random people, but as opposed to the regular chess rules, they have to roll the dice to determine which piece they may move. Our role UX UI Design, Web development. Tech stack React. js, React Hooks, PHP. The challenge The client came to us with an old ready-made product and asked to rebuild it into a present-date web app. Rocketech devs studied architecture and structure of the old project, as well as the protocol and data exchange format. The goal was to liven up the obsolete functionality and ensure safety at where people put their money at stake.

The solution We updated the frontend and the backend of a 25-year-old application, refreshed the design, and adapted the interface for mobile devices. New layout tailored for mobile devices. CSS-based 3D animation. Fullscreen for iPhone. The ability to create a group game for three game types Classic, Double-Up, and Tournament. Backend adjustments and adaptation to the modern frontend.

The next chess move suggestion option. The ability to raise bids and suggest a rematch. For clients security, we made sure that the gaming progress freezes in case of server-side issues. Results The Rocketech team delivered full functionality from registration to creating games and participating in them. Throughout the work, we fixed the backend bugs, added gaming features, and improved 3D animation for the game created back in 1995. The next stage objective is speeding up the backend by 2-3 times and scaling of the project.

We doubled the game speed on the client side. Project description Foodband is a 24 7 pizza delivery service that offers custom-made pizza, beverages, and snacks. The platform has a web version and an Android iOS mobile app. Our role UX UI Design, Illustrations, Animations, Mobile. Tech stack Swift, Realm, GoogleMaps, Firebase. Naturally, people should be able to order pizza in a few seconds, and the company has to receive the request immediately.

We were called in to design the app f, implement database support, and develop essential functionality. For this client, the main priority was the product s speed and responsiveness. On-demand food delivery e-commerce mobile app - the orders are placed in the basket and confirmed with an SMS. Users can pay after delivery, with a card, or Google Pay.

The point system encourages long-term customers and supports a solid client-company relationship. UI UX design, from the starting screen to advanced delivery settings panels. We created a custom test server for the initial development and testing stages. Firebase implementation for organizing customers statistics, user behavior monitoring, and app performance management. The company was ranked the Best Pizza Service in Moscow, according to Big Picture, a leasing Russian media company.

50 000 app downloads in 2 years. 658 positive reviews. MTC Investments. Tech stack Alamofire, REST, WebSockets, Charts, Yandex Metrica, Fabric, Crashlytics. UX UI Design, Illustrations, Mobile Development, Backend, Support. MTC Invest is an investment mobile manager where users can manage and acquire assets, monitor equity investments, and control currency fluctuations.

A client came to us with a request for developing a responsive and intuitive mobile app that would combine all essential features of an investment manager. The end result is a smart investment manager that maintains all investment data in a single database. Investment management, integration with funds and their statistics.

Personal investment profile with the full portfolio. Implementing push-notifications and mobile APIs. Real-time fund statistics and precise comparison. The platform currently manages assets worth of 69 billion RUB. The MTC funding was ranked the best mobile asset by Invest funds rating. The application received an A evaluation from Expert PA, a financial research company. In 2017, the application brought 15,1 of profit to an average user. Released in 2016, the Welny platform immediately revolutionized the traditional industry approach, offering on-demand delivery of massage services.

The website connects first-rate masseurs and clients via a website and mobile app. Our role Mobile Development, Backend, Support. Tech stack Python Django. The client came to us after an unfortunate development experience - the website didn t fit modern design and development standards.

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