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As the stock broker doesn t provide APII m forced to find work arounds. I have already searched for applications for this purpose in order to avoid reinventing the wheel and wasting time money, but unfortunately I didn t find a single one, which would work with this website. What I ve tried. R is known for its simplicity and straight forward use. Lets look at the code which is basically a copy-paste example from a texbook.

Getting an empty table. This option is by far the best, I m actually able to extract the data, but it is very slow and eventually crashes with a memory exhausted error. With this option I m only getting a single table. Getting an empty table as a result. Tried with the Scrapy Shell but got an empty table as a result. With pandas I ve got the following error. The Questions. Could you please explain why I m getting empty tables while trying different different web-scraping and HTML parsing tools.

What would be the most reliable way to approach web-scraping of this particular stock price web-site. ValueError No tables found matching pattern. Note it might be the site is trying to prevent web-scraping, I ve studied robots. txtbut it looks like there are only browser-support specific and google-bot specific instructions. The main problem is that this particular site is quite dynamic - loading the tables is done asynchronously with additional XHR requests which your browser would make.

All the approaches except for the ones using the actual browser casperJS or PhantomJS would fail since they would only download the initial HTML page without all the dynamic parts. In other words, rvest or urllib2 are not browsers and they don t have JavaScript engines built-in. Now, with that said, since there is no public API available for this resource, you basically have two general options, let s call it Low-level and High-level. Using the browser developer tools, inspect how the tables are loaded and simulate the same requests in your code - using, for example, requests.

Actually automate a real browser with, for example, selenium. This option is similar to your casperJS and phantomJS approaches, but you have to account for certain things like waiting for elements to be loaded - giving a browser time to load the page and the tables. Let s focus on the second approach. Install selenium via pip. Let s use Chrome you can also use Firefox or PhantomJS or others as well. Assuming you have the actual browser installed, download latest chromedriver for Windows.

Go through the Getting Started page and make sure you have it working. Then, let s load your webpage, wait for the tables to be loaded the waiting is done via WebDriverWait and a set of Expected Conditions. Then, we ll get the page source and pass it to pandas for further parsing and data extraction we could have done it via selenium as well - locate elements and get their texts, but this would be slow - remember your casperJS approach.

ROCKETECH is a software development company that specializes in analytics-driven web and mobile development. Our team has released 100 products for 70 startups and enterprises as IT consults. Our solutions are recognized The Apps Of The Day on App Store, receive recognition from Grammy awards and are highly acclaimed in their niches. We work with complex industries and narrow niches, delving into deep details.

Our team implements Agile frameworks Lean, Scrum, Kanban, XPLean Canvas, User Story Mapping, JTBD, CJM etc. Rocketech understands the complexity of your business systems. We devise Use Cases, User Stories, Flows, Entity Relationship Model, State Machine, etc. - to make sure that we choose the most sustainable solution. Internationally recognized development skills in languages Javascript, PHP, Go, Swift, Java, and others and 100 frameworks, including React.

js, Laravel etc. We design - we handle wireframing, UX UI, Illustrations, Logotypes, Icons. Our team runs Automated Testing with Selenium, Web Vulnerability tests, Smoke, UI, Regression testing and User Acceptance UAT testing of mobile web applications. We maintain. Our team performs continuous testing, tech debt management, and upgrade delivery. Our team implements DevOps, using CI CD, Docker, Kubernetes.

Custom Software Development Mobile App Development. Small Business Midmarket 10M - 1B Enterprise 1B. Financial services Business services Education. Galamart, Walmart, McKinsey, IQ Option, Vodafone, Sberbank, Unilever, TinkoffBank, Mail. Project description Dice Chess is a variation of classic chess with elements of a game of chance. A user deposits money and competes with random people, but as opposed to the regular chess rules, they have to roll the dice to determine which piece they may move.

Our role UX UI Design, Web development. Tech stack React. js, React Hooks, PHP. The challenge The client came to us with an old ready-made product and asked to rebuild it into a present-date web app. Rocketech devs studied architecture and structure of the old project, as well as the protocol and data exchange format. The goal was to liven up the obsolete functionality and ensure safety at where people put their money at stake.

The solution We updated the frontend and the backend of a 25-year-old application, refreshed the design, and adapted the interface for mobile devices. New layout tailored for mobile devices. CSS-based 3D animation. Fullscreen for iPhone. The ability to create a group game for three game types Classic, Double-Up, and Tournament. Backend adjustments and adaptation to the modern frontend. The next chess move suggestion option. The ability to raise bids and suggest a rematch.

For clients security, we made sure that the gaming progress freezes in case of server-side issues. Results The Rocketech team delivered full functionality from registration to creating games and participating in them. Throughout the work, we fixed the backend bugs, added gaming features, and improved 3D animation for the game created back in 1995.

The next stage objective is speeding up the backend by 2-3 times and scaling of the project. We doubled the game speed on the client side. Project description Foodband is a 24 7 pizza delivery service that offers custom-made pizza, beverages, and snacks. The platform has a web version and an Android iOS mobile app. Our role UX UI Design, Illustrations, Animations, Mobile.

Tech stack Swift, Realm, GoogleMaps, Firebase. Naturally, people should be able to order pizza in a few seconds, and the company has to receive the request immediately. We were called in to design the app f, implement database support, and develop essential functionality. For this client, the main priority was the product s speed and responsiveness. On-demand food delivery e-commerce mobile app - the orders are placed in the basket and confirmed with an SMS. Users can pay after delivery, with a card, or Google Pay.

The point system encourages long-term customers and supports a solid client-company relationship. UI UX design, from the starting screen to advanced delivery settings panels. We created a custom test server for the initial development and testing stages. Firebase implementation for organizing customers statistics, user behavior monitoring, and app performance management. The company was ranked the Best Pizza Service in Moscow, according to Big Picture, a leasing Russian media company.

50 000 app downloads in 2 years. 658 positive reviews. MTC Investments. Tech stack Alamofire, REST, WebSockets, Charts, Yandex Metrica, Fabric, Crashlytics. UX UI Design, Illustrations, Mobile Development, Backend, Support. MTC Invest is an investment mobile manager where users can manage and acquire assets, monitor equity investments, and control currency fluctuations. A client came to us with a request for developing a responsive and intuitive mobile app that would combine all essential features of an investment manager.

The end result is a smart investment manager that maintains all investment data in a single database. Investment management, integration with funds and their statistics. Personal investment profile with the full portfolio. Implementing push-notifications and mobile APIs. Real-time fund statistics and precise comparison. The platform currently manages assets worth of 69 billion RUB.

The MTC funding was ranked the best mobile asset by Invest funds rating. The application received an A evaluation from Expert PA, a financial research company. In 2017, the application brought 15,1 of profit to an average user. Released in 2016, the Welny platform immediately revolutionized the traditional industry approach, offering on-demand delivery of massage services.

The website connects first-rate masseurs and clients via a website and mobile app. Our role Mobile Development, Backend, Support. Tech stack Python Django. The client came to us after an unfortunate development experience - the website didn t fit modern design and development standards. We wanted to give Welny a fresh feel with minimalistic UX UI and clear visuals. The end-platform had to look different, just like the concept itself. First, we focused on researching market needs and dissecting the target audience.

We understood that we are dealing with the diverse client group and opted in favor of neutral vector graphics. Admin panel development and API integration. Food-delivery format, with instant order processing and confirmation, innovative to massage industry. 50 interface screenshots adapted to different target audience segments. The service was highly praised by major Russian media - vc.

ru, NTV, and others. The company became the only end-to-end message delivery service on the Russian market and created a marketplace for industry professionals. 500 positive user reviews with an average App Store score of 4,8 out of 5. After the release, the startup was noticed, several angel investors. Tech stack Nest. js, Bitrix24 CRM. Our role UI UX Design, Front End, Web Development, CRM integration.

Chin-Chin is a customizable cocktail delivery service which makes getting a personalized drink set as easy as ordering a pizza. Website visitors can choose their favorite. Our client came to us with a request to automate order creation and delivery monitoring on a simple platform. The website was envisioned to deliver a full experience of personalized cocktail creation to the end-user as well as simplify business management for Chin-Chin s team. The solution We combined an inner management platform with a stylish online store with personalized cocktail offers.

It s an online cocktail bar where users order their drink sets and learn more about the company. Also, it s an automation platform for crucial business processes - product management, order processing, delivery, customer relations, documentation. Our implementation of Bitrix CRM allowed clients to integrate rich functionality that perfectly corresponded to the client s needs. Performance testing for Bitrix-powered website to assure that the team promptly receives customer requests.

The order tracking system, inspired by Dominos - the end user previews the order status from a PC, smartphone or tablet via a cross-platform web app. We reduced the costs at 10 times by integrating a ready-to-use CRM instead of writing a custom management tool. The MVP, created by Rocketech, was successfully presented to stakeholders, clients, and investors. The app was envisioned to provide currency updates, performance statistics, and give qualified advice about a given asset.

Instead of writing the platform from scratch, we seamlessly integrated a ready product, cutting 10x expenses. An international sports association reached out to our team for the development of a tournament organization and management system. A client was looking for a powerful web solution that would accumulate all the data about upcoming and past tournaments, participants, clubs, responsible members. The entire platform, both front-end and back-end was built from scratch by our team.

This way, we made sure that the functionality and internal logic fit perfectly the needs of the federation. Moreover, the platform was expected to be used during the tournaments as well - keeping track of. Our role UX UI Design, Web development, Backend, Support. Tech stack PHP, Laravel, Web-socket, PostgreSQL, ReactJs. The key requirement to a platform was fast performance and reliability. On the tournament day and before competitions, the system had to accommodate thousands of users, their personal data, identification documents, photos, etc.

Since it s a sports federation website, another challenge was to find an appropriate design theme something that would represent official authorities but would also be usable and intuitive. We had to find a fine line between complexity and simplicity for quick scaling. ROCKETECH developers built frontend and backend for the platform. All content was divided into 10 pages the feed of tournaments, personal page, personalities, the event calendar, registration, search and filters, and news blog.

One team focused on building a client-side interface. Backend operations were even more complex - the system is tailored to club managers and federation members. We enabled APIs for planners, data storage, tracking, notifications. Admin panels enable federation members to process and accept competition requests, approve club memberships, and manage tournaments. Full-stack web development our team developed a client-side app for users club members, owners, competition participants.

UX UI design we defined user personas, their interests, needs, and concerns and built a frontend that correlates with all of them. A complex admin panel for real-time tournament management and preparation. Content management the website has a blog where administrators post news about tournaments. We connected all participants of sports events, organization, and management - contestants, creators of the events, coaches, content managers, system administrators. The system was developed to sustain the user load of 400 000 visitors and proved on multiple occasions its high-performance capacities.

We were working with a limited budget and found creative solutions that reduced time expenses and allowed us to save human resources and reduce expenses. Different user roles are able to interact with each other. Despite the long pauses in the development of iq option 90 project, it was brought to release. Built a responsive and intuitive UI despite the platform s high functional complexity. Project description IL Conto keeps count of all the joint payments, be it ticket purchases or restaurant tabs, and notifies group members when it s their turn to pay.

Our role Mobile Development, UX UI Design, Support. Tech stack Swift, iOS SDK, iOS MVP, Alamofire, REST API, APNs. The client came to us with an app design to help keep count of all the cost-sharing during travels. When travelling in a large group, members often pay for one another, and by the end of the trip it s hard to say how much members owe each other. The client had a small dev team from the previous project but they were with zero experience in mobile development. We took upon ourselves cross-team management, testing, development and implementation of hypotheses.

Users install the app, create a transaction or a group, and the paying members register the amount, the date, and the event for which they had to pay. After the trip, the app would sum all the costs up and notify members to return the debt. What the app offers. Keeps tabs on more than 100 currencies in real time. The joint-cost is divided between all the members in the transaction.

If members paid unevenly, you can manually fix the costs of each. There s a web version of the product. We made an instant offline mode of the app. Premium subscription allows to register an unlimited number of groups and transactions. We developed and released the end product in 3 months. Our task was to design an app that would register all the joint payments and notify the owing members to pay on time.

ROCKETECH supervised the client s dev team and directed the collective effort to release the end product. We reached the result by collaborating with two teams. An average score of 4,3 out of 5 in App Store. SmartBuilding is an automated platform where construction organizations automate supervision, staff management, documentation, and construction access control.

Tech stack Next. js, GraphQL, Redux, React, MySQL. Business Analytics, Agile coaching, design, API, Development, Testing, Maintenance. The client had several goals for the project. The first one was to make sure that a supervisor can quickly obtain data about a single construction worker anytime. The next step is to automate documentation, notifying staff about work quality and safety violations. We created an MVP for digitalized construction management infrastructure where a client can control documentation, monitor work hours, materials, and costs.

A QR code is attached to the worker s helmet - by scanning the code, the manager receives access to the full profile. Access Control List provides clients with multi-layered access configurations - users receive rights for viewing, managing, or editing worker profiles. Construction site database stores information in the intuitive dashboard where users can sort through entries, preview the locations, monitor the construction progress.

With the combination of Agile and Scrum best practices, we managed to develop a complex platform from scratch in 2 months. The solution has disrupted the market with a unique solution for full construction work automation. The platform iq option 90 attracted several construction companies already at the MVP stage. ROCKETECH developed a complex CRM for real estate companies and their clients. With more than 50 companies managing their properties, Appartex quickly became one of the biggest solutions on the market.

Our role Frontend, Backend. Tech stack Java, Angular. The solution, CRM software, had to automate interactions with clients, documentation, accounting, marketing to assist real estate companies in managing the available property. Security, simple interface, short learning curve were essential requirements. An all-in-one leasing management service that enables owners to keep track of their leasing workflow.

We developed a cross-platform web platform and a mobile app for real estate managers, their clients, and staff. Rocketech created custom versions of the platform for the major commercial centers and shopping malls. 50 business centers use Apartex to manage rented properties. The product is used by major management companies - BI Property, M-Line Property Management, Mobil Realty Management Company, developers - TM Engineering, Sensata Group. You can use it without the internet, and when coming online, the app syncs the cache with the backend data.

200 000 received in investments. The service currently manages more than 200 000 m2. Pocket Safe is a password manager app that helps people log in to services they rely on every day. Pocket Safe. Our role UX UI Design, Mobile Development, Backend, QA. Tech stack Node. JS, Express, MySQL, Mailgun. This wasn t an easy one - our devs had to architect the UX and fill it with UI elements according to the Apple guidelines, connect the frontend and the backend, test the thing, and deliver it to the client market-ready all in a matter of a month.

The challenge The team was summoned to create an uncluttered password manager mobile application for logging into any websites with a single sign-on solution. We created an app that grants access to multiple passwords under an extra-secure Master Password. Users can auto-login to their favorite websites, change passwords right from the app, organize them into groups, and share account access with multiple people.

We developed a minimalistic UX UI to avert unnecessary user actions. The app communicates with the database through the secure Rest API. The library of the most popular services was preinstalled for a comfier search. For extra security, we implemented a 4-digit PIN code lock and an auto-lock timer that blocks the app after a specified period of inactivity. We implemented in-app subscription purchase with a 3-day free trial. The end product is a straightforward mobile solution that increases productivity and decreases the likelihood of password-related breaches.

In just a month, we managed to build the app from scratch on time, on budget. Pocket Safe is translated into 32 languages and currently available in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Rocketech created an MVP for Humm. ly - a science-based player for musical therapy. Board-certified music therapists create playlists for stress relief, sleep aid, and mood enhancement. UX UI Design, Illustrations, Animations, Mobile Development, Web, Support.

Tech stack ReactJS, PHP7. A ready-to-test minimum valuable product with essential functionality and design. Our team laid the ground for further development and testing activities with thorough marketing research, strategy outlining, and creative design. We offered a cost-optimized cooperation methodology - a founder directly cooperated with the team members. Rocketech design team completely redesigned the application, changing key business processes.

Development and testing team managed tech debt and improved the existing functionality of the product. Our team developed and tested new user scenarios and brought the solution to new target audiences.Mashable, and Forbes. The final app became a music sensation and received positive reviews from HuffPost, Grammy Awarsds, Inc. 9 is an average App Store score, based on 1. The application was included in the top The Apps We Love 2019 on the App Store.

Our team was asked to develop a mining tool for active crypto production. The result was Sigmapool - a crypto mining pool with more than 60 000 active workers and over 700 active miners. The infrastructure of the pool is based on the Kubernetes cluster for comfortable service management. All external connections are processed by CloudFlare so the service is protected from. Our role Branding, UX UI Design, Animations, Web, Development, Backend, Blockchain, Support.

NET multicurrency. Tech stack Koa, VueJS, Mongo DB, PostgreSQL. Coin Daemon for transaction processing. Active backup instance - the pool resets to the previously saved version in case of an emergency. js Koa for web application with ith the MongoDB - an independent database for backup copies of essential data. The main base in PostgreSQL, used only for mining data.

Auto-deployment of repository s application - the service downloads the necessary components automatically, saving the team s time and resources for maintenance. Over 47,000 miners, with a total capacity of 397 PH s, are constantly working on Sigmapool only on the BTC pool. Working server period stable - 99. Babystep is a Learning Management Platform LMS platform for parents who want to implement innovative teaching methods into their kids learning curve.

Our team scaled the MVP into the platform connects parents to learning experts. The website combines the functionality of a social media and marketplace, serving as a ground for communication, blogging, and service. Tech stack ReactJS, Swift, NodeJS, WebRTC. UX UI Design Support, Web Development, Mobile Development, Support. Combining mobile React JS technology and RTC library on a web LMS. Performance testing and UX UI implementation.

Load testing - the software is capable to process 10 000 requests. Our developers joined the Babystep s in-house team in a long-term partnership. The application was recognized as The Best Socially Responsible Startup Of 2016 by GMIC. ROCKETECH developed a mobile learning assistant, App Kanku - the project is currently one of the biggest collection of 3D karate moves, exclusive articles, and inspiring mottos.

Our role UX UI Design. In the app, users can access new techniques, visualize the body movements, create a schedule, and view the moves from different angles. Tech stack React Native, Node. Compressed animated 3D models and tutorials. 4 screen versions, created and managed in Figma. The content delivery system for media and text files, capable of processing thousands of requests.

Dynamic image rendering system. A highly scalable product - the application successfully works on the international market; it was also translated to 8 languages. Our team adapted the app to Android and iOS, overseeing tests and maintenance. PIX Backpack. PIX Backpack was conceptualized as an innovation for young audiences as a tech-savvy way of standing out. It s a smart cross-platform accessory, equipped by a LED-light panel.

Tech stack React Native, Bluetooth 4. Our role Mobile development, Support. Our task was to develop the product s minimum viable product and prepare the prototype for WebSummit. Enable image and video transfer via a Bluetooth 4. 0 LE protocol. An auto-save feature whenever a user adds a new graphic document or animation, the backpack stores the information on the mobile client. A reset feature for each user action. PIX Backpack raised 150,000 on Kickstarter, overachieving the initial goals of 35,000.

The company successfully presented the product at CES 2018 and Web Summit 2017. The team attracted worldwide investors and was considered the best Ukrainian innovation of 2018 by PRM. Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University is a multifunctional state higher educational institution. In 2010, it received the status of a national research university, which was a recognition of its role and capabilities in both training and multidisciplinary research and development.

In the rating of technical universities in Russia, Polytechnic always holds leading positions. We have developed a website with all the necessary functionality and concise design in the style of Polytech. Visitors to the resource can find all the necessary information, create a personal cabinet and make an electronic payment for tuition. The administration of the. Thanks to a convenient and simple system, all of these actions are very simple, even for a user who is not very tech-savvy.

To this day, RockeTech provides technical and informational support for this project. Biella is the exclusive representative in Russia for the manufacture of designer accessories and garments with the participation of leading European brands and fashion houses. Products are unique in their style of accessories, as they are created for the individual needs of the customer in a limited number and designed with the uniqueness of the model series. Aside from the website itself. Ikra Festival.

White Rabbit Family conducted a joint project in Sochi, and they decided upon working with RockeTech to build a website. Thanks to the quality of the design and simplicity of use, the site turned into an essential element of the project. It provided a complete breakdown of all major details, posted announcements of upcoming events, and all information relating to ticket purchasing. The project was organized.

The developed system which is the online banking operating currencies BitCoin type. The project is an atypical representative of the art is structured functional, designed to the smallest details of the design, as well as mobile applications for ease of use with different devices. The basic principle of this system is its simplicity, this condition is fulfilled in all, as in the creation of an electronic purse and in.

Wine Express app. An application that selects a suitable wine by analyzing the facial expression on the photo made in the application or selected from iq option 90 gallery. To work with the application you need to be authorized through one of the following social networks GoogleFacebook or Vkontakte. After a successful analysis, the user is offered to buy the wine or one of the similar available wines in the store. There is also the. Technology stack React Native frameworks react-native-view-shot, react-native-share, react-native-fbsdk, react-native-google-signin, react-native-vksdk.

Sapron - Platform for the market of construction machinery. - Find new orders so that your equipment will never be idle - Do you need a co-executor or do not have time to fulfill the application. Download it to the system, specify the desired commission and in a few minutes for your application there is a performer.

And Sapron will help to check whether the commissioner paid the commission. - Communicate in our Lenta. CRM Dev for Commercial Real Estate Firm. High level of technical skills and knowledge. ROCKETECH provided CRM development. the reviewer. They built the CRM system for the company. ROCKETECH successfully completed the system. The client submitted this review online.

The remote-based workflow was professional and smooth. They had great technical knowledge overall. Background Challenge Solution Results Ratings. Please describe your company and your position there. BI Property is one of the leaders in the Kazakhstan commercial real estate market. For what projects services did your company hire ROCKETECH. We needed the support and development of the CRM system of our facilities.

What were your goals for this project. ROCKETECH previously helped develop Appartex CRM and we chose this product for the introduction and development - this was the goal of the project. How did you select this vendor. We chose Rosketech based on their experience, skills and knowledge. Describe the project in detail. Rocketech has been developing the CRM system for a long time and we were one of the clients of this platform.

We needed some changes and contacted ROCKETECH. The team quickly understood our tasks as a whole. I believe that this is a real team of professionals, quickly understands the essence of the technical task and fulfills its obligations on time and with high quality. What was the team composition. It was presented as a technical analyst, tester, project manager and developer. Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success.

We are professionally engaged in commercial real estate and the CRM is extremely important to us because it helps to work with all our tenants and all the associated elements and participants in this process. Despite we decided to use another solution for tenants iq option 90 it was a great opportunity to communicate with a team of professionals who know how to analyze, develop, re-engineering projects.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs. We have built effective remote work and communication with all team members. Rocketech quickly connected to the project, listened to our requests and offered different solutions. What did you find most impressive about this company. High level of technical skills and knowledge, also perfect communication skills. e-docflow with Kazakhstan.

Are there any areas for improvement. ON TIME DEADLINES. Value within estimates. Service deliverables. Willing to refer. Development Support for Pension Asset Management Platform. ROCKETECH has provided us with specialists of several qualifications who continue our long productive work. ROCKETECH assigned development resources to build out new features on an existing pension platform. Working with a legacy tech stack, they provided a Delphi programmer, web programmer, and manual tester.

Despite working remotely, ROCKETECH upheld effective communication with each team member, which allowed them to be flexible in their teamwork. They could switch out different resources depending on the skill set required. Ultimately, the platform served as the company s main asset management tool. Aviva is a British multinational insurance company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

It has about 33 million customers 3 across 16 countries. In the United Kingdom, Aviva is the largest general insurer and a leading life and pensions provider. I was a project manager in the Business Application department. We are a private pension fund. We were looking for developers to extend our team. ROCKETECH helped us to improve with strong engineers and QA testers.

Long term relations in terms of developers and development partners. Our aim is skilled engineers that helped us with the realisation of new features in our platform. We were choosing them with tender. Describe the project and the services they provided in detail. We searched for several developers with specific requirements. Our system was developed long ago and a very old technology stack was selected. We had and remain the current team, but it was necessary to strengthen with new forces.

ROCKETECH has provided us with specialists of several qualifications who continue our long productive work with us. A manual software tester with sql knowledge at the query compilation level. Delphi programmer RAD Studio with knowledge of Oracle sql, trigger, procedures, functions. Work with a client-server application.

Web programmer. NET, BLToolkit, CEntity Framework. I had knowledge of SQL, working with an Oracle database. Can you share any information that demonstrates the impact that this project has had on your business. Our business is associated with money management and disposal, the platform is the main asset management tool. How was project management arranged and how effective was it.

There was direct effective communication with each member of the team and despite the remote work, the guys became a single link in our IT department. The team is responsive and flexible towards teamwork aimed at the result. Ability to offer different engineers very fast and change them. ROCKETECH taking the responsibility and present quality developers. We liked it s SLA because we are focusing on new features, product business logic, but a people just coming from ROCKETECH.

Continue to maintain the same quality of service. Password Manager App Dev. for Mobile App Developer. Most of all I liked the fact that the team quickly solved all difficulties. They wrote code for the front- iq option 90 backend and they integrated the app with a mail service. Although the project is still preparing for launch, ROCKETECH collaborated extremely well with the client.

The team completed all tasks and resolved any issues quickly. They were always willing to share their expertise and offered solutions to problems. Introduce your business and what you do there. I am the head of mobile app development at Rich Peach Media. Our team specializes in developing and advertising our own mobile products. What challenge were you trying to address with the vendor. Our company was interested in developing our own password manager application.

The main goal was to develop a high-quality mobile application that could be useful for our potential users. What was the scope of their involvement. ROCKETECH developed a password manager application for a mobile product advertiser. The team faced the following tasks developing the concept of a mobile application, creating a unique design, writing the application code front and backintegrating the application with the mail service, testing the finished product, and then transferring the finished application to our team.

What is the team composition. The team included a business analyst, back-end developer, front-end developer, tester, and designer. For our part, the project manager and developer worked, who was responsible for setting up analytics and publishing the application in Store. How did you come to work with them. Our colleagues advised us to contact Rocket for our purpose. After several joint meetings at which we discussed our goals for this project, comparing similar offers from competing companies, we decided to develop the application specifically from to Rocketech.

At this moment, there is no such data, we are only preparing to launch an advertising campaign. How did the team perform from a project management standpoint. We are absolutely pleased with how the interaction between our teams took place. All tasks were completed, all problems were quickly resolved in work chats.

What did you find most impressive about them. Most of all I liked the fact that the team quickly solved all difficulties, offered us many solutions in various situations, shared expertise. And of course the quality of the code. Are there any areas they could improve. Basically, we were satisfied with everything, I think that changes are not needed. Any advice for potential customers. Design for Refrigeration Storage Company. I especially appreciated their team s understanding and flexibility with the financial processes of our company.

ROCKETECH developed the corporate website for a rebrand of a commercial climate control company. They worked with the client to incorporate new designs and build out the front and backend of the site. A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. The final product delivered by ROCKETECH is highly professional, informative, and aesthetically pleasing.

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement. Their team was accomodating and communicative throughout their work with the client, helping them to successfully A B test all features of the new site before launch. Below is an edited transcript. MultiCold is a project of the Russian developer RAM Group, which has been operating in the field of construction and subsequent rental of the warehouse since 2011.

This is a network of large-scale food multi-temperature distribution centers that provide refrigeration and freezing storage areas for storing goods of various low-temperature regimes. Since 2014, the company has embodied the reality of most of its plans and has come to a result that can be proud of. We have become one of the largest Moscow networks specializing in the construction and management of industrial real estate, improving the turnover among manufacturers, wholesale companies and the end consumer.

I am a Commercial Director and Chief project curator. We rebranded and needed a quality contractor with whom we could precisely complete the project in a short time. ROCKETECH quickly and actively engaged in this work. Have a beautiful corporate website and partner with whom we can work on our other projects. There were about 8 people in total.

Including Business analyst, Designer, Developers, QA testers, and Marketing team division. We chose by portfolio selection, ability, and flexibility, qualifications of people working in the company, reviews, and similar implemented projects. The site has helped our sales and, as a whole, has become a reliable brand tool for our group of companies, which shows the seriousness of the company to our employees, partners, and customers.

It was well organized and led by an experienced business analyst. I especially appreciated their team s understanding and flexibility with the internal financial processes of our company. In other words, the work in the process was provided before the amount paid. There were a lot of conversations, documents, and calls, and all of them led to our results.

Direct communication with all team members, I liked openness and competence. We are grateful to this company for its productive work and the flexibility shown, which absolutely gives the result. It is very difficult at times to speak, only with the manager, the whole team is needed in order for ideas to be conveyed better and embodied faster. I would like to advise the ROCKETECH team as one of their products to make the development of many different design variations and quickly conduct A B testing on a real audience.

In my opinion, if the guys can implement my recommendations, it will be valuable to customers and will distinguish them from other competing companies by their personalized approach and quality of execution. Do you have any advice for potential customers. Platform Dev for Investment Group. Despite the pause in the project, the team quickly returned to work and this did not affect the quality. The platform is to function for individual and joint investments of various modules.

ROCKETECH is developing a web platform for an investment company. ROCKETECH s work is essential for the company to function. Always meeting deadlines, the team acted in a very coherent manner and resolved all unforeseen issues quickly. They stayed within budget and conducted a discovery sprint of the client s financial platform. Investing platform Co-founder. We are at investing filed and we was looking for team who can implement our web platform.

The main tool to work with them is the platform. In general, we were satisfied with the speed and cost of the project. Attracting investors to capitalize investments in stock markets. ROCKETECH have been selected from five companies for the implementation of our project. This is a platform for individual and joint investments, most of the functions under a non-disclosure agreement Some of them - Authorization and registration - Asset allocation - Security module - BI module - Integration with the exchange - Cryptocurrency Integration Module.

A team with a flexible work model implementing block by block. We were convinced by the speed of relocation and the price of each function. Very experienced Business analyst, 2 Backend and Frontend developers, tester, DevOps, SCRUM master, Designer. The platform for us is the main system of the company. Without it, the meaning of the project is lost. We met with Rocketech in 2018. At that time we have started our project and was thinking how it will be released.

Rocketech very quickly conducted a discovery sprint of our financial platform that they were to implement. Other companies began to offer to write technical documentation, while Rocketech proposed to start and move on the project in short sprints with the implementation of functionality for each sprint. The development team acted in a very coherent manner, always meeting the deadlines and budget in accordance with the established budget; they resolved all unforeseen issues related to this project very quickly by contacting and coordinating them with us.

it is very difficult to find a competent team of professionals with whom I would like to continue working for many years to come, Rocketech deserves the title of such a company. Automation Dev for Credit Services. ROCKETECH provided development for a loan application platform. Their team created a microservice architecture to process applications and also assisted with the backend.

The collaboration was very efficient. ROCKETECH supplied efficient and effective work. The collaboration was efficient and the team was very flexible. Communication and flexibility were impressive. The work met all expectations. Platform for automated selection and distribution of B2B customer applications for credit products. Banks miss out on approximately 70 of profit, being compelled to to process loan applications which do not meet their requirements.

I m Operational coordinator. 65 of companies are denied access to bank products on circumstantial grounds. So we found the way to solve that issue due to special platform service. The project is aimed to provide automated selection and distribution of credit applications for b2b customers making allowance for the requirements of banks with a tool for inter-bank purchase and sale of rejected applications. Rocketech was chosen because the task was understood quickly and competently, acceptable price and timing of the task was offered.

The specialists have relevant experience in performing such tasks. The development team took a flexible and competent approach to tasks, choosing advanced technologies. The team consisted of 6 people. The team developed the service topology, created a microservice architecture for processing credit applications from iq option 90 banks, and made the back end part of the service.

All members were highly qualified and had relevant experience. They applied sprint approach to work and used Slak for effective communication. The result was recorded in Hubstuff. Well-coordinated and effective work of the team allowed us quickly implement our product to the customer. Expectations fully met all the requirements. The collaboration was very efficient, all deadlines were met. The team was easily adjusted. The team was using such tools as Slack for communication and fixing results in Hubstuff.

There is a little improvements could be made, is to improve hr in product area. Competence, flexibility, effective communications and strong sales skills. CV Formatting Solution for Recruiting Company. I absolutely recommend ROCKETECH as really professional team, who find the win-win decision. ROCKETECH developed an IT solution that can convert resumes into the desired format.

It includes an API converting module, BI statistics, and export functionality. The solution successfully launched on time, and the vendor continues to offer support. ROCKETTECH s accommodating mindset helped foster a positive partnership. They are communicative, deadline-oriented workers. HAYS company, Operation Support Manager. Every day our consultants format hundreds CV to our form for sending to our clients every dayWe spent for it a lot of time and started find IT solution for it.

Create the tool for automatically formatting CV. We used comparative selection, 7 companies participated. Influencing factors 1 Costs 2 Consulting from vendor side 3 Experiences 4 Flexibility 5 International company IT, Operations, legal departments was involved to selection process. HAYS company is the world s leading recruitment experts.

We thought about optimising process of work with CVs. Many of them according to our statistics spent time for converting resumes into our format. We was looking for development team that can handle our particular project and complex task. We come to ROCKETECH with idea of development a tool that could optimise time of work with resume and give us more and clear statistics about spent time and numbers of CVs.

We have hundreds recruiters that are working in our company. We have started with technical documentation about the project. After agreeing the scope of work we start work with Fix price model. Many of the features under NDA, but some of them -Login -Admin panel -API converting module -BI statistics -Export of files And many more. We had many bugs and changing in that system.

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Installing iq option 90 Configuring SAP IQ as Extended Storage for SAP HANA you will see, that the implementation is exactly the same as implementing SAP-NLS. by Liam Cleary Published October 18, 2015 Updated October 17, 2015.

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